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Google Life Extension

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Steven Feeney I have seen people in the forums attempting to discuss some of the finer points of the novel.

*No spoilers*

For those not familiar with the workings of Silicon Valley or the lofty ambitions of tech companies in general it would be easy to dismiss the peripheral events such as Google researching life extension as "fantasy".

It is not.

Google (Project Calico) is alive and well and such initiatives in Silicon Valley or San Fran are referred to as moonshots. High risk experiments with no attempt to realise RoI.

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Eevee Or for someone who's never _met_ any of those people. (I have a close friend who, when asked what her goals are [because she's 19 and they assume, incorrectly, that she's not yet doing real things], answers "to save the world and optimise literally everything"). What's strange to me is the book/narrator's apparent perspective on it. It seems to be in favor of immortality by means of the things you create and the people whose lives you touch, rather than the real thing, without doing anything to defend this position.

Deeptanshu If Google may give us a just a few extra years then I wont complain and I dont see why anyone else should either.

John I vaguely recall a few Science Fiction stories that include the idea of digitizing consciousness. The movie "The Matrix" has a version of this.

I would think that form of immortality would be right up Google's alley.

Jean I've never worked at Google. I was wondering about the other parts of Google mentioned in this book. How real are they? The cabal of Program Managers run the company? There are 128 picked and rotate in and out of being PM? The Big Box is sitting on campus with them (which reminded me of The Circle)? Is there any reality in that? Like I said I've never worked at Google, but have friends and acquaintances who do, and this never comes up. None of them are early employees though, so maybe that has something to do with it?

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