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Laura | 500 comments There are 25 copies of this book available via a NetGalley pre-approved link. As usual you have three weeks to post a review on goodreads and share a link to it here. Reviews on other sites are appreciated but not required.

Title: Shredded
Author: Tracy Wolff
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Amazon link:


In this intense and exhilarating New Adult series debut, a hotshot snowboarder and a vulnerable rebel with a cause try to let go of the past—and find a future in each other.

Twenty-one-year-old professional snowboarder Z Michaels is the bad boy of Park City, Utah. He’s always had his pick of any girl in town—and on the competition circuit. But underneath his cool exterior is a young man in turmoil, trying to take the edge off tragedy by overindulging in sex and shredding the slopes. In fact, Z’s reckless behavior is a thinly veiled attempt to blunt his emotional suffering with physical pain.

Ophelia Richardson isn’t like any girl Z has ever met. Though she’s from New Orleans high society, she’s no Southern belle—and she’s not shy about being miserable in frozen, godforsaken Park City. But laying low is her only option after her ex, a rich boy who couldn’t take no for an answer, nearly killed her in a jealous rage. Following that terrifying encounter, the last thing Ophelia needs is a boyfriend—especially one as rich and arrogant as Z. But Ophelia soon discovers that he isn’t what he seems. If anything, Z may be even more damaged than she is.

Tormented by their pasts and feeling alone in the world, Z and Ophelia find a connection unlike any they’ve ever known. But with Ophelia hiding the details of her life in Louisiana and Z’s death wish reaching terrifying new heights, their relationship seems to be going downhill before it even begins—unless they can find the strength in each other to trust, grow, and love again.

To sign up to review please leave a comment with your email address and choice of book format. Copies will be sent to the first 25 to sign up who will have 3 weeks from receiving the book to write a review and link to it here.


1 - Jenny -
2 - Kika (geokika) -
3 - Megan Neel -
4 - Bobbie - bobskillip@gmail.
5 - Catherine -
6 - Judy (ZJudy) -
7 - Shawn Reilly Simmons -
8 - Tre (trekey) -
9 - Sandy -
10 - Karla Andrews -
11 - Nicole -
12 - Jessica Zelkovich - ePub
13 - Esset -
14 - Chanpreet -
15 - JMV (Dboys) -
16 - Michelle -
17 - AlwaysReadingBooks -
18 - Alisha -
19 - Kayla -

20 - Heather (glaukos) -
21 - Ashley (Smashley52683) -
22 - Lindsay -
23- Jeanette -
24 - Dawn Brumbley -
25 - Roseanna Mcclain (roseanna1987) -

Jenny Yes please on kobo,

Kika (geokika) | 227 comments i'd love to read this
mobi pls

Megan Neel | 79 comments I'm interested.
mobi please


Bobbie | 37 comments I'd like to give this one a go please, epub.

message 6: by Catherine (new)

Catherine (katesplace77) | 171 comments I would like to review this book. email is

Judy (judyzreadsalot) | 28 comments I'd like to read/review! mobi please!

message 8: by Shawn (new)

Shawn Simmons (shawnreillysimmons) I'd like to read/review!
Thank you,

message 9: by Tre (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tre (trekey) | 45 comments I would like to review. ePub please! My email is

Sandy S | 34 comments

epub please-thank you.

Karla Andrews | 120 comments Love to read this. Mobi, please.

message 12: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 24 comments I would love to review: mobi to

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Zelkovich | 120 comments This sounds awesome. ePub

Esset | 49 comments I'd love to review this! epub

Moon  (chanpreet) | 59 comments Please add my name to the list.

message 16: by JMV (new) - rated it 5 stars

JMV (dboys) | 968 comments Mobi please

Michelle | 51 comments I'm interested if I can't get 4 years later, damn you people are fast I've been stalking this site and missed it!!
ePub please

Alwaysreadingbooks - Reading Drinking and Relaxing (alwaysreadingbooks) | 281 comments
Mobi please

Alisha I would love to review this!
epub please!

Kayla | 17 comments
ePub please! :)

message 21: by Vivian (new)

Vivian | 31 comments I would love to review on kindle please.

message 22: by Heather (last edited Feb 08, 2014 08:35AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Heather (glaukos) | 52 comments I have a NetGalley account already

Ashley (pageturningmama) | 141 comments I would like to read/review., either format is fine. Thanks!

Lindsay | 46 comments ePub please
Would love to review

Jeanette | 28 comments I would love to review on kindle. thank you!

message 26: by Dawn (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dawn Brumbley I would love to review this book!

message 27: by Roseanna (new)

Roseanna Mcclain (roseanna1987) | 18 comments rosjam2005@mail. com

message 28: by Sorilla (new)

Sorilla (SorillaReads) | 2 comments I would like to read and review, please. ePub or mobi or both would be great! Thanks!

message 29: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Holland (brittanyh) | 58 comments Would love to partake! Epub please!

message 30: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Holland (brittanyh) | 58 comments

message 31: by Brittany's (new)

Brittany's Book Bumblings (bookbumblings) mobi

message 32: by Christiane (new) - added it

Christiane (gurlonthemove93) | 10 comments I would love to read and review this, please. Epub or mobi is fine!


Beach Bums Romance (beachbumsromance1026) | 45 comments I would enjoy reading & reviewing!

Erika | 157 comments I'd love to read this!
Kindle please:)

message 35: by Kristine (new)

Kristine Usero | 72 comments I'd love to review this mobi please

message 36: by Sarah (new) - added it

Sarah Darlington (sarahdarlington) | 17 comments

message 37: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (thehappyhousewive) | 3 comments if there are any copies left I would love one

message 38: by Imani (new)

Imani | 21 comments If there are any copies left , I am interested

message 39: by Laura (new)

Laura | 500 comments Copies all gone

Heather (glaukos) | 52 comments Heather wrote: "I have a NetGalley account already"

my review:

Ashley (pageturningmama) | 141 comments Thank you for the opportunity to read/review.

Alisha Thanks for letting me review!

Michelle | 51 comments Okay so I loved this!!! I'm having issues posting my link to my review, help can't remember how to get it here. But I posted the review here, on Amazon and on Netgalley!!

So, if someone can tell me how to copy and post link, that would be appreciated. I know I did it before but not how.

message 48: by Judy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Judy (judyzreadsalot) | 28 comments Thank you for allowing me to read/review. Here's my review.

Moon  (chanpreet) | 59 comments I've read the book and am getting my review ready. I'm hoping to have it posted soon. I'll post the blog link once it's up. Thank you.

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