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J.A. Mitchell | 2 comments Live Experience (Aloha 'Oe):
A dystopian thriller by author J. A. Mitchell

The Spooks, a local reference to Hilo Dysphrenia (named after the location of the first recorded incident), is a psychotic disorder characterized similarly to schizophrenia, but marked distinctly by its rapid escalation. Divergence in personality traits and memory functioning are substantial. Dysphrenic breaks, locally referred to as Spook Events, are common, resulting in sporadic, aberrant, and aggressive (sometimes violent) behavior. The cause is still unknown. Study has proven that quarantine is the most effective means of prevention. 

If you or anyone you know display any of these symptoms please contact the closest medical center with any pertinent details. Thank you for your cooperation. LE. Live Experience . . . 

Mike Charles, a commander of the Zone C police force, has a fateful encounter with a Spook Event one day. He soon finds himself on the run. Now stuck in a reality where there are only questions, can he find answers before he is found, or he loses himself? 

This book is a fast-paced, thrill ride that may just leave you spooked to your core. 

There are two Giveaways currently running for this new release. Check them out if you're interested:

Paperback Giveaway:

Kindle Giveaway:

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J.A. Mitchell | 2 comments There's still a chance to win a free book. You can follow the links above to enter the giveaways.

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