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Days of Fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House
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Bush and Cheney: Still not Hitler or Stalin

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Bill | 3 comments Mod
Reading this book and more than half way through it. I am no fan of either of these men, but there seems to be a theme here that kind of strikes me. George W. Bush comes in to the White House with little experience and relies on "Team Cheney" to help him with National Security and Energy while he focuses on "domestic agenda." Both groups are on economy together. Then of course 9/11 happens which sets a number of things in motion.
So far an interesting look in to how Bush's team initially was more "campaign" orientated while Cheney's would be the group to lead after 9/11. Also the "in fighting" which occurs and even a power struggle between the two camps is a little different than how things were played out publicly. Does not change my view on anyone really involved at the top, although the book does make Colin Powell out to be a bit of a martyr. While he may be somewhat sympathetic as the "good soldier" who did not buy in to the Iraq plan ("you break it you bought it") the administration goes with, nonetheless he still went along like a "good soldier" willingly.
Will try to keep you posted on the progress.

message 2: by Doug (new)

Doug (alexchel) | 1 comments Any comparison to Hitler or Stalin carries nothing but shock value with it so any comment lumping the four men together will be viewed as hateful bashing. Oh well. W./Cheney were incompetent, that isn't the first word that comes to my mind when I think of Stalin or Hitler.

As for the "good soldier", the martyr's are all the people who have died while he was taking one for the team.

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