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Tia (tia_jenkins) ((I'll add pictures later))

Marcus directed Dreyven in the direction of his house, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw that his fathers truck wasn't in the driveway. He held onto Dreyven a second to long, liking the feel of his muscles pressed against him. Marcus shook his head. Not an option. Besides Dreyven probably thought he was straight anyways and Marcus wanted to keep it that way.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven didn't notice him holding on longer. He looked over at him, killing the engine and letting him get off. He had his hands to his side, as if hiding his crotch. He smiled a bit up at him. "Wasn't so bad was it?" He asked, his hair a total mess on his head. He didn't want to leave him, making him breath out again. "Are you sure you want me to leave you here?" He asked.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus swung his leg off the bike and took off the helmet, shaking out his hair. He looked back at the empty house and the shouting that was to ensue later. He didn't want to be alone but he knew that if his father found him home with anyone it wouldn't be pretty. "I don't think you would want to be here when my dad gets home." He said biting his lip nervously.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven rose his eyebrow, "try me." He said. He wasn't scared of anyone, and he wasn't even scared of death. So there was nothing that could really be bad for him. The only thing that he would hate himself for is hurting Marcus. "But I will go, I don't wan you to get hurt." He said softly. He took the helmet back, putting it on his lap. He nodded a bit, "and don't forgot to call if you need anything. I always have my bike."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marucs stuffed his hands in his pocket. "Thanks Dreyven. For everything." He didn't know how he would ever repay him for the help. Maybe something good could come out of this. He could always leave this godforsaken house and never come back. His father would probably be happy then.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven looked at him for a second, "I have a lot v of room at my house too.... If you need it." He smiled again, nodding. He looked down the street, "If you want to go in you can, I don't want you to get hurt."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus felt lighter knowing that leaving was an option. It was an option he had never had before. "I'll call you." He promised. He didn't know if he would call him to get him out or just because he wanted to. He liked Dreyven. He couldn't deny it now. He started walking backwards towards the sad empty house. "Thanks again."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments He nodded at him, "Alright, and you're welcome." He waved to him, not going anywhere until Marcus was out of sight. He put the helmet back on his head and started up the bike again.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus unlocked the door and slipped silently inside. He leaned against the door and blew out a breath. He waited until he heard Dreyven ride away before climbing the steps to his room. He sat on the bed and stared at the clock. Only a few more hours and then he could go back to school.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus held onto Dreyven tightly as he maneuvered the streets. He had been even more apprehensive about putting his arms around Dreyven now that he knew but soon figured that if it made Dreyven uncomfortable then he wouldn't let Marcus ride with him. Just thinking about the feel of his body pressed against Dreyven's caused another blush to rise to his cheeks. Marcus had blushed more in the past few days then he had in his whole life it seemed like.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven stopped unfunny of his house, looking back at him. "So, you're gonna have to go and open it." He said. He c let Marcus get off, Drayven readying to get into the garage.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus climbed off of the bike and hurried up the steps to his door. He dug in his pockets for his keys and unlocked the door quickly. His fathers truck hadnt been in the driveway so Marcus knew he wasn't home. Hopefully it was a long time before he came home still. Walking to the garage, he hit the button to lift the door.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven didn't waste time as he drove into the garage. He killed the engine, putting down the kick stand and getting off. He pulled off his helmet, "So this is a garage... Well, a single car garage." He laughed lightly. "Sweet." The rain had started sprinkling. But they got inside as it started really pouring.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus hit the button again and the door closed, plunging them in semi-darkness. He fumbled around for the light switich. "I probably should have turned on the light first." He muttered. Marcus rammed into one of the many boxes that crowded the edges of the garage. "Shit..." He said rubbing his knee.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven laughed, reaching out blindly, not able to see much until he also hit something. He blinked a few times as if that would make things lighter. He sighed, almost ramming into a box but dodged it in time. He sighed, "Damn, should have looked around before you shut the door." he laughed before his foot hit a smaller one, making him topple over onto something much warmer.... and bonier. Human like. He blushed bright red, "S-Sorry...." He looked around, trying to find where not to roll onto in case they'd be showered with boxes.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus felt something ram into him and he almost fell over backwards. He realized after that it was Dreyven who fell into him. Marcus's hands were on Dreyven's chest and he could feel the muscles through his shirt. "It's okay." He whispered, trying to right them so they wouldn't fall over any more.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven moved his legs, trying to get himself upright, finding that a box had stuck to his foot. He cussed slightly, almost tripping again. "I'm brilliant." he chuckled, getting off of him slowly, trying not to kill each other. He liked the feel of his hands on his chest, which made him move a bit slower. His arms had been around his arms, his hands on his shoulders.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus chuckled. "I'm the one that didn't turn on the light and shut the door. I think I'm more brilliant than you." He joked not making any move to get away from Dreyven. He liked the feel of his arms around him. It was strange to feel this way after so long of trying to hide it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven didn't want to get away from him, blushing a bit. He looked down, at least, that's what he thought, he couldn't see anything. He looked up though, seeing the outline of his head. He didn't move his hands away, now he was completely quiet. He just wished something more could come from this. He had been alone to long, at least, relationship wise.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus swallowed and his heart rate picked up at their closeness. He was sure that Dreyven could feel it beat through his shirt. He slid his hands up his chest and took a small step closer. Everything was silent. The only sound was the pitter patter of the rain outside and their heavy breathing.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven could feel the blood rush around his body from his torso to his legs. He bit his lip, letting him take a step closer to him. He let out a sigh when his hand moved up his chest. He hated the fact he was turned on now, he would freak him out.... well.... maybe. He noted that he was stepping closer to him. Drayven moved his hand down, but still on Marcus's body, but only to his torso, one hand still on his shoulder. He didn't know what was going to happen in the next few minutes, but he didn't want to stop.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus shuddered slightly as Dreyven's hand moved lower. How could he have been denying his feelings for so long if this was what it felt like. His hands continued their journey up Dreyven's chest and stopped when they rested on his neck. He took another step closer and could feel Dreyven's breath on his face.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven didn't know what to do. He knew that he was getting closer, and he so wanted to kiss him. He was terrified though. He felt his hands, electricity going up and down his body. Drayven pulled him closer now, he couldn't handle it. He leaned down slightly, aiming for his lips, but didn't go all the way, going to let him do that.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) This wasn't happening. Marcus thought. After all this time of hiding his true feelings, he couldn't believe that this was really happening. But he couldn't deny the fact that he really wanted to kiss Dreyven. He felt him lean closer, and his breath on his lips. Marcus closed his eyes waiting for him to make contact but it never came. His eyes flickered open and he realized that Dreyven was waiting for him to make the first move. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against his.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven closed his eyes all the way, kissing him back. He moved his hands up his body, pressing up against him. He let out a small noise, not being able to hide the passion he was feeling. He just hopped he wasn't being to rough. Drayven didn't pull away, not wanting to stop.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus let out a small moan. Now he knew for sure. He could never hide how he felt about Dreyven. No matter how bad it was going to get for him with his, Marcus knew that he would do anything to have this relationship with Dreyven. He moved his lips against his and wind his arms around Dreyven's neck effectively pulling him even closer.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven allowed him to move closer to Marcus. He didn't know how it felt to kiss a guy with lip piercings and wondered if it felt weird for Marcus. He moved his arms lower on the boy's body, but staying above the belt line. He deepened the kiss, nipping at Marcus's lips, small moans escaping him as they were hip to hip.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus shivered when Dreyven nipped his lip. They were now so close together that Marcus could feel every dip and ridge in Dreyven's body. Marcus pulled back slightly, breathing heavier than before. "Wow..." He whispered. He hadn't expected it to be that way.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven would be bright red if he could see him. He nodded a bit, "Yeah." He let out a breath, the smell of his breath as mint. He didn't know what Marcus thought of that, a bit scared he didn't. He smiled a bit however, missing that feel. It was amazing.... Magical.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus leaned forward and pressed his lips against Dreyven's again, missing the feel of it already. He pulled back again and blew out slowly trying to slow his racing heart. "That was..." He trailed off not knowing how to describe it. Marcus found that no words could describe it. It was a new thing in and of itself.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven didn't pull away when he started kissing him again. He smiled a bit, pushing his hip against him slightly, but not to much. He licked his lip after a second, but he pulled away a bit, laughing lightly. "I know...." He whispered.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus sucked in a slight breath when Dreyven pushed against him but didn't pull away. He closed his eyes trying to regulate his erratic breathing. "We should probably go inside." He whispered. The rain was so loud now that he wouldn't be able to hear his father come home and he wanted a good warning before hand.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven nodded, liking the sound of the rain though. "Yeah." he answered, letting him go slowly. He didn't want to, and his arms hungered for him as soon as he let go. His lips burned, wishing for his lips again. He leaned down, pushing the box off of his foot and followed him.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus felt the absence of his arms immediately and hurried to open the door to his house so they could be close again. At this point he didn't care if his father caught them. Dreyven had said if he needed it he would have a place to go. Maybe Marcus would take him up on that offer. He squinted at the light when he stepped through the threshold and turned down the hallway that led to the stairs, up to his room.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven walked with him, watching him closely, as if his senses toward him had been heightened. He smiled softly, thinking he was insanely attractive. He looked around the house, biting his lip out of fear of his father coming. He didn't want to floor an old man.... He really didn't. Even though if it was his old man he wouldn't care. Though, he wanted to be close to Marcus. He scratched at his clock, not daring to look down at it, scared of the numbers. Scared there were still numbers there.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus glanced back to make sure that Dreyven was following him. "If my dad does happen to come home he never usually checks my room unless he's really drunk." He said waving him up the stairs. He didn't want his dad to ruin the new relationship he had formed with Dreyven.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven nodded slowly. "What about the garage?" He asked, "If he notices my bike... we're screwed." He said. But that thought was out of his head when they hit his room. Drayven didn't know if he could control himself when he started walking up to Marcus again. He stopped himself short though, not wanting Marcus to think he was some sex driven freak.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus waved his hand absently. "My dad doesn't go in there. All of those boxes are full of my mom's stuff so he avoids it like the plague. Hence the reason I suggested you could come here." Marcus turned to see Dreyven standing in the doorway. "You can come inside you know." He said a teasing smile on his lips.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven nodded, not wanting to ask about his mother. He stepped inside the room, biting his lip softly, chewing on one of his lip rings. He smiled a bit. "Well, then I guess we'll be fine then." He said. He looked at the door, shutting it. "Sorry.... I have a thing about doors being open...."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus sat on the edge of his bed and smiled. "I have to have my door shut too. I would have told you to close it anyways." He leaned back on his hands and watched Dreyven. He seemed nervous which didn't seem normal for him. Was it what happened in the garage. Marcus chewed on his lip worried that what had happened had ruined things.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven looked over at him, smiling softly. "Well that's another thing we have in common." He walked over to him, but not to close as he didn't sit down on the bed yet. He looked over at him, "Nice room...." he said looking around. He did like it... but he liked everything more than his own.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus sighed and laid back, staring at the ceiling. "I guess. It used to be better, but ever since my mom died I guess everything in this house got darker. Even my solace." He said, reliving the moment when the doctor told his father that it would be a matter of days before she was gone.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven nodded, looking out the window with a sigh. "I don't know how it is for a parent to die...." he looked over at him, "But I do know someone who does." He bit his lip, "You two are really similar. But it wasn't a sickness that killed his mother." He explained. "I'm sorry about that by the way...." He walked over and sat next to him.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He felt the bed dip and his heart beat a little faster. Marcus tilted his head and looked up at him. "Thanks." He said softly. Most people when they found out looked at him with pity and just thought of him as the poor boy who lost his mother, but Dreyven wasn't like that. He sounded as if he was truly sorry about it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven leaned back, laying beside him and looking down at him, as he was a bit higher on the thing. He reached over, taking his hand. "If you ever want to talk about it. I'm here for you." he said softly. "I know how hard it can damage a person to keep it all bundled up inside...."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus glanced down at their hands. It was the only place they were touching but his whole body ignited. His eyes flickered back up to Dreyven's and he smiled. "Thanks. I don't mind talking about it actually. My mom was great. She loved everything and everyone and there was never a dull moment when she was around."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments He smiled over at him, nodding. "She sounded like a wonderful woman." He said softly. He laid on his side, not letting go of his hand. "Wish I would have gotten to meet her.... Would have been an honor."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus smiled. "She would have liked you." He said rolling over to face him. "She would have said that you had spunk." His mother had always been using new weird words to describe people. "It was after she died that my dad lost it though." He said looking away. "He blamed me even though I had nothing to do with it."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drayven nodded, "People do weird things when they're in pain...." He said softly. He knew how weird things could be that someone would do, but he didn't know it to that extent. He reached up with his free hand and stroked his face. "I'm very sorry...." He whispered. He hated the fact that he had to go through all of this....

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Marcus closed his eyes at the feel of his hand in his face. "It's not your fault." He whispered back, squeezing his hand. He opened his eyes again and met Dreyven's gaze. "I've learned to live with it." He said. "And now I've found something else to pass the time." He smiled up at him.

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