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Ollie Bradshaw (sebastian-bach) | 144 comments Mod

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Ollie Bradshaw (sebastian-bach) | 144 comments Mod
Any other Russell LOvers!!!!!!!!!!!

CaptKirk42 Classic Whovian (klandersen) | 36 comments I wouldn't say I'm a lover, but I do like his writing, or editing in some cases. I think it is a shame that Moffat seems to have ignored a big portion of series canon that Davis contributed, and he tended to avoid bringing back some popular enemies or characters from the era. One character of note Capt. Jack Harkness, now part of his absence of course was due to Torchwood being in production, but the in-between times could have had him.

There has been a little bit of buzz that Moffat will leave Doctor Who after Season 8. It of course is not confirmed and may just be rumors started by Moffat haters. If it is true it will be interesting to see how the Capaldi Doctor is handled.

I am trying to avoid using Doctor "numbers" lately since there has been confusion all about it.

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