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message 1: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) Hello! Thank you for making me a mod.
I just have a question. What's your plan for the main character topic?

message 2: by яєуηα™ (last edited Mar 05, 2014 03:44PM) (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) Okay, cool.
When are you going to start it?

message 3: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) So, can water benders go into fire nation territory, and can Earth benders go into water bending territory, etc?

message 4: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) Cool.

message 5: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) I was thinking about Toph, of that's okay...

message 6: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) Okay, cool. Thank you.

message 7: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) Should I still make a character on the Main Character topic?

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