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ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments hey!!! So~! What are you in the mood for?? any ideas we can build off of??

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Hecate | 261 comments Hello! Thank you for making the topic!

What do you prefer? I like realistic fiction. I've had some interesting superhero rps and historical. Hmmmm… I don't know. I might be able to think of something. Maybe fallen angels and demons. A good vs evil war with a twist of romance?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments No problem friend!

I don't usually do just realistic rps because I find them boring and they can run out of stuff super easily.
I'm all for fantasy, fiction, sci-fi, the works! I only do realistic rps if there's a dash or twist of fiction and stuff!!

Ahhh...I do always love those rps! I'm actually doing one of those, it's been one of my favorite rps i've done! unfortunately the person with me is MIA.

I'll try to think up some ideas tooo!!

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Hecate | 261 comments Do you wanna try something like that then? Or. Let's see your ideas! xD

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments The world ended on a Sunday. It was unexpected by everyone, every government official, every crackpot theorist, every theologist, every faithless man. The Norse called it Ragnarok, the Bible called it Revelations, but it’s simpler to just say the Apocalypse. It came and it went and no one remembers what happened.
A fraction of the world’s population appeared to survive as they were. The rest were monsters, distorted and twisted until nothing of what they were was recognizable anymore.
The truth is, no one escaped unchanged.
The rest of the world is basically in utter chaos now that there are no enforcement of laws and everyone is running rampant. Because of the lack of authority it seems to be a world where everyone must defend themselves. Not only is there chaos but most people are trying to cope with their either subtle or drastic changes that seem to have inflicted them, most the the changes have drawn them closer to the animal category. Some have been infected drastically, some haven't, it ranges from every different person.
THought it be fun!

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments ________
So around the times of 1917 and so on people have debated and wondered about the existence of spiritual beings such as fairies for quiet some time now. It is a big debate where everyone has their own opinion and side on the whole ordeal. Though everyone has their own views on the peculiar subject there is one thing we must all remember, to prove your point you must have evidence. Now finding evidence of a creatures existence such as a fairy can't be too hard to find...right? The rp could be about a rather young Professor who has always believed in creatures such as fairies his whole life and wants nothing more than to prove their existence. He has spent years trying to figure out a way to show everyone that they do in fact exist but all his efforts have been in vain. Because of his rather outlandish beliefs no one in his field takes him seriously and considers him a loon. He wants more then ever to prove everyone wrong.

So~! The rp would be about the professor trying to find evidence and has luck would have it one night in particular he stumbles across a unconscious fairy in the brush. Though he can hardly believe it he manages to capture the fairy and takes it to his manner finally thinking he can prove everyone wrong. Because of the live specimen he believe he should take this opportunity to study the creature and make an extensive book on his research. When he finishes the book he plans to take the fairy and his research to a university of science were he will be finally recognized.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Idea 3
though it's more realistic i've always wanted to do one! a lot of drama could come from it!

People after a plain crash luckily get washed up on a desert island and must work together to survive. With fear, panic, and struggle to stay alive these people can be pushed into drastic measures. The people could become distrusting among one another as people could split up into groups and they could battle over the island and territory. So basically it becomes crazy on the island.
I really think this would be fun!

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Do you like any of the ideas??? If you don't thats totally fine!!! We can start from scratch!!!

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Hecate | 261 comments Really good ideas! Which is your fav?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments I like idea 2 or 3! Between those for me! But which is your favorite? :)

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Hecate | 261 comments They are all really good. I'm not sure which one I'd want to do.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Well which one do you like out of all of them?? Like the very very best one in your opinion! Maybe there's one you can already imagine and can see doing, try to choose one of those :)
I'm good with any of them

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments If you don't like them all that much we can go back to the drawing board! ^-^;

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Hecate | 261 comments Sorry, I did not see your post! Ummm… we can try the first one!

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Ah! Okay!!! That sounds good!! We can really have a lot of fun with that plot!

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Hecate | 261 comments Of course! It's going to be a lot of fun :)

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments A few approaches we can use and maybe build off on!

1st Approach
Our characters could be out trying to survive and character 1 could be with a group of people who are uninfected. They can stumble across character 2 who is infected and soon capture him/her for safety reasons. They believe they can't trust the infected and see them as a threat. While the group continue to make there way through the wasteland (with the captive with them) they are attacked by another group. Character 1 manages to escape the attack and hides in the rubble, character 1's whole team are dead and character 1 is left with Character 2. Character 1 has to decide to trust Character 2 and they go off trying to survive.

Just an idea...I hope that wasn't confusing!!!'

2nd Approach
1st approach:Because of societies decline all play by their own rules. There could be a group of people who see themselves s "pure" because they have avoided the infection and are now hellbent on ridding the world of the infected people. These people now see it as a game to hunt for these people looking for any signs of change. Our characters could be on the run from these people and try to escape them. They could meet as they are both eventually captured and put into a confinement base. They could ban together and vow to escape.

^0^ Just typed up 2 possible takes on how we could approach it but we are by no means limited to this!!! We can always tweak and/or build off of the ideas!
Or if you have an idea we can hear yours and work on that one!

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Hecate | 261 comments Ummm… why don't we twist them together. What if Character two at one point was apart of the group of people who survive and wanted to kill off the infection but has a moment and finds that it wouldn't be possible.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Ooooo~! I like that!!! ^0^ Can I play the infected person?

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments We can throw in some really cool "bad guys' too! Like some "pure" members who are obsessed with hunting down every infected person, and I have this rad idea for the leader of the group! He could be this scientist guy who is totally crazy.
Just some fun ideas!

But I think it be really cool if they're forced to trust each other and eventually the clean person will start to see more than just an infected person. And the longer they're with each other the more they trust one another. And the infected person can eventually trust him BUT THEN the clean person throws a curve ball and totally sells them out and ends up giving them up the the "pure" people (he could get money for doing so).
But then eventually he would come back for the infected person and ends up having to break in to save them. And like he realizes he really likes her or something.
I think that be cuuuuuute ^0^

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Just an idea hope that made sense!!! ^-^;

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Hecate | 261 comments I was hoping to have more than one character. Like two or three.

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Thats cool too, sure!!!

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Hecate | 261 comments Alright, what format do you use?

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ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments I write in 3rd person! So what storyline are we going with?

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Hecate | 261 comments Whatever storyline you want to go with :) and I meant, what is the format for your characters when you make them?


ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments I usually do
Other: (Only use other if needed!)

ღஐKendraღஐ | 643 comments Is that okay with you?

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