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TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver flew up making sure Yui didn't get loose from his psychokinetic grasp. He started chanting something, magic circles appearing all around him, suddenly Satan Appeared beside Yui floating unconsciously.

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Yui makes a face," SATAN, I thought I ordered you to never appear unless I command you to"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "I summoned her, i need Satan for something, and since the dragon slavery bond is weak out in space, i can easily defy your contract"

More magic circles started appearing around Silver, to the point where he just seemed like a giant ball of symbols and lines.

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" SILVER, WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?" She shouts in order to be heard

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito appears behind them and steps in front of Yui, gazing at Silver with a careful eye," what's happening?" He demands, his anger level rising.

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Yui wraps her arms around Umehito's waist," Hito, Satan's here" she whispers, taking a glance at Satan which was free, just for now.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments A voice both rang in their heads "That's none of your business, leave me to do what i need to do".

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" I will not leave without Satan secured in the prison" Yui spats,

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Rose (rubyradke) " Silver, explain all this!" He keeps his tone serious and leveled.

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TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments " That is none of your business Umehito" Silver said through his mind, seemingly knowing umehitos name.

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Yui heard the communication," Silver, I want to know too. You owe me that much" she puts her hands on her hips.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Suddenly all of the magic circles shattered into pieces and dissolved into nothing leaving Silver standing there, but Silver looked... different, he was in his human form, but still, his appearance had sort of... 'Evolved'. "Upgrade Complete. I don't even know you, if you are one of my past friends, then ill let you know, i unlocked a new demonic form, but it corrupted my life code, erasing memories also I apologize for the inconvenience"

(((view spoiler)))

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" you lost... Memory?" She was taken aback and she stares at him.

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Rose (rubyradke) " what the hell is going on? Who is he? Why are we here? Why is Satan here? Why does he need Satan? Why did he interrupt our wedding? And..." He bites on his lower lip," Yui.. Your dress is ruined" motioning to a ripped part of the dress.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver replies "Figure that out yourself".

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Yui looks down at her dress and screams in anger," SILVER! You ruined my wedding dress you son of a b****" her eyes turn bright red.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Try and kill me, you will only be killing yourself, i do not want to intentionally hurt you" Silver cracks his neck and looks at her slightly ripped dress, not making any deal out of it.

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" UGH... YOU OWE ME. YOU OWE ME DOUBLE NOW" she clenches her fist, losing her temper.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Whatever, i don't need your services any longer, i have what i came for" Silver released Yui from his psychokinetic grip almost instantaneously after he stated that.

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito catches her before she'd fall. He gkares at Silver," baka, that is not the way to treat young ladies"

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Yui stands on her own and calms down," it's fine Hito. Don't loose your temper over something as stupid as that" she steps closer to Silver and puts a hand up to his forehead," so I guess you did forget your memory, huh!"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "As i said before, i don't know you, i apologize for the inconvenience, and i wouldn't advise touching my mental core" Silver replied to Yui, her hand started burning with heat, it felt as if it was melting, the more stress and pressure Silver puts on himself, the hotter his mental core gets, which is where the brain is located.

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito puuls Yui's hand back from Silver's forehead and examines it. It was swelled up and the flesh was burnt. He heals it quick, turning to Silver. He shoves him " you hurt her, iron head"

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Yui holds Hito back," do not start a fight" she warns

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "If he wants to fight me he can, I won't hold back" Silver swipes Satan from mid air and teleports her to a safe place.

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito calms down," baka" he mutters under his breath.

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" Silver... there's no need for fighting. Noe that you took Satan by force, how do I know to trust you?"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Whats trust?" He asks tilting his head.

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" of being the Rosarian, of course. as the fifth leader of the Dark Shadows council, I need you to tell me why you want Satan" she commands.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Since when was i a Rosarian?"

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She smacks herself. she grabs his shoulders and shakes him," SINCE A FEW WEEKS AGOOOOOO"

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Get off me" He said, her hands started burning once again, like when touching his forehead. Silver pushed Yui off him and put up a barrier around him.

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito takes Yui's hands and heals them. he glares at Silver, his temper rising as a magic circle appears below him, sending strong winds and tornadoes in space. his hair whips around his face while his eyes flash a bright red color.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver stood there un-amused and not intimidated one bit. "Try me"

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Yui calls for him," Ume?" she shouts.

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" fine, like I give a shit. I could just make Dalton appear and take her away. Ore I'm telling you, don't piss me off because of this. you know how competitive I am))

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Rose (rubyradke) Umehito stays the way he was, not hearing Yui.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver turned away and started floating off.

((OK almost fight scene time >:D Yui will come after Silver and demand an explanation, Silver will accidentally hurt her, umehito will lash out and BOOM, fight scene :D))

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(( ohhhhhhhhhhh, YEAH, FINALLY))

Yui stomps nothingness in frustration and flies after Silver. " EXPLAIN THIS, SILVER" She shouts in demand.

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments Silver turns around and puts a hand up, a giant red beam comes out of his hand shoots Yui into umehito. "Leave Me Alone, This instant"

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Yui falls back and coughs," WHAT THE FUCK?" she yells

(( do it yourself Ore))

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(( no! don't bug me))

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Rose (rubyradke) ((why not, just this time))

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(( no))

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(( seriously Ore, come on))

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Rose (rubyradke) I came up with something last night but I forgot it, wait lemme remember))

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(( anything yet?))

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Rose (rubyradke) ((No, but this is all it can think about for now))

Umehito catches Yui "YOU!" He says in a demonic voice, turning to silver

TooLazyToLogIn  (WhyAreYouLookingAtTheURL) | 1932 comments "Once again, get away, from me" He said in a cold voice before beginning to float away once again.

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