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.:Name:. Abel
.:Nickname:. None
.:Middle Name:. Christian
.:Last Name:. Knight

.:Age:. 23
.:Birth date:. October 16

.:Crush or Relationship:. Single
.:Sexuality:. Heterosexual

.:Distinctive Markings:. Abel has a tattoo of a technological construct taking up his whole arm. (view spoiler)
.:Hair:. His hair is a natural dark brown color.His hair is relatively straight and very poofy,it is obviously well taken care of.
.:Eyes:. Abel's eyes are chocolate brown in color, rather average.
.:Build:. He isn't the biggest guy, but he also isn't the smallest. He can lift a decent amount, he had to in order to lug around his tech equipment.

.:Height:. 5 foot 11 inches
.:Weight:. 176 pounds
.:Scent:. Jack and sweat

~ Abel is smart. He has to be in order to work with all the wires and lights.
~He is a huge partier. He loves to be in large crowds, dancing and having a good time. Drinking is also a favorite of his.
~ He can be a bit cocky, thinking him better than most and he isn't afraid to voice it.

.:Family:. Mike Knight (Uncle)


.:Details about their job:. Abel works on the technical stuff, mostly the music during the performances, but also works the lights and other technical aspects of the shows.

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Tнiѕ template belongs to me, Trisscar, as does the character. All gifs belong to their respective owners, and I do now own any pictures. Quotes however are mine. Please do not steal it unless you wish to feel my wrath.

Stella Misty Tigros
First Name Stella
Middle Name Misty
Last Name Tigros
Nickname Stell

Age 18 years old
Gender Female
Species Human
Sexuality Bisexual
Relationship Status Straight
Languages Spoken English, French, self-taught Spanish

Date of Birth September 15th
Location of Birth Miami
Time of Birth 7:34
Zodiac Sign Virgo
➳Father- Jason Tigros
➳Mother- Tiffany Tigros

Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Weight Average
Height 5'8
Style Stella is a tomboy. Most days you can see her in jeans and t-shirt. She typically wears boots and her hair is more likely going to be down. However she can get girly. She can put on a mini skirt and act like a total gossip brat.

Personality Stella has in a multiple personalities. Her boyish version and the more girlish version of her. The real her, that no one ever sees and the fake one.
Stella is very active. She runs around frequently and goes for a jog after shes done with her jog and sometimes before as well. She plays sports and isn't half bad at it. She finds guys much easier to hang out with then girl simply because they aren't as complex. They tell you what they want and then they don't randomly change their mind right in the middle of it. She is very goofy when acting like a tomboy and isn't scared of a lot.

gιяℓ νєяѕισи
Much to her disappointment she still has some girl within her. She wears make up and curls her hair. Somehow without trying she has an eye for fashion and picking out clothes - for herself. Shes pretty much useless when it comes to other people because they never tell her what kind of clothes they really are looking for. Stella can gossip with her friends just like any girl, and fangirl over hot boys/girls easily.

ƒαќε/ɾεαl ṡεlƒ
Stella has two other personalities that aren't exactly personalities in a way. She seems like a typical happy go lucky person. But in truth shes broken in more ways then one. Her life hasn't exactly been the easiest for her and she has been demented because of it. She cries herself to sleep sometimes, and used to self harm. Of course she doesn't tell people that she lets them believe that she was abused instead. Stella shows her weakness when she thinks no one is watching or when she is completely and fully alone. There isn't a person in the world who knows about that or her past. Just bits and pieces. To the rest of the world shes just a happy prissy girl who moves on in life without a care in the world.

Background/History There was a time when Stella's life was perfect. She had a beautiful family, and amazing friends. Her family lived on two rules that "Everything was perfect" and that "You can never change. It ruins the perfectness". As a young child Stella was taught to never argue, to never fight back, to always obey and do as she was told. In many ways her parents also wanted her to not be educated. They kept her inside at all times and just told her to always be perfect. She could never stray away or learn about the outside world. Yes she learned the basics or reading, writing, and mathematics but they were just the basics. She was always given friends by her mother and they had to match her mothers standards. In fact her first boy friends was arranged by her mother as well. Stella was always told that speaking up was the worst sin you could ever did. As a child she obviously believed it - who wouldn't? She was young and her parents knew better - or so she thought.

Stella was taught how to be graceful. How to hold spoon properly. How to smile perfectly, laugh, and talk. She never had a say in her life at all. Then one day she met Lilith. Lilith was perfect in her mothers eyes because she often acted like an angel in front of her. However she was different. She showed Stella a new world. She showed her what life was like wearing whatever she wanted. To laugh as loud as you wanted, to chew with your mouth full. Then one day Stella's parents caught Lilith. They banned Lilith from ever coming and yelled at Stella. However by that time Lilith had rubbed off enough onto Stella and she finally fought back. Her father furious that Stella had been changed went after Lilith. From that day forward her life was done. Her father went out to kill Lilith and Stella was furious by it. She followed him and instead saved Lilith which resulted into hurting herself. From that moment her dad never spoke to her. Her mother was upset and she talked minimal to her. Stella was locked up into her room and soon became anorexic. She began self-harming and hating herself believing that she was the reason for all this. She never heard from anyone and became more depressed. Then one day she heard from Lilith. She escaped to see her and talk to her one last time. However she got lost and then soon found Noir Paradise. She later got a job and has found her life there.

Relationship History Stella hasn't always started as Bi. At first she was into guys as the next girl and then she slowly began questioning things. Part of the reason why she was straight at first she thinks is because that is pretty much what everyone else was. Then she began to step out and learn a bit more about people, and their personality. She soon discovered that she may not be into guys and perhaps girls so she decided to just change her sexuality to Bi.

Shes had a few relationships before. All before she realized that she may be Bi. Both of them with boys and she thought they were OK. They never treated her special or anything and there was nothing too special. They stopped caring after a while and she just broke it off.
Ex's, Crushes, Current Relationships

❦ Drawing
❦ Writing
❦ Her friends

✩ Perfection
✩ Her parents
✩ Depression

✎ Standing up
✎ Being imperfect
✎ Writing

☃ Showing who she really is
☃ Not able to communicate
☃ Hating herself from time to time

☯ Chocolate
☯ Animals
☯ Beyonce, Demi,

⌛ Lilith-Friend
⌛ Mark Tigros - Enemy
⌛ Tiffany Tigros - Enemy

♘ N/A

Mode of Transportation
☛ Walking

☮ She can work anywhere but tends to be the bar tender or waitress.

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Name: Lacy Holmes
Nickname: Lace
Nationality: British or English and Irish, but lives in America
Age: 19, almost 20
Birthdate: March 23rd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Open
Image: https://www.google.com/search?q=brune...
Personality: Flirty and kinky, but sweet and kind. She is a total flirt, and flirts with both female and male. She is seductive, and beautiful, perfect for her job.
Family: None
History: Lacy's mother was a prostitute, and her father abandoned her when she was born. Her mother died when she was very young, and Lacy was left on her own. When Lacy was eighteen she got a job at the Noir, and became a waitress, soon moving up to a stripper at age nineteen. She lives in an apartment on her own.
Details about their job: Lacy is a waitress when needed, but her main job is a stripper. She can pole dance, and seduce men and women. When a waitress, she flirts it up so she can get extra tips.

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ᗩᑎIᗪᗩᗯEᕼI (faith_kitty) | 243 comments

.:First Name:. Scarlette
.:Nickname:. Mostly Scar, but she is okay with anything except for Doll
.:Middle Name:. Rae
.:Last Name:. Cross
.:Reason for Name:. When she asked her parents when she was younger they just told her that they just picked it out, but as she grew older she started to believe there was a real reason behind it and her guess was that her name was a reference to The Scarlet Letter as she was a child born from adultery.

I was a Scarlet letter, pun intended.

.:Age:. Eighteen
.:Birth Date:. December 4 at 5:19 a.m.

Apparently the worse day ever

.:Crush or Relationship:. Single, bust she does have a small crush on Sebastian. She just figured he was out of her league and into sexier girls so she never even tried to pursue anything and pretends to just like him as a friend.
.:Sexuality:. Straight

I am a strong believer of Love, I am just waiting for mine.

.:Distinctive Markings:. She has one tattoo on her shoulder blade and a scar on her calf that is about four inches long. (view spoiler)
.:Hair:. Natural light blonde hair. It is relatively straight but becomes wavy if she doesn't brush it for awhile.
.:Eyes:. She has large doe like blue eyes with long lashes. She personally finds them to be her best feature.
.:Build:. Scarlette is a very tiny girl though that does not mean she is weak. She can't fight, but she can dance around her opponent with ease. (view spoiler)

.:Height:. 5 foot 1 inch
.:Weight:. 103 pounds
.:Scent:. Vanilla Sugar

I can't stand the woman in the mirror.

.:Fashion:. Scarlette simply wears the waitress uniform though with a skirt instead of pants. She can not stand wearing them. Outside of work she wears anything and everything even if it does not match.

Clothes are simplistic...except for mine.

~ Even with her horrible life Scarlette is still bright and bubbly. She puts others before her and does everything she can to make them happy, even if it causes her suffering. It is just who she is, she can't help it, but she wouldn't change it even of she could.
~ Everyone that knows her knows that she is temperamental. She can be set off by the smallest things and is not afraid to voice her anger.It is strictly vocal though, she never gets violent.
~ She isn't one to think things through. She tends to just jump right in especially if someone she cares about is in danger. It often gets her into some serious trouble, but she is a strong girl, she can take it.
~ Scarlette has a certain charm to her that most people can't resist. She can draw people in and keep them wrapped around her finger. Even the most stubborn people tend to befriend her and learn to loosen up in her presence.
~She is addicted to candy. She almost always has some on her, but at least she balances it out with her vegetarian diet.

*Befriending people and animals
*Helping others

*Boys with long dark hair
*School (other than Italian)
*Over Emotional
*Secretly very self depreciating


*Disappointing people

I am strong but I am weak

.:Job:. Scarlette has been working here for a couple of months now, since she turned eighteen and she loves it. She currently works as a waitress, but she wished she could be a dancer. The only problem is she doesn't feel like she is sexy enough to do it, besides most of the dancers are actually strippers and Scarlette refuses to strip for any man. She has the talent to do it though.

I will need to leave this place one day, and when I do, I am sure I will miss it.

.:Background and History:. There is not much Scarlette could tell you about her life. She didn't exactly have one. She had to care for her 'family' so she wasn't given the chance to live for herself, she had to make them happy or she would get beaten. She did either way but they were worse if she displeased one of them.
She had no real friends, none she could confide to, just the ones that loved her in school because her silly and bubbly behavior. She wasn't in any clubs though she wished she could of been in several. She had nothing to look forward to from day to day so it was only a matter of time before she gave up.

Then her little sister was born...from the same father and Scar swore to protect her with her life and so she did. Her sister Charlotte is living with her elder brother at the moment until she can prove to the state that she can support the two of them so she can gain custody of her little mini me.

Micheal { Other Information Unknown} Biological father
Darren Cross; 47 'Father' figure
Megan Cross; 45 Mother
Eric Cross; 27 Brother
Chris Cross; 24 Brother
Tyler Cross; 24 Brother
Adam Cross; 23 Brother
Cassie Cross; 21 Sister
Nick Cross; 19 Brother
Charlotte Cross; 7 Sister

That is all in the past including those people, I just hope I never have to go back.

She's glad for one day of comfort, only because she has suffered.
~Fully Alive by Flyleaf

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Bree ||▣|Full Name|▣|| Robert Asher Miller

||▣|Age|▣|| 27
||▣|Date of Birth|▣|| October 8th 1987
|▫Place of Birth▫|Cambridge, MA
|▫Nationality ▫|Scottish and English

||▣|Gender|▣|| Male
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single


|▫Hair▫|Light Brown
|▫Face Details▫| None
|▫Body Type▫| Muscular
|▫Blood Type▫| O Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|None

||▣|Personality|▣|| Rob isn’t much of a social person at the club. He’ll throw punches first, then forget to ask questions later. He’s cold and unmoving when it comes to handling delicate situations. He only sees things as black and white. There’s no gray inbetween. There’s only right and wrong. It’s right of him to do his job, even if that means he has to knock a couple of skulls together.

||▣|Backstory|▣|| Rob wasn’t the smartest kid growing up. The only class that he was good in was PE. He was stronger and faster than any of the students. He would score high on the national and presidents’ ranks of records. He wanted to try out for sports when he got to high school, but his grades weren’t too hot. When his parents realized that he couldn’t get his act together, they enlisted him to go to military school in the middle of his freshman year. Not only did Rob feel betrayed by this act that his parents did without his consent, he cut off all ties that he had with them as soon as he went. In military school, the commanders and people in charge broke Rob. He’d have to run four miles everytime he got a grade that was below a B-. Coming the school, he didn’t have any of grades above a C, so he had to do a lot of running on his first day. He became cold and hard after going to military school. His parents were waiting for him at the graduation ceremony when he earned his diploma. In the audience, he could make out their faces. While they were smiling proudly at him, he frowned at them then looked away. Rob left the school without meeting his parents, and took everything with him. He had had a picture of his parents sent to him in the mail along with a letter from them when they said how they were going to throw a congratulations party in his honor when he came home. Rob never saw the party because he ran away. He came to Noir Paradise in his graduating uniform, and today, he works without it on. He wears all black, and a cold expression on his face. He’s moved on from his past, but his past keeps trying to find him.

He has disowned his parents.

His parents
His inability to have a decent conversation
Nosy people
Annoying people
Stubborn people

His strength
His speed
His stamina
His unmoving nature
His knowledge about handling life or death situations

||▣|Work|▣|| He’s a bouncer for the club.

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Bree ||▣|Full Name|▣|| Savannah Parker Clarke

||▣|Age|▣|| 22
||▣|Date of Birth|▣|| November 21st 1992
|▫Place of Birth▫|Liverpool, England
|▫Nationality ▫|British

||▣|Gender|▣|| Female
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single


|▫Hair▫|Black and sometimes Dark Brown
|▫Height▫|5 feet
|▫Face Details▫|She has dimples when she smiles
|▫Body Type▫|Petite
|▫Blood Type▫| AB Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|
She has a tattoo of a pinup girl on her leg and she has a belly button ring

||▣|Costume Design(s) |▣||
(view spoiler)

||▣|Personality|▣|| Savy is a free spirit who loves to have fun, both the innocent and naughty kind of fun to be exact. She enjoys having her own joy and desires to be creative show in her costumes that she makes for the performers. She’s also a stripper, but she isn’t typically one of the main attractions. Savy enjoys being savy by having her own sense of style with how she dresses, speaks, and how she lives her own life. She’s also a part time tattoo artist. She knows that some of the clients don’t enjoy seeing the dancers have tattoos on their bodies, but if Savy were to take the stage, she’d remove her skirt and flash her tattoo at the whole audience for them to see. She isn’t shy about anything, and loves to be goofy.
||▣|Backstory|▣|| Savy knew that when she grew up, she wanted to be something creative. She tried to be an artist once. The other kids in school told her that she needed to color in the lines, but she decided otherwise and instead created her own lines to make the drawings in the coloring books more interesting. She created her own artwork to be put around her apartment where she lived in Englad. When her art career couldn’t pay the bills, she moved to America and instead became a tattoo artist. That worked out slightly better. She got more people paying her for her work, but she often had clients that would bring trouble into the shop where she worked. When that didn’t pay off, she found Noir Paradise. Seeing the girls dance on stage inspired Savy to join the club. Not as a dancer, but as someone who make the dancers look beautiful on stage.
Parker Josiah Clarke-Father
Olivia Harriet Clarke- Mother
Penelope Elena Clarke- Younger Sister

Junk food
Not being as good a dancer as the other girls
High expectations of herself

Being creative
Having her own ambitions
Not being a bitch

||▣|Work|▣|| She designs costumes for the performers

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Soulsurviver233 | 23 comments

"...It's such a shame.."

Name: Aisling Devereux
Aisling (Ash-ling)is a Gaelic word which means 'dream' or 'vision'. It was first created in the 20th Century.

Devereux (Dev-a-ro) is a surname that originally indicated that an individual originated from Evreux in France.

Nickname: Ash, Devie, Rowie, Lin, Lucky, Irish.

Nationality: Irish American (second generation) with French influences further back in her ancestry.

Age: 22

Gender: Femme Fatale (Female)

Birthdate: 1st of July

(view spoiler)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Recently single, the wounds are still fresh...literally. (Open but she's probably more of a 'in it for the long haul' kind of girl considering her past.)


(view spoiler)

Eyes:A mix of grey, green and blue...often changing between all three depending on what she wears.

Hair: A dark brown-black, quite long...halfway down her back to be precise.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 lbs...don't hate she's still working off her baby weight.


Aisling is quite quiet, preferring to get her job done and go home to sleep. It isn't that she hates the place, but more that she wants to keep an exceptionally low profile. When she does talk, she has the soft Irish burr in her tones courtesy of her mother teaching her to speak instead of her father. She doesn't make friends easily as she is incredibly shy in most encounters.

Despite being quiet, she enjoys simply listening to other people chatter about anything...as long as it isn't too unsavoury. She is efficient and works best when she is given clear, concise instructions. If you are able to catch her on a good day, when her walls are down she'll happily tell you inane little things about herself and ask about you in return. But those days are rare.

Most of the others whom work with her often treat her like a baby bird. Some monitor her carefully and tell the owner if her mood fluctuates suddenly. Word has spread around that she loathes being touched, a stage hand brushed past her and she screamed before locking herself in the supply cupboard. She is a lot better now than she was before when she first arrived. She used to be so gentle and sweet...what a waste.

Aoife Devereux (Mother, 45, deceased)
Daniel Devereux (Father, 50, alive)
Elise Devereux (Daughter, 6 months, deceased)


"Such a sorry business...a waste of two lives."

Aisling had been born a happy, healthy baby in San Francisco. She grew and flourished with her mother a nurse and her father owning his own auto repair shop. Her early life had been uneventful apart from all the first 'milestones' which she completed surprisingly easily. Childhood and early teenage years had been bliss, but her life would not remain so sheltered and carefree for long.

When Aisling was 16 her mother passed away from a sudden and instantly fatal brain hemorrhage. It had devastated their family, one of the 'Three Musketeers' was lost forever. Despite the loss and being able to take time off from school to grieve, the young woman was never really the same when she returned and began to study again.

This was around the time that she met Justin Thompson and he brought the colour back into her world for a while. At the end of high school though the signs were there...he wouldn't let her go to college on the other side of the country from his. When she told him that the college in their town didn't offer the major she needed for her dream job..he hit her.

It had sent stars and black dots across her vision and she'd remembered crying out, which made him yell at her to shut up...and he hit her again. By the time she stopped curling up in a ball on the floor, he'd 'come to his senses' and was apologising.

As the time was stolen from her life and her relationship started to scar her body...she realised that she had to do something to escape. One day after she got home from working as a waitress at a local diner, she found him waiting for her in the living room. She'd abstained you see....she wanted to wait until marriage.

But that night he took his abuse to the next level and took what she had been adamant he couldn't. He hadn't wanted to wait, he wanted her now. She'd scratched and screamed until he gave her a solid punch to the stomach and she blacked out. She awoke to a splitting headache and her nether regions burning.

A couple of months afterwards she found herself trying on her jeans and they were too tight. She'd gone to the doctors and found out the news a week after the visit. She was expecting a baby. She didn't know what she would do...she went to stay with her father and told him everything. However he refused to believe her and after she told him that she was pregnant he threw her out onto the street.

She had no friends left...she found a battered women's shelter, but by the time he found her she was well and truly showing. She refused to leave with him and he threatened to force her but left. The other women were supportive, taking plenty of pictures of her and her baby belly and they went to clinics to get check ups.

She learned that her baby was a girl towards the end of her pregnancy, when the clinic got an upgrade...new machines and everything. She felt safe with the women secure and protected.

When she brought her daughter into the world it was the happiest day of her life. She named her daughter Elise Aoife Devereux, Elise for the woman who ran the shelter and Aoife for Aisling's mother. But the baby and her mother would not stay so happy for long. The shelter was going to be forced to close...Aisling wasn't so sure why but she suspected her ex boyfriend. His friends were cops and trainee lawyers, hers were young mothers and abused women.

She had no choice but to return to him. They lasted 2 months before he started the abuse again. But at a belated baby shower, her old friends and his current ones turned up. Elise started to wail and Aisling was taking something out of the oven. Justin went to tend to the 6 month old baby and the smiles started to fade as their guests heard him yelling and the baby wailing louder...and louder.

Until....suddenly nothing. Murmurs started up and Aisling ran into the nursery. She let out a almighty scream at what she saw. Justin had the baby in his hands, still shaking her violently. When he saw her, he stopped and gave her a dark look.
"This is all your fault. All I wanted was a little action and you resisted! Now look at what you've done, you've gone and had a kid that wouldn't shut up! You'll thank me later Ashie dear." He spat and then saw the crowd of people in the doorway.

He got a 5 year jail term and during the time his trial and appeals were going around, Aisling hitch hiked from San Francisco to LA for a fresh start. But Justin got out on parole for a technicality and has sworn 'revenge'. Now everyone...ask yourselves which of the three were victims?

"I lost my child to this man...but she still lives within my heart of hearts."

Details about their job: Stagehand, cleaner and fill in waitress.

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Name:Joe Island Johnson
Nickname:Big Jo
Birth:June 23
Rock soild heart and a tough brute. Joe is not a person that is easily scared as he is usally the person to tell to back off. He doesn't like fighting but uses his force when he needs to. He likes joking around during his free time but he is 100% professional when it comes to his job.
He was a professinal boxer as injury stopped him from fighting so he become a bouncer of Noir. Although he didn't like the idea of it, the pay was decent enough for him to take it.
Job:Bouncer an a secruity.

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|▣|{First Name}|▣| Asher
|▣|{Middle Name}|▣| William
|▣|{Last Name}|▣| Everett
|▣|{Nickname}|▣| Ash

|♕|{Age}|♕| Eighteen Years Young
|♕|{Date of birth}|♕| August First
|♕|{Birth place}|♕| New York City

|♛|{Gender}|♛| Male ♂
|♛|{Nationality}|♛| American

|☯|{Sexuality}|☯| Heterosexual
|☯|{Relationship Status}|☯| Single

|▫[Hair]▫| Brown dyed Blonde
|▫[Eyes]▫| Dark Brown
|▫[Weight]▫| 150
|▫[Height]▫| 6'3"
|▫[Tattoo's/Piercing]▫| None net

Asher is kinda the more outgoing kind, he likes to try new things and embrace change. He likes to be adventures and have fun while he is still young. He is sort of crazy, if someone is talking and he finds it interesting, he will spend his whole day talking about it and thinking about it. He is also very kind and loving, like he is still a child. Ash is a vary smart kid, he likes to let people know that he is smart and that he can do better things in his life. He is funny and loves to tell jokes and make people laugh, he drops jokes where ever he goes. He likes to eavesdrop on people too, so being a bartender helps him with that.
↪ Laughing
↪ Eavesdropping
↪ Making people laugh
↪ Sleeping
↪ Rain
↪ People crying
↪ Not being able to do things
↪ People hurting his sister

Asher William Everett was born on a bright and warm summer day in New York City. His parents were still pretty young when he was born, bur this time they really wanted another kid. His mother was twenty one and his father was twenty two. His parents were high school sweethearts, and they got married right after they were both done with high school. He had an older sister already when he was born, and he automatically loved her.

Growing up, he lived in a small apartment sharing a room with his sister. His father was in the army so his mother had to work, which meant him and hi sister had to go to daycare. He hated being away from his mother, and he hated his father leaving him for a month at a time. By the time he was in school, he got used to going to after school care and not seeing his dad, but he still didnt like it. When he was 12, his father was announced killed in action. His mother had a mental break down and killed herself. His sister stayed in her room a lot, and he was left alone. Him and his sister moved in with his aunt, he didn't like it much.

Now, Ash lives with his sister in a small apartment. He works as a bartender and is taking online college classes so he can become a lawyer. He tries to protect his sister from everything as much as possible since she is the only family he has left. He wants to peruse his dreams, but he doesn't want to do them until he knows that he can leave his sister in good hands.
~Father~William James Everett~would be 40~
~Mother~Sadie Jane Everett~would be 39~

~Sister~Teigan Sadie Everett~20~

|♜|{Details about their job}|♜| He is a bartender, he just works so he can be near his sister, and help her if he needs to.

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»Name:« Mercedes-Rain Coyne
░░░мεяcε∂εs-яαιη→(view spoiler)
▒▒▒cσүηε→(view spoiler)

»Background of her name«

Mercedes Rain was never something her parents wanted to have. Truthfully, the two were falling apart, and it was a last pitch effort to have the baby. Her mother, decided on the first name Mercedes. It had to do with something with saving, so she figured it would be all right. Her father, despised that name, he wanted her to have a cool name. He wanted her name to be Rain (mostly after one of his ex-girlfriends). So they compromised, naming the baby Mercedes-Rain. And, she would pay for this name.

»Nickname:« Mercedes

»Nationality:« American

»Age:« 19 [nιneтeen yearѕ oғ мaтυrιтy]
»Date of Birth:« November 15th
»Place of Birth« Seattle, Washington

»Gender:« Female
→Derived of the xx chromosome←

»Sexuality:« Heterosexual
→Attraction to the opposite sex←

»Relationship Status:« Single

ғᴀᴄᴇ ᴄᴀɪ: Kirsten Stewart

(view spoiler)

»General Style«


I look bit dead inside, if you can't see
When most first meet Mercedes she looks like one of those, 'I'm depressed so don't talk to me'. There are a few reasons for this. The first, being that she, well, has a lot of things on her mind. Her sad face is probably her thinking face. After all she has been through, she will probably be a little stand-offish when she meets you. And her side that screams to protect herself will make her talk in a sort of monotone voice to you. It is mostly her mask, but it is her most prominent feature, which is why she doesn't have many friends. The quality she really is looking for, is if you stick around with her.

I don't really want to murder you. Just kind of, kill you a little bit. But I'll be patient.
Yes, okay. Mercedes can have a very little bit of a temper. If she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you. Will she voice it? Probably not. She can blow up every once in a while, but that is only when she gets very, very angry. She is, all in all, a very patient person. And if she looks like she wants to murder you? Give her a few days and one of two things will happen. She'll get over it and things will be all good, or you'll be dead.

Um, hey..
Shyness is probably her biggest, biggest factor when it comes to meeting people for the first time. She may seem a little shy within the first couple of times she talks to you, but she may loosen up after that. Well, if she doesn't run away from you. This shyness is mostly from the fear you will hurt her like others have done. She's gotten over most things, but the fear of people hurting her still sits in the back of her heart. She has to make sure you are trustworthy, before she brings her true self out.

Wait, that came out wrong!
Once you get past her protective layer, then you can see how amazing she truly is. Well, first you get to how awkward she really is. Her words almost never come out right, and for her, it usually ends in a fit of giggles. She truly is a piece of work, but, hey, that is what can make her so likable. So, when you are with this girl, prepare for some awkward/fun times.

Once you get to know me, I guess I can be a real charmer
One of Mercedes unique attributes is how charming she can be. Once you get to know her, you can see she really is a jelly-bean jar of fun. She loves to be playful and cute, but can also be a big flirt too. She is all for having a good time with someone who she fully trusts. She isn't big on a huge amount of sentimental moments, but she loves making memories and all that junk.

The truth is, I am really a happy person. But, you, my dear, don't know that yet.
This fact is true. Most people don't stick around to find out that while some of her thoughts may be deep, she is more or less a very simple person. She loves to have fun, and is always a pit of endless giggles, and smiles. She is a friend, once you get to know her, you want to keep near to your heart. She will rarely give you trouble, as for the most trouble she will bother you with is what color shirt to wear.


Mercedes was born on a rainy November night. She lived in Seattle, and grew up to the sounds of her fighting parents. But, she didn't let it get her down. She thought what they did was normal. And even if it wasn't, why would she let their problem bring her down. She lived a mostly normal childhood life. Even in elementary, she was perfectly fine. Sure, she lived in her head a lot, in her own little fairy tale, but her parents were too busy arguing to notice. She lived on anyway, and even made a few friends along the way. They were just like her, and they got along well.

Then came Middle School. It was, to say the least, when everything changed for her. People became meaner, and a whole lot prettier. Not to mention more social. The kids she used to call friends were now long gone from her and they didn't seem to plan on coming back. She lost everyone she knew from her school and was alone once again. She basically became that girl who was nice, but had no friends. And this continued into the rest of her middle school years. This sparked an even bigger amount of time she spent within her head. And it wasn't helping that her parents fighting had gotten worse.

And finally High School. When she finally met a few outcasts, and had about two friends. They, however, were close, and they wouldn't let each other done. Her mother and father finally divorced after a fist fight they had had, and Mercedes finally thought her life was looking up. Until one of the popular girls decided she had something against Mercedes. It is well known that Mercedes isn't a normal name, and the girl decided to use that against her. She would call Mercedes a stripper, and other vulgar words. She posted plenty of pictures with her face photo shopped on to try and prove her point. Then, she lost one of her friends, and now the whole school seemed to have something against her. She would walk with her head down, and every time she got up, someone would cough "stripper". Others weren't as kind to add the cough. It was miserable, but it would all be over soon. She would be on her own soon.

As soon as she graduated, her mother, who she was living with at the time, kicked her out. She went to her father, but he was drunk half of the time, so she set out to find a life. She moved to where she is now, and is living in a small apartment. She was working at an office as a secretary (read: servant)to a mean boss. She was then fired for spitting in his coffee. Wandering the streets, she found Noir Paradise. She applied, despite her best intentions, to be a stripper. She tried that, but her personality didn't seem to fit that, so they let her stay anyway. Basically, she does anything now. And she likes it. She is barely scraping by, but things have to get better, right?

Delia Coyne- Mother
Marcus Coyne- Father

→She trusts most of the girls, since she has worked with them so long, as well as most of the workers there←
→Her only true enemy so far is the girl her started her miserable High School life, Ansley←

»Details about their job«
••When she was first at Noir Paradise, she worked as a Stripper. But that, well, it didn't work very well.
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••She now basically does anything and everything. She goes and gets costumes, she does make-up. She waits tables when they are low. She sets stuff up. Anything random they need, she does it.

✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) Name: Lucy Karlow
Nickname/Stage Name: Little Lucy
Nationality: French/American
Age: 21
Birthdate: October 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single


Social: Unlike many other's, Lucy always goes out of her way to be nice. she hate's it when people are upset and will do pretty much anything, even if they are strangers, to make people feel better.

Happy: Lucy is always smiling, even when she doesn't want. It might seem like that's the only emotion she has, but it's the only one she likes showing.

Silly: Lucy is rarely ever serious. She always tries to make people laugh. Lucy constantly cracks jokes.

Lonely: Lucy is very lonely. No matter how happy she may be, she is truly depressed and lonely on the inside.

Innocent: Lucy really doesn't understand what she's doing half of the time she dances. She acts way more mature than she really is.

Family: None- she was an orphan

History: At a young age, Lucy was orphaned. Her parents didn't have enough money to raise her, so they left her on the doorstep of some random woman. She ran away years later, running from house to house and eventually ended up on the streets doing drugs.
When she was 15, Lucy got caught up with some bad people. They would get her to do their dirty business for them and when Lucy managed to escape, they wouldn't stop looking for her- so she got a job here so that they would never find her.
One of the only reasons she works at this place is because she had no where else to go. She gets her next fix by a dealer that visits once a week, and in payment she dances for him.

Details about their act: Lucy is a bartender/waitress. In her free time she does lap dances for extra money

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Sometimes in life, There are things that are worth fighting for

We stopped the ignorance, we killed the enemies Sorry for the night demons still visit me

The plan was to drink until the pain over But what's worse, the pain or the hangover? Fresh air, rollin' down the window Too many Urkels on your team, that's why your wins low

Name:☣Zack Jaminson Wall
Hometown:✝Toronto Ontario Canada
Birthday:☧July 4th

Me drown sorrow in that Diablo Me found bravery in my bravado DJ's need to listen to the models
Zack Wall is a high sprite as some people like to call him air dynamic. He is the guy who will give you a free shot if your having extremely bad day as he is try to bring you up. He is extremely focused on his job as he works for one of the best club in LA. He likes to be more mystrious with introducing himself to others. Zack likes to be advanturous as sometimes he will take days off to go to the nature part of the country to see whats behind bartending.

And my chick in that new Phoebe Philo So much head, I woke up in Sleepy Hollow
Zack grew up in Canada as he loved the cold city. His dreams were always to become a professional bartender as he went to school of Milk and honey. He trained for 5 years as he become a expert bartender. He is an extreme expert when it comes to mixing drinks as he loves to show the skills of his bartending. Orignally growing up, he didn't have very much since he was only living with his mother. His father left them as his mother was working double shift just to keep them surving. Out graduating as a bartender, he came to noir club as he started working here.
Family:His mother

Details about his job:Expert Bartender

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✖ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ ✖  (notonguewithbutt) This Template is brought to you by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}.
© All Rights Reserved (view spoiler)

Part ①

      ⟳Katrina Rosalind Williams ⟲



↬ Kitkat
↬ Kitten
↬Kitty Kat- only by her brother and her friends

Real Age: 22
Apparent Age:

Date of Birth: May 19th
Zodiac Sign: (view spoiler)
Zodiac Animal: (view spoiler)
Birth Stone(s): (view spoiler)
Birth Flower: (view spoiler)

Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany
Ethnicity: German

Gender: Feminine
↬Derived from the xx/xy chromosome

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single {Open for Request}

Occupation: Waitress/Lap Dancer
↬Details: Kitkat has been a waitress for 1 month now. If one of the customers is in need of a dance she will occasionally give them a dance for extra money.


Face Claim: Selena Gomez

Physical Details:

Hair: A dark brown color. It’s usually wavy or curly though at times it can be straight. She usually straightens it when she’s going to work.
Eyes: A very pale green color that’s almost white.
Height: 5’5
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood Type: B +

Distinguishing Markings:
[image error]



Dreamer: Many times, you will spot Kitkat just gazing off and daydreaming. Her head is always in the clouds, dreaming of the things she would never have. It’s common for someone to be talking to her and the whole while she will just be daydreaming.

Secretive: Kitkat never likes revealing things about her and would prefer to be the mysterious girl that everyknow thinks they know. Don’t be surprised if she gives you false information about herself. When people ask for her number or name she usually uses the name ‘Megan’ and comes up with a random number. If she does in fact tell you real information about herself than you should feel honored.

Provocative: Kitkat knows how to use her body and even though she isn’t a performer, that doesn’t mean she can’t be a tease. She loves to turn people on and enjoys turning them down after stringing them along. Kitkat also loves to flirt: so long as it’s only flirting. She finds it disgusting to be used as a sex toy, so she had never done anything sexual besides kissing.

Motherly: As much as Kitkat hates to admit, she has a very caring side to her. She hates when people are upset and will always be there to comfort them: whether it means holding them or just being that should to cry on. She loves being around children and babysit's her sisters daughter whos 2 years old since her mother's a junkie

✔ Men
✔ The color Green
✔ Her family
✔ Herself
✔ Her sisters daughter Lori

✘ Women- thinks of them as competition
✘ Jerks- although she is one
✘ Super Sluts or Attention Whores
✘ Bright Colors- she hates neon

⁍ Small Spaces
⁍ Commitement
⁍ Spiders


Kitkat was born in Germany on a May afternoon to har parents. She had a rough childhood since her mother was a junkie and her father was abusive. He used to beat Saskia and one day- Saskia ran away. She became a junkie, got pregnant and practically disowned her 2 year old daughter Lori. So to help her sister, she takes care of Lori everyday and got a job as stripper at Noir Paradise.


The Family:
Father: Connor; 52; Retired
Mother: Lizzy; 50; Retired
Sister: Saskia; 25; Unemployed
Sister's Daughter: Lori; 2;unemployed (view spoiler)

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Ʈʜэ MɐÐɲΣ§Ꭶ ᏊརƭᏲƗϞ (death_of_the_rebelz) [First Name] Scar
[Middle Name] Vienetta
[Last Name] Karina
[Nickname] Scar

[Nationality] European
[Age] 18 (just turned)
[Birth Date] June 7
[Birth Place] Venice, Europe

[Gender] Female
[Sexuality] Bisexual
[Relationship Status] Taken

[Clothing Style] Her clothing style varies between three different styles. She rarely is seen at work in anything but a dress and her sleek black leather jacket. Her dresses never go past the knees and are either red or black, often a solid color with lace overlapping. It is something of a signature look for herself.

[Personality] Scar is easy enough to get along with. She doesn't care about people's defining characteristics unless they are ignorant, rude or perverted. Those being the only people she cannot get along with. She does not put up with people well when they don't follow along with the loose constraints of the club. She's more friendly toward people she knows and deals with on a more regular basis. She has a well concealed soft side to her that rarely shows inside work and she keeps up a well maintained tough girl facade to mask the personality of herself. She enjoys challenges and is willing to help people if they are willing.

[Family] Eli(brother): Her twin brother lives a few towns over and will occasionally visit. He is more responsible and often complains about his sister's choice in life and attempts to change her life, to no avail. He does not play a large role in her life but is the only remaining family she has.
[History] She grew up in a small town with her twin brother. She doesn't care to remissness with her childhood and truthfully doesn't recall much before her teen years. She never fit in well and kept to herself most times. When her parents died, Scar was a mere age of 16. She became emancipated along with her brother and got a job working at a tattoo parlor and basically wandering around for a half a year until she landed a job at the club and moved into a small apartment. In her years since she came to this town she heavily invested her free time into the art of fighting. She has qualifications in several martial arts and does small fights when she has a need for extra money.

[Job] Bartender.
She's been working at the job ever since she moved into the town somewhere around two years ago. She manages mainly all night shifts and is mostly recognized within the late night crowd of employees.

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This is what happened when he applied for the job...

Shut up Stephan, this isn't Twilight!
Name:Stephen Knight
Nickname: Knight
Nationality: He originally was from Africa but that was generations ago.
Age: 23
Birthdate: 9/18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

(view spoiler)
~Easy Going
~Able to Relate to
Ashley Knight (8-10)♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Mike Knight (3-10)♥♥♥

Malory Knight (5-10)♥♥♥♥♥

History: To be RP'ed
Details about their job:
Stephan has been working at Noir Paradise for 2 years he has never had any other job and he works as a Bartender.

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Coral (counting_stars) | 171 comments Mod
Please add a little more to his personality and write up his history.

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But I was going to see what happened first and then I was going to add the history

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Coral (counting_stars) | 171 comments Mod
Okay, just make sure to add to it. He's approved then.

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I will I promise thank you Coral

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 15 comments Name:Darius Volkov
Birthdate:January 1
Relationship Status:Single
Personality:Darius is a very shy and quiet guy, but tries his hardest to be social due to his job. He enjoys being a bartender, but his nature doesn't allow him to be a very open guy. He is a true sweetheart and would never hurt anyone, even if they hurt him.
History:Darius was a child who had been abandoned at birth on the doorstep of an orphanage. It had storming out that night, and had ended up becoming very sick as an infant. He wasn't supposed to live, but somehow he did. After this near death event, Darius had a lonely life, never having anyone to share it with. He was always depressed and distant from the other children at the orphanage because of this, as well as at school, so he never had any friends. But at the age of 15, after becoming sick of the orphanage, Darius ran away. He grew up the rest of his life alone, having dropped out of school in his Sophomore year(10th grade). He juggled several jobs but was never able to buy himself at least a small apartment. When hr was 15, he met a beautiful girl by the name of Bianca Alkaev. She was his first love, and he immediately wanted her to be his. She took him in after finding him on the streets, and they tell in love. But Darius, after having a child with Bianca, figured out he was gay, due to the fact the he had no attraction towards her, and was only in love with her beauty. She left him after she had their child, Thomas. He got a job as a bartender recently, and is still getting used to the noisy and social atmosphere.
Details about their job:Darius has been working at the club for approximately 3-4 months now as a bartender.
Other:Has a 5 year old son named Thomas.
(view spoiler)

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||▣|Full Name|▣|| Richard Fitzpatrick
|▫Nickname▫|Rickie Ivory

||▣|Age|▣|| 21
||▣|Date of Birth|▣|| April 12th, 1993
|▫Place of Birth▫|Summerlin, NV
|▫Nationality ▫|Unknown

||▣|Gender|▣|| Male
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single


|▫Eyes▫|Dark Brown, Almost Black
|▫Face Details▫| None
|▫Body Type▫| Slender
|▫Blood Type▫| O Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|
(view spoiler)

||▣|Personality|▣|| Rickie is an overall, very open and interesting guy. He can’t help it if he is honest about he feels about people, or any current situation. If he has a thought on his mind, he won’t hesitate to think out loud. Rickie always seems to see the good in people, and he makes sure that they are aware of their own character and appearance by telling them what he sees and thinks of them. Rickie also has an above average sense of fashion. He designs his own clothes, and has something new to wear everyday he goes to work. He won’t wear the same thing twice, except his signature black top hat.

||▣|Backstory|▣|| Rickie grew up as the youngest child in his family, as was often the one who was forgotten or left out in the household that he lived in. In order to make an identify for himself, at a very young age, he developed a random and nature that made people both irritated and amused by him. Some of his siblings began to finally take notice of their youngest brother, and they began to adore him. The impression that he left on his parents was different. They often questioned the mental stability and attention span of their son because not only was he distracted, but they often found him singing and dancing randomly when no one else was around. At a relatively young age, Rickie found that he could sing and dance when one of his siblings found him in their backyard inside the shed dancing to the ‘music that was in Rickie’s head’. After Rickie had gotten older, his parents became less and less tolerant of Rickie’s nature, and then to top it off, they soon discovered that their youngest child was secretly into men. They basically kicked him out, and told Rickie to find a new family, and a new life. Not long after, he found Noir Paradise. Everyone there was a bit like him, and they all seemed to enjoy Rickie’s spastic nature, so he felt right at home. He didn’t get to be a performer like he wanted to be, but he still got to be a part of something that he greatly enjoyed.

Eustace Fitzpatrick-Father ( Location: Unknown )
Georgia Fitzpatrick- Mother ( Location: Unknown )
Ian Fitzpatrick- Brother ( Location: Unknown )
Ross Fitzpatrick- Brother ( Location: Unknown )
Veronica Fitzpatrick- Sister ( Location: Unknown )
Kendra Fitzpatrick- Sister ( Location: Unknown )

Not being spastic
Not thinking creatively
Not being a diva
Being expected to act normal
Not openly admiring people

Being happy
Being optimistic
Giving compliments
Fashion sense
Seeing the good in people

Rickie works at the front entrance of the club selling tickets to everyone who comes in. Often times, he will have a top hat on his head. He wears it because he feels like it, and he always seems to have it with him while he’s working.

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Name: Quinn Bralisc

Nationality: American
Age: 19 years young
Birth date: December 12th

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Hair: Black, she had it cut kinda short.
Eyes: bright blue.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115Lb
Tattoos/Piercings: N/A

Personality: Quinn is vary kind and smart. She likes to do what she is told and she cant stand messes. She likes to have responsibility and be in charge. She is very kind and doesn't like to see people be mean to others at all. She is timid when it comes to men, she had had a very bad experience with men and now has a hard time trusting them. She likes to relax, but she can only do that when everything is her way.

Little Brother-Trenton-10
History: Quinn is the oldest in her family, but she only has one little brother so it make her life easier. She was nine when her brother was born, she loved having a little sibling and not being alone. Since her brother is so much younger, they never really fought at all. She is very close with her brother and always have been. When she was about fifteen, someone broke into her house. Her father tried to fight off the guy and make him leave, but he just ended up killing her father. He came after her mother and killed her as well. Quinn got her brother to leave the house and go to the neighbors, but the man got to her and raped her. She had a baby girl nine months later. She was taken in by her grandparents as well as her brother. She was living there for a while till she turned eighteen, she moved out and took her brother and daughter with her. She found a job here and she got an apartment for her little family. Quinn Now has her steady job and has been working at some stores to get more money for her and her family. Her brother is in school, and her daughter is in preschool.
Details about their job: Quinn is a bartender. She works all night, and sometimes she has to bring her brother and daughter to the bar and have them play in the back room so she can work. She takes all the shifts she can so that she can make as much money as possible.

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