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Forest(Part Two)

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) This half of the forest is on the red Team's side. It is on the side of the stream that is closest to the ared team's base. Bcareful, for monsters still lurk in the trees of the forest.

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"You ready? If we fly too much we won't be able to when we need it. Be can hop from tree to tree. We are great jumpers too." Danni leaped and landed on the branch, "also, no flips for no reason, it doesn't impress anyone."

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" No flips your the one doing flips. " Chloe whispered as she saw the red fortress.

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Envy nodded. "All right then." But Envy was going to show off anyhow. He didn't really care. Why should he?

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"I'll go distract while you fly up and get the flag. I can fake being stealthy and act like I think they don't know I am there. You should go from the back once they open fire on me." Danni looked at Chloe and and gave her a, so what do you think? look.

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Envy rolled his eyes. That wasn't the right way to distract people, but he supposed it would work. He was very good at distracting people. All he had to do was stand in the open and invite the red team to attack. He would just openly insult them. He knew how to provoke people.

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"Envy, can you help me distract?" Danni said looking down at him. "Act like you are the distracter and I am the attacker, while both of us are distracting."

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Envy nodded. Then he said, "I know another way I could help. You distract them. I'll be somewhere in the background to help out. We'll do what you said at first, then while we're fighting, I'll pretend to be on the red team and lead the, astray."

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"Okay." Danni flew down and acted like she was sneaking up. ((Meet you at red base.))

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" I will get it from behind. " Chloe said rolling her eyes

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((Meet you there!))

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