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Red Team's Base

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message 1: by яєуηα™ (new)

яєуηα™ (reynatm) The red team's base is a small building built that day, thanks to the children of Hephaestus/Vulcan. Inside the small one story building is a small table, where you can make battle plans and strategies. The flag is at the top of the roof, and is extremely hard to climb up to by the side of the building, so you have to go straight through the building and up the wooden stairs to get the flag.

message 2: by Louis(Andrew) (new)

Louis(Andrew) Mai slaps a map of the forest on the table "All right people listen up! were here" Mai draws a circle of where their fortress is "and the other team is here" she says drawing a circle around the other teams base " want the Hermes kids to scout ahead and find out the other teams plans. I want the Nyx children to guard the base and create darkness or whatever rendering the opposite team blind if they come into our base. I want the Hades kids to battle the other team at the stream therefore stalling them. I want half the Athena and Half the Ares kids to stall the other team at the forest, and I want the other half of Athena kids and the other half of Ares kids to come get the flag. I will be included in the second half of these Ares children Any questions!" Mai asks

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) "Can I be a part of the half that gets the flag?" Avery asked.

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Danni glanced at envy and nodded, telling him to go distract from the distracter.

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Chloe snuck around to the back. She flew up a couple of feet to see how many people guarded the flag.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Avery drew her sword, sharpening it. "And I don't really get how you came up with that plan. I think you should look at all of the angles they might strike at."

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Envy walked into the open and stuck out his tongue. He spotted Avery and cackled. It didn't fit with what he looked like, but he didn't care. He said to Avery, "Tell me, how do you think Alex is, hm? She went on that quest, right? Well, she's going to die soon!"

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"Hello all." Savannah walked up behind them, cleaning her nails. "So what's the plan?"

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Danni got down and started crawling toward the base, barely in Avery's sight. She had her daggers in hand.

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Envy spotted Savannah. His face darkened. He said coldly to Savannah, "Recognize me? It's me, Envy."

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Chloe heard someone talking. She snuck toward the voice.

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Danni started crawling faster she was almost at the wall of the base, still unnoticed.

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Envy drew a staff, which he held out in front of him menacingly.

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She sighed, amused. "How can I not recognize you Envy? Your aura is, well, envy." Fastening her gauntlets and tightening her boot laces, she smiled and said. "Well' I'm going to get the flag. Who else is Athena?"

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Danni stood up at the base wall her back to the wall she inched toward the door, daggers stillin hand.

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"I'd stop there, Danni." Savannah had turned and drawn her bow back menacingly.

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A dark mist began to surround Envy. A gate was opening. Two giant doors were opening behind him, letting out a bright light.

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Chloe flew up quickly sending a bolt down in the base. She floated to a part if the wooden stairs and tan up to the flag.

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"Whatcha gonna do?" Danni smiled, "you are a coward and a wimp."

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Out of the gates came a strange creature. It had the figure of a human, but it was pure white. It seemed to glow slightly, and its voice seemed to echo. "What is it, Envy?"

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"Me? No I'm not." She released the arrow and it landed in her calf. "We aren't allowed to kill, but we can injure."

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The figure looked at Savannah strangely. Then it walked towards her fearlessly. Envy ducked inside the base. Once he was out of sight, he changed his form into an Ares kid. He then changed his aura as well.

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"Ow, that hurt. She threw a dagger it hit the girl in the arm, electric shock would knock her unconscious.

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"Nice try Envy. I felt you change." She turned to where he was hiding. "What is his thing anyway?" Savannah asked bored.

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Chloe got to the top and grabbed the flag. She wrested it out of the peg and held it up. She looked around for her sword. She had left it on the steps! She dropped the flag and ran after her sword. She git her sword and got back to the flag. She sat on the edge of the tower

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Avery spun around, her sword raised.

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"Oh, I have Zeus' blood, you know, daughter of Athena? That didn't hurt." She said smiling over her shoulder.

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Danni screamed, a war call, meant to get attention.

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((Btw, Zeus is Athena's bro, not father.))

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

((No, Athena was born of Zeus. She sprang from his head in full armor. I study Greek mythology lol actually, she wasn't technically born))

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

Chloe got up rested. She felt like the king of the world. She smiled and looked dowb at the fight. (( No ones going to stop her? ))

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(( She was spawned in his head then got out practically. ))

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((No, she sprang out of the head of Kronos, Zeus saved her.))

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

((Never mind.))

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(( Of Zeus. Kronos's children are Zeus,Poseidon,Hades, Here,Demeter and someone else... ))

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((But that doesn't mean the kids of Athena get all the Zeus stuff.))

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((Bye. Reyna, what's that thing looking at Savannah?))

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) ((What thing?))

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((That pure white thing lol))

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The figure held a hand out at Savannah. Suddenly, vines sprung out from its arm, sharpening into swords as they rushed towards Savannah. The figure knew it wasn't allowed to kill Savannah. It was allowed to injure her, though. It would miss her vital spots.

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She stared at him. "What the heck dude? What did I do to you?" Thinking quickly, she decided on child's logic. Fight white with black. A black mist rose from the ground, wrapping around Savannah. The vines died as the came near it, shriveling and turning to dust.

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It then put its hands together in a strange symbol and thought, 'It would be nice to add some more plants around here. This forest needs some water too.' Suddenly, plants burst forth from the ground, heading towards anyone on the red team. A flood of water rushed towards them, avoiding anyone on the blue team.

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"ENVY!" She shouted to him. "Why have you such an interest in me?!" Throwing out her hands, the dark fog shot at the white being, piercing its chest.

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Envy looked at Savannah strangely. "I don't have an interest in you. It's just targeting the first person on the red team it sees. You were the first person."

The white being allowed the dark fog to pass through it. More water came, as did more plants. The white being knew that it wouldn't kill anyone.

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"Oh you are so dead." She muttered angrily. This was such a bad idea, but if it lost control, her friends might get seriously hurt. Walking forward, she lifted her hands and held them above her head. She was a foot in front of the being when a dark sphere formed around them.

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The white being surrounded itself within the dark sphere with a white sphere. White against black…this person was clever.

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Savannah pulled out a dark black stone from her pocket and threw it at the creatures chest. When it connected, a dark patch started to crawl outward from where it hit. Speaking quickly, a portal opened beneath the thing and sucked it away.

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Envy scowled. "You're no fun." Envy blew a whistle and another being appeared. This time, half of it was black and half of it was white. It looked a lot like a venus flytrap. The white part said cheerfully, "Are we playing hide and seek?" The black half said, "I want to eat them all." Envy said sternly, "You're not allowed to kill, you're only allowed to injure."

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