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Laura | 500 comments There are 25 copies of this book available in epub and mobi format. As usual you have three weeks to post a review on goodreads and share a link to it here. Reviews on other sites are appreciated but not required.

Title: Infinity Unleashed
Author: Sedona Venez
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Extra Information: This is book 2 in a series but can be read as a standalone
Amazon link:


A new adult story of Betrayal. Sex. Addiction. Love. And Power...

Mason's diabolical plan had actually worked.

In a matter of minutes he had kidnapped me, stripping me of, family, and freedom. It was humbling, depressing, and damn infuriating but I refuse to go down without a fight. I refuse to be defeated.

Boulder will find me. I didn't know how, but I felt it deep in my soul.

Boulder...the one man that made my body quake with just one look. It was madness. There was so much I didn't know about him. For that matter, there was so much that he didn't know about me…like the evil darkness lurking inside me, waiting to be unleashed.

Could he accept me without judging?

That's where most men failed. Accepting the real me. But after years of hardening my heart, and sealing it behind a steel cage, I was ready to give myself to him freely. Knowing, that he planned to take everything I offered with both hands, until all I thought of...and wanted...was him…

*** This is a new adult paranormal novel and contains sexual content and graphic language. It is not intended for young adult readers. ***

To sign up to review please leave a comment with your email address and choice of book format. Copies will be sent to the first 25 to sign up who will have 3 weeks from receiving the book to write a review and link to it here.


1 - Steph - - mobi
2 - Farida - - mobi
3 - Chanpreet - - mobi
4 - Vivian - - mobi
5 - Meredith - - mobi
6 - Shay -
7 - Jennifer - - mobi
8 - Evie - - mobi

Steph | 156 comments Would love to read and review this one. mobi please

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Moon  (chanpreet) | 59 comments kaur_chanpreet(at)hotmail(dot)com and mobi please.

message 4: by Vivian (new)

Vivian | 31 comments would love to review on kindle. Thank you.

message 5: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J (jdixon) | 30 comments would love to read and review.
MOBI format please :)

Beach Bums Romance (beachbumsromance1026) | 45 comments Would love to read & review!

Jennifer | 57 comments Would love to review

Mobi format please.

message 8: by Evie (new)

Evie I would love to review! mobi please

message 9: by Jai (new)

Jai (rykemeadows) | 14 comments I'd like to review :) MOBI please

message 10: by Cinthia (new)

Cinthia (cinthiah) Will there be more books after this one, or is this the last one?

message 11: by Bree (new)

Bree Higgins (breehiggins) | 16 comments epub please!

thank you!

message 12: by Jane (new)

Jane Holloway (janey1805) epub please

message 13: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J (jdixon) | 30 comments Thank you for allowing me to read & review! Here are the links to the reviews I posted on Amazon & GR:

message 14: by Vivian (new)

Vivian | 31 comments If you're talking about the novel, yes, I think the first novel probably does a lot for the world building and explains the different species... I'm a little lost too.

Steph | 156 comments Here is my review, thanks for the opportunity. I liked it but felt it would have been easier to follow if I had read the first book before this one. Probably shouldn't be listed as being able to be read as a stand alone IMO.

message 16: by Evie (new)

Evie I never received a copy. And I checked my spam folder.

message 17: by Terry (new)

Terry Clary (resdrgn) | 9 comments would love to read and review.
Pdf or EPUB format please :)

Jennifer | 57 comments Farida wrote: "Is anyone else having difficulty trying to follow this?"

It took me 6 days to read this and on average I read a book in 1-3 days.

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Jane Holloway (janey1805) Hi

I didn't receive a copy :( Are there any left?

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Barbara Parado | 3 comments hi I have read and love book 1 so i would like to give a review in infinity unleashed are they any books left? my email add is epub format

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Moon  (chanpreet) | 59 comments I'm going to need another another week to ten days to get my review up. Sorry for the delay.

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Karina Ramirez (karinaramirez) | 338 comments Hi guys! Just a friendly reminder, if you haven't posted your review already please do so, just post the link in the thread!

Thanks guys and happy reading :)

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