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Jennifer (gwenhyver42) This is a thread for sharing bits of your writing. Nothing super long, just bits of writing...

inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 24 comments A video comes on showing a man around his 50's or 60's sits in a chair scared and nervous. The man looks straight into the camera and says" I hope this video is viewed by people of a earth that is not in the apocalypse and has no freaks. If it is let me explain history because I know firsthand that history is changed for the worse. Stupid historians mistranslating the Mayan calendar, it wasn't December 21, 2012 it was September 12th 2021. So let me set you straight on the history of the end of the world, well it wouldn't be the end of the world if this being viewed by earthlings that aren't living in this chaos. Never mind my error. At first scientists Thought it was a comet that would just past earth, they were wrong. I'm not exactly sure what it was that hit earth but it killed almost everyone and destroyed so many places. Places like New York, Japan, California, Georgia, and Alabama were wiped off the map. We had thought no was genetically altered, well technically no one was but some of the survivors children were genetically altered. Freaks, is what sensible people like me call them others call them heroes or saviors, they are the dumbest creatures of this world. I mean how could these freaks be heroes!? They are freaks and menaces. I mean there is a teenager that can freeze anything, can make his fingers so cold he makes holes in walls cause the Ice spreads the solid molecules apart, also he can-" There's a crash then a laugh. Then a loud joyful voice says" Oh doc how kind your talking about me!" The doctor grabs a gun and Points it at the person not see able in the video. Then a tall young teenager with spiky blonde hair ripped jeans and a tattered up shirt that said"Take a chill pill bro." The older man presses the trigger but nothing happened, the man checked the gun it had frozen solid from the inside.The man throws the gun down and tries to run but the young man sprints up to him and taps his should turning him into a human ice sculpture. The man then punches the frozen one smashing it to pieces. Another young man looking exactly like the other but instead wearing a leather jacket and ripped jeans man. The tall one laughs" Desmond your a nutcase." Desmond laughs" actually I'm a ice case. Get it Tar tar?" The man goes from a smile to a scowl" I told you ice for brains do not call me that! We are not children anymore! Your Desmond and Terrance, and if you dare make another ice pun I will fry you with the electricity from that camera.God how the hell are we twins!? I mean it's hard to believe by just are personalities were even related." Desmond laughs"Tar tar take a chill pill man and be cool." Suddenly the camera shuts off and a bolt of electricity knocks Desmond to the ground.

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Here's the first paragraph or so of my soon to be released novel The Mirror and The Sword:

"It was a time when evil was clothed in a shroud of good, when lies masqueraded as truths and knowledge would spill your blood. In the fare land of Chereyla we were slaves and didn't even know it.
Our slave master lived in a castle carved out of a mountainside in the fertile valley of fern. His name was King Abidon. To this day I dread whispering that accursed name. On the outside he was a great ruler, but few were able to see what he really was. I, Tenny of Ked, was just as blind as everyone else. That is I was blind until that day, the day when everything changed."

Anyone feeling a twinge of curiosity at all?

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