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 ♕ ❤  ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (marilyngoodreadscom) | 178 comments Mod
This was my first ever story I entered in a story comp.
The theme was"I accidentally killed my best friend/partner/pet etc."


"What are you lookin' at"?
Trudy was standing over the stove cooking,she hadn't spoke,hadn't glanced at him.
"I ain't lookin' at nothin',she replied,"least of all you!"The words came out without thinking."Oh God",she thought,"why didn't I just keep quiet?"The slaps,the punches,the mocking,she prepared herself.
Silence!....She expected him to lay into her,"why isn't he?"she thought nervously?
Then suddenly she felt the burning sensation in her scalp.
"STUPID BITCH",Nigel had her long auburn hair by the roots,pulling tighter and tighter,the excruciating pain.

Trudy lay on the cold lino of the kitchen,battered and bruised,"God,please let me die now",she thought.

She faintly heard Nigel say"Clean that mess up and get me some grub ready,i'm off the bookies,I think it might be my lucky day",he grinned.There was no remorse,no apology,that would come later with the chocolates and the flowers and she would forgive him..again!

Greasy half cooked egg and bacon scattered the floor,Trudy tried to get up but slipped on the grease encrusted lino.

The beatles played in the background while Trudy curled up in the armchair sipped her glass of wine.It was peaceful,she made the most of it.Nigel would come home soon,hugs and kisses,flowers ,chocs."I'm sorry babe"he would say,it won't happen again...but she knew it would,couldn't leave him,he was her world,she loved him,regardless of all his flaws.

The key turned in the lock,Trudy jumped nervously,turned the music off and fixed her hair."Hey babe",said Nigel,"come here"
As usual he had chocolates flowers,kisses,hugs,the same ritual after every beating.

Then the next beating came and the next.This one put her in hospital,three broken ribs,a smashed jaw.Still she told nobody,but they knew at the hospital,it was obvious..Trudy was glad in a way that Nigel had put her in hospital,at least he couldn't harm her there!

A couple of months later Nigel was out working,Trudy was recovering,Nigel had been attentive and caring.He hadn't hurt her,said he was going to change.
It didn't last of course.
He came home from work..Well you know the rest!

"I can't do this anymore"Trudy thought to herself one evening as she prepared Steak chips and mushrooms for their evening meal.
She went out to the garden,there were some tasty ones growing out there."Nigel loves his mushrooms,can't stand them myself",she said out loud.

The table was set,the candles on the table.A nice romantic meal,just her and Nigel.
The key turned in the lock,Trudy jumped!
"Hi babe",said Nigel hugging her tight.
He showered and changed his clothes then returned and sat at the table,not acknowledging the effort she had made.
Nigel had beat her as usual the night before just because the meal wasn't ready as soon as he came home.
Tonight it was all ready on time and he just sat gazing at the newspaper.

Trudy set the meal in front of him,poured him a beer and sat down to eat her own meal.
She waited for his criticism,"mmm", Nigel said.
"Delicious babe".
The next thing she didn't expect,all of a sudden Nigel slumped over the table,his face in his dinner.
Trudy shook him but he wasn't moving.
It was an accident...honest!

2nd Place goes to Entry Number 8. "What are you looking at?"
It's a harrowing story of domestic violence, the writing is full of foreboding and tension, with the surprising ending leaving you wanting to know more

 ♕ ❤  ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (marilyngoodreadscom) | 178 comments Mod

Melanie danced around the living room,excited because Santa had been...wrapping paper strewn across the floor,chocolates she'd pulled down from the tree lay in a pile on the carpet.
She sat down on the floor,picked her dolly up and started to feed her chocolates"yum",said Melanie"Let's have another one".
"Melanie,leave them chocolates ,now you won't eat your dinner,well it serves you right if you're sick madam!"
Her older brother Thomas pulled a face at her then walked past and pulled her hair.."OUCH",screamed Melanie...then he picked her new dolly up,just as he did Melanie's mum appeared.
Thomas quickly put the dolly down and feigned innocence.
Thomas was always teasing her,"I hate boys",she thought,"I'm never getting married,boys are horrid!"
The next minute she forgot all about it and picked up her dolly,put the batteries in her back and stood her up.
"My names Chatty Cathy,what's yours",said the dolly.."I love you" the dolly, feet firmly on the ground the dolly walked.

Next day,boxing day Thomas was first up.Cathy was on the sofa.
Thomas got his new tool box out off Santa.He picked Cathy up,put her on the table and looked for screws..He got his screwdriver and started taking the screws out,one by one they went.
"Success!",Thomas said to himself.
Next he jiggled some tiny wires around a bit.Thomas loved to take things apart and see what makes them work but the trouble was he couldn't put them back together again.

The stairs creaked,Thomas quickly picked Cathy up and hid her in the cupboard under the stairs,still in bits.
Melanie got to the bottom of the stairs,rubbed her eyes and went to the living room straight to the sofa to wake Cathy,She pulled the blanket away and to her horror she wasn't there!
Melanie screamed"Where's my dolly?"
Thomas ran upstairs and shut the door of his room behind him

Melanie knocked on her mum and dads bedroom door,ran in crying,"My dollys gone!"...she jumped on the bed sobbing and hugged her mum tight,eventually the sobs subsided.

A few days went by.
Melanie looked everywhere for Cathy but couldn't find her.
Thomas came down,Melanie shook him"What have you done with my dolly you rotter!"
"Shh!" Thomas said,"She got a fever I had to take her to hospital,she's in the dollys hospital,don't tell mum she'll get upset." and every day Melanie asked Thomas how her dolly was.
"Can I go and see her",said Melanie one day?"
"I'm sorry",said Thomas,"bad news'i'm afraid she died,she went to dolly heaven".

Melanie grew up,met a handsome chap called Timothy,they married,had two children,a girl and a boy.But she remembered the day her dolly went missing and she made sure her son never got a toy toolbox for Christmas!

 ♕ ❤  ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (marilyngoodreadscom) | 178 comments Mod
My first Drabble.
"Mummy,where did I come from"said Jenny skipping round her mothers legs.
"From the stork of course sweetie,I've told you before"
"BUT daddy said I came from your tummy,so is the stork in your tummy?"
"Erm,no dear"
"Sooooo.....where did the stork come from then?"said Jenny puzzled.
"The stork came from it's mummy's tummy"replied Jennys mum
"So was I in the storks tummy and you're not my mummy?"sobbed Jenny!!
Jenny's mum took a deep breath and thought how to get out of this one without making it worse!"
"GULP!"she thought.
"Ask your father Sweetie,he seems to know everything"
"Daaaadddddddd where did I.................

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