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яєуηα™ (reynatm) The stream flows past at a fast pace, and could be hard to stand up. In, unless you're a child of Poseidon/Neptune.

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Chloe was hella pissed. Daani was the worst leader and had the worst plan. Chloe looked around and floated above the rushing water. She flew up into the sky and into a tree. She sat at the top.

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"What is it, okay? I have agreed to follow your plan. Now if you would just tell it to me!" Danni said in a harsh whisper.

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Envy was once more close behind. Danni wanted him to follow her, so he followed.

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" I said it before. It's a good plan. " She said hiding in the leaves.

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"But what is it, what does offense even do? We can fly up, steal it and fly back, but that wouldn't be any fun." Danni looked down at Envy and motioned to him, telling him one moment.

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Apollos protect the flag carrier with their bows. The carrier has two people with them to protect them. A couple people stay back for defence. 1 person distracts the blue team. " She said making bushes rustle.

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"Well, the two defenders are back, and we have three people, one protecter, one capturer, and one distracted. Envy can distract, I'll steal, you protect, sound good?"

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" Why do yoi have to take it? " She asked.

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"You have never seen me fight before, I am great. Plus I am following your plan." Danni did a backflip in the air and floated up again.

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I'm a better fighter. Also I'm faster, clever, mentally and physically strong. " She said. She hopped down from the tree her sword beaming with electricity.

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Envy replied, "I'm pretty good at distracting. After all, I'm very good at angering people. When people get mad, they get reckless."

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"Fine, then I will protect." Danni pulled out her two electric daggers, and opened her jacket revealing electric throwing knives. "Let's go. Envy, go distract the red team over in their part of the woods, if you meet up with us, just run in a different direction, very loudly please." Danni flew over the river and up into a tree on the opposite side. ((Meet you in forest part two.))

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" Okay. " Chloe said with a smirk across her face. She was in charge not her annoying sister.

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DarknessIsUponUs Tara stood behind a tree with her sword out, waiting patiently for the other team to begin their attack

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