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Steam City Pirates (Pat O'Malley Steampunk Mysteries #4)
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James | 13 comments Dr. Barry M. Fitzgerald has announced that he will be starting a world-wide movement to "return the planet to steam power." The former Caltech scientist began his venture at the Dragoncon, where he announced his plans to begin a revolution of Steampunk adventurers who want to stop Global Climate Change and give our planet a more creative outlook on day-to-day life.

"My work with solar power has driven me into the return to the steam era. Without the pollution caused by burning coal, my steam engines are free of any carbon emissions. Thus, when our engines are used for transportation, utilities and other devices, we will be saving the planet from its imminent demise," said Dr. Fitzgerald at his secluded residence in San Diego. Nobody can visit him, and his communications are all through digital cryptography.

In addition to getting rid of carbon and fossil fuels, Dr. Fitzgerald plans to begin a new economy based on the barter system. "Our national debt has become pure insanity," said Dr. Fitzgerald. "Just paying off the interest on our debt will require over 75 percent of our GNP in only ten years from now!" he pointed out. "With a strict barter system, local grown foods, creative steam furniture and thousands of other gadgets made by our Steampunk Nation, we will eventually be able to take over the world!"

The Caltech alumnus and scientist no longer works for the college or for the government. He has "gone off the grid," so to speak, and the officials at the school and in the government tell us he is harmless, although nobody wanted to go on record about his whereabouts or his motives.

"I shall be circulating throughout all the steampunk gatherings and conventions, handing out cards and recruiting followers. My web site will also soon be up and running, and we plan to work at more recruiting from a world-wide communications network," he added. "If the N.S.A. wants to spy on us--good luck--as we already have recruits who've left that governing spy organization and are advising us on how to circumvent their tactics."

Nobody knows how big Dr. Fitzgerald's group is, or whether or not he plans to use violent means. However, he did make a strange statement about where his first inspiration came from. "I read a little science fiction book called the Steam City Pirates, by Jim Musgrave. Jim used to work at Caltech, and I met him once. He told me he believed our environmental or nuclear destruction at our own hands was a certainty, and he wanted people to wake-up to the dangers of pollution and our reliance upon fossil fuels and computerized weapons before it is too late. He may have written a fictional novel, but I believe it's time for us to take some concrete action in the here and now!"

When asked what he was calling his new revolution, he said, "In honor of Mr. Musgrave's novel, I am calling our movement The New Steam City Pirates," said Dr. Fitzgerald.

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Justin (justinbienvenue) | 2189 comments I attended a steampunk literature panel recently and I'm now on a steampunk kick. I just added all four of Jim's steampunk series books as they sound very interesting.

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