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Hedgehog Power (saint_haydene) Name: Featherbreeze

Gender: She-cat

Age: 9 moons

Rank: Med cat apprentice

Clan: Lionclan

Personality: Dustypaw is smart. She loves being a Medicine cat. She also loves helping her clan in a different way than fighting. And most of all she is happy to help a sick or injured cat.

Description: Dustypaw is a tan tabby with a white belly and legs. She has blue eyes and very sleek fur .And she has a white ear.


History: (it's a story i wrote)Once in the forest a mother cat had her kits. She was hungry so she went on a quick hunting trip.She had just spotted a mouse when a fox attacked and killed her .Her kits never knew what happened.after a while of waiting, her kits decided their mom would not come back. So they named themselves. One was a dusty tan and she decided her name was Feather. Another was yellow so he named himself Pollen. The last one was a golden-brown and she decided her name was Ivy.
For a while they lived in a clearing, teaching themselves to hunt and care for wounds. When Ivy fell in some brambles,Feather covered her scratches in cobweb and licked marigold on them and held the cobweb on with burrs. a while later they met a Riverclan hunting patrol. “Are you lost little kits?”One of the cats asked. “No, we live here., and we aren't little!”Feather replied.”Would you like to join Riverclan?'Another cat asked. “What is Riverclan?”Feather asked. “It is a place where lots of cats live.” A cat replied.”I guess we could. What do you two think?”Feather asked Pollen and Ivy.”No” they replied .”I do,so can I go but you two stay here?” Feather asked.”okay.but you have to visit us sometimes.”Pollen and Ivy replied. So Feather went with the the hunting patrol.When they got back,Feather got adopted by Rainingflower and Redstreak.And is now a Medicine cat.

Family:Adoption Mother - Rainingflower(open for creation)
Adoption Father - Redstreak(open for creation)

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Capitalize please and put spacing between the commas. Also could you put UC at the top?

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Hedgehog Power (saint_haydene) ok

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Umm, what'd you do? I thought it was Featherbreeze...

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And if you're keeping this one, could you change the Clan to LionClan and PLEASE use capitalization!

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Hedgehog Power (saint_haydene) that better?I copied her from another group and then I decided I liked the name Featherbreeze better.

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Capitalization please!

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Hedgehog Power (saint_haydene) ok

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Hedgehog Power (saint_haydene) now is it better?

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She... Needs to be a lion.

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18 moons


Young warrior

Blueflame has short but sleek, golden fur. Her eyes are brave, courages, and loyal. They mark who she is. Their color is a spicy peppermint green. She is quite beautiful, though she really doesn't care. Her slender body frame is also a marker of who she is. Don't ask, she won't talk about it. Her paws are dark golden, and her claws are sharp.

Blueflame had a cat version of an eating disorder ((Maddie, calm down.)) She was on the verge of dying, and she was unconscious so her medicine cat couldn't give her any herbs. She doesn't talk about it that much, but sometimes if you get to her mind, you will understand.

Bluekit moaned. She was so hungry but she wouldn't eat. Her mother looked so worried, but still didn't go crying on Bluekit. She tried to stay hopeful, but Bluekit knew she wouldn't live. She swallowed down a big lump of sadness in her throat. Bluekit had trouble with eating, she found it so hard! But it had gotten worse. Bluekit was barely awake anymore! As her mother held her tight, Bluekit felt sleep wash over her.

Terror seeped through Bluekit. She was swirling around through frigid cold waves. She gasped and sputtered and coughed and choked out water. Struggling to keep her head over the water, Bluekit looked up. All she was scraggly trees lining the shore. the shore! Bluwillow had to get there. She moved her paws rythymeticly. Almost there! But the waves had different ideas. They led her to a different shore. Bluekit squealed in delight. This shore was lined with glowing, golden trees. It was rich in prey and cats were smiling warmly. Bluekit beamed. Yes. She was meant to be here.

"You must go back, our dear little one." said a glowing cat from the pretty shore. Bluekit looked up in dismay. "Why not?" she pouted. The glowing cat looked sympathetic. "Your mother is terrified. She needs you." the cat said gently. Bluekit looked up at the shimmering cat. "How will I get back?" she asked. The cat chuckled. "Just close your eyes."

Bluekit woke up and lived.

Brave, courages, and intelligent are a few ways to describe Blueflame. She can also care for her clan. She is a true leader, though she is not looking to be the deputy.

Mother: Amberflame
Father: Fireflame
Sister: Jadefire


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~ คຖคŞtคŞiค ~ (anastasiaelf) Name: Sandkit/Sandpaw/Eagletalon/Eaglestar


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Approved! Sorry Boomer, but you didn't fix what I asked.

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It's okay.

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Right, you may apply for another cat though.

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Okay, are you leaving?

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Okay… :(


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ThegirlErin Name: Flameclaw

Age: 19

Gender: Tom

Rank: Young Warrior

Personality: Fierce,Brave,never afaid to defend his Clan,he can be very stubborn at some times,sweet,and he can get angry very quickly, but he always tries to keep his anger inside.
On the top right cornor(move your mouse over to there)you will see a arrow,click on it once and you will see the picture

History: His parents died battling against TigerClan so he was left by himself to take care of his younger brother at the age of 8 moons, he was heartbroken when he saw his parents being dragged in by the scruff, motionless... for a few days he wouldnt talk to anybody and just be in the nursery watching his younger brother playing with his friends, not even knowing that his own parents were dead, always wondering: "Why,why did this have to happen to me? why now?" then one night he had a dream, his parents were in it telling him he shouldent just mope around feeling sorry for himself for the rest of his life. And then they told him something he would never forget for the rest of his life: "Its okay son, we know this is hard but, just promise this to us okay?" they asked he nodded though not knowing if he would keep it or not. Then they said to him: "We want you to promise us this, we want you to move on when you feel sad, but remember the happy memories, and also be the best warrior you can be." as they said it they became to fade away. then he woke up. and told himself,and hope his parents were lisening,"I Promise."


Mate/Crush: Honeysplash OPEN!

Kits: Whitekit(Whitefoot)OPEN!,Mistykit(Mistywind)


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Which one is his picture?

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ThegirlErin Name: Speedypaw(Speedylegs)

Age: 8 moons

Gender: Tom

Rank: apprentice

Personality: Apoligetic,wild,brave,boastful,and kind

History: When he was 3 moons old his parents died battling against TigerClan, he was very young at the time so he didnt really know his parents and at the time he didnt know. And in those times , for a couple of days, his older brother would only sit by him and watch him, Speedykit thought it was creepy at first but then he understood that he was in greif, but Speedykit didnt know what was wrong, so he asked him nonstop, but his brother would only sigh and look at him. then one day he came in and he looked happy since the one day and he said to Speedykit"Mom and dad told me to tell you that they love you" Of course Speedykit was confused then Flamepaw told him the whole story and Speedykit felt both greif and happiness at the same time.

Older brother/Flameclaw
Mate/Crush: Too young to have a mate but he does have a crush on Fernpaw(Ferntail)OPEN!

Kits: Too young


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ThegirlErin both or just one

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