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message 1: by Matty (new)

Matty Millard | 5 comments Hi there!

I was just wondering, what authors do you think have had the biggest influence on your life and helped to shape who you are?

Personally, the author I have read most is Terry Pratchett and allegedly this does come across in my writing. He also taught me that it's more than OK to be a little bit weird (!) However the authors that are responsible for my sense of humour and imagination are without doubt Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.

What does everyone else think? Is there a certain book you've read and its tweaked something in your mind and changed your outlook on life?

message 2: by ChaseMeridian (new)

ChaseMeridian In parallel with:

*Tamora Pierce - & my mother, teachings about strong female leaders.

*Terry Pratchett - & the kids at school, it's ok to be weird!

* Just about every classic author people recommend you read - & social situations, which seem useful merely for further book recommendations =P. I.e. "What are you reading?" "Book A" "Oh, great. Have you read book B? It's really good!" Nose in a book, etc.

* Allan Pease - work, & my partner, about body language, communication, and why men are sort of but not really that different from women.

message 3: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Janette Oke and Danielle Steele. One shaped the expression of my faith and the other gave me a knack for detail. Steele can paint a room and you feel you are there. you can see the walls, the china patterns, the clothing, everything. I try to bring that into my own writing

Francine pascal and Judy blume got me through my childhood and adolescence.

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