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The New TV Show
Mirrhya Mirrhya Feb 08, 2014 02:34PM
Has anyone who has read the books (and enjoyed them) watched the new show? Is it any good? I tend to shy away from TV series based on the books I love because they never live up to the expectations I have in my head. Just interested to hear what other readers think.

I have read the books and enjoyed them, seeing that they were making a tv series i watched the first episode of the show and i found it dull and found they changed certain aspects of the book that did not need to be changed. example Logan living in Toronto with Elena. This may seem petty, but I dont see the reason to change things for tv, which is why i did not continue to watch the true blood series, and why i will not continue to watch the Bitten TV series.

Did anyone watch tonight? They actually killed Antonio? It's been awhile since I read the book but I really don't remember Antonio dying.

i've only read the first book, but the TV show is the kind of mindless enjoyment I like after a long week, or when i'm getting ready to do time on the bike training - I don't really have to think about it to enjoy it

I believe it's similar to the series

I really want to have big love but after watching the recent episode i'm thinking what the?... They just killed a main character and it is now totally a different outlook in comparison with the novels.

I've only read the first book, but the rest of the series is on my to read list. It's a long list, but they are near the top. I've seen previews for the tv show, but haven't watched it. TV/movies almost always fall flat when compared to the book and what my imagination comes up with. It's rare that I watch something based on a book after I read it unless I really want to see the interpretation such as with LOTR and Dune. Even with these, I end up asking "What happened to the Scouring of the Shire? Ah, if they could only see what I see when I close my eyes.

"WARNING SPOILERS!" i think the series is consolidating character traits, into a core group of actors kind of combining story and altering story lines for a better tv presentation. by now logan was dead in the books and no pregnant gf. think they want to keep logan on board but had to kill off someone for the conflict to grow. the young and hot factor to attract viewers is a motivator. have a funny feeling about the sheriff and jeremy too even if not romance some kind of friendship will develop imo. also the mysterious box has disappeared with no answer to what is inside. also think they want to amp up nicks role make him more responsible faster than the books did. wonder what antonio actually whispered to him as he died.

Dude not sure where they went to. But there were two threads already discussing the show. And there is mixed reviews cause some of the cast isn't cast how fans would have normally thought. After the first episode too for some it gets better. I kind of liked it since the first episode. I just don't know if I will keep with it, since I've read from the author it will solely follow the werewolves.

And to be honest, although weres are my fave paranormal monster. I just felt the author didn't do quite as strong of a job depicting her weres in the series. And for sure Elena and Clay annoy the crap out of me relationship wise(great solving cases though). Also since this is the first season it might get better. But given that they are solely focusing on the weres, it could end up being the werewolf version of TB. Which I hope not.

I'm enjoying the TV series. It based on the book but they've made some pretty significant changes. For instance, in the book there are 35 werewolves on the planet; on the show, there is a whole society of different families across the country, etc. The relationship of Clay and Elena is the heart of both. The show starts slow but they are building solid, comprehensive plot line.

The TV show is somewhat similar. The storyline is roughly the same thing but of course it has its difference (as some have mentioned above with Antonio). That aside, as a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong and the Women of the Otherworld series, I LOVE the show. I like the difference between the books and the show (as hypocritical as it may sound, I don't always have the same feeling about books made into movies). Since this is a very long and complex book series, I do respect and enjoy the changes made to the show. I love them both separately and Mondays are officially the best day of the week. I recommend the show to everyone. I also recommend that they should be enjoyed as two separate mediums. Kelley Armstrong did say she did not have any part in the production of the show, in terms of story line. It's still fun to see some of my favorite characters in person. =)

I'm enjoying the show a lot. It isn't exactly like the books but it's close enough in spirit and it's a different medium.

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I'm loving the series. Loved the books too, but it's been awhile since reading them. This is a great way to revisit.

And Briannalee, yes, it would be worth reading the books.

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