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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Joss walked across the grass by Athena and sat down at a park bench. He looked at the scenery.

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"Lovely night." She said simply, sitting down next to him.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Yeah." He said, looking at the dark nights sky that was lit up with stars.

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She took off her shoes. "How do people walk in these things?"

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "By using their feet." He pointed out.

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She let out a small laugh. "Clever. But seriously, the heel is thinner than a pencil."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Then why did you wear those shoes?" He asked.

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"Vee." She said simply, places them next to her. "I prefer boots myself."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Oh." He said. Of course Vee would have made her wear those shoes. Who else?

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"I'm sorry you got dragged along with us." She said, looking at the moon.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "No, it's fine." He told her. "It's good to experience new things, as my cousin would say." He rolled his eyes.

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"He's getting in tomorrow right?" She asked.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Yep." He sighed.

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"What's he like?"

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Um...." He thought for a moment. "Enthusiastic about almost everything. Hyperactive. He loves gymnastics."

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"Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope he rubs off on you a bit." She said, giving him a small smile. "I've never heard you laugh. Maybe some hyperactive will help."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "It's not my fault." He defended. "Well, okay it might be my fault a little bit, but otherwise, no."

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She nudged him. "Relax. Hey, since there is no one around, do you think I can hear you sing then?"

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) He blushed. "Maybe some other time."

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"Please." She pressed eagerly. "I won't laugh."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Later." He said. "So, ARRE you signing up for a sports team?" He asked, quickly changing the subject.

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"I'm not letting this drop." She said to him laughing. "Well, I like swimming, and I don't know if they have a fight club here. Maybe one of those."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Cool. My cousin and I might sign up for football- I mean, soccer." He kept getting those words mixed up, didn't he? English was confusing.

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"Neat. I am always to afraid to play goalie in soccer." She shook her head at some memory. "I mean willingly standing there waiting to get hit by the ball? Not my cup of tea."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "My cousin always plays goalie, and I don't have a clue why." He said, agreeing with Athena.

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She laughed. "Then again, I suppose I can't say much about it. I work at a gym. Standing there waiting to block a hit is my job."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Joss looked across the park. "It's quiet." He noted.

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"All the noise makers are probably being loud at the dance." Athena said logically.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Yeah. Can't wait for the next dance, huh?" He said sarcastically.

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"Oh totally. I think I'll try for prom queen." She replied with a hint of laughter in her voice.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "And I'll go for king." He said with a soft smile.

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She smiled, laughing. "It's a deal then."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Of course." He said.

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"I wonder how many people Clarissa has thrown herself at tonight." Athena said thoughtfully.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Bet you about ten." He said.

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She smiled. "Now Joss, I don't think that's very fair. We should give her some credit. I reckon it's probably ... at least half the guys there."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Probably...or more." He said.

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She nodded and looked through her bag. "Damn, I left my iPod in the limo."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) He frowned. "Do you want to go back to get it?"

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"No, I was just thinking since it is so quiet some music would be nice." Turning to look at him, she smiled. "What's your favorite music?"

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Hmm..." He thought for a moment and came to a conclusion. "Nothing, really. I don't listen to music."

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"So you write your own songs? That's awesome." She said smiling.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "....Sort of." He said. "What do you want to do?" He asked her, looking around the park again.

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Shrugging, she shook her head. "No idea. What do you want to do?"

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "I don't know." He said.

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She stretch. "Well, I would suggest martial arts, but I don't want you to ruin your suit."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Yeah, let's not do that." He said.

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She laughed. "I know, I am a fitness freak. Have you finished Harry Potter yet?"

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Almost, I only have a few pages left of the last book." He told her.

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