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~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Hey! :D I'm so excited for this rp!

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Lol me too. You should listen to the song i mentioned, it's really good.

Anyway, I'll make my character first so gimme a min

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Prince
Name: Damien Kashburn
Age: 19
Crown: http://img1.etsystatic.com/028/1/5815...

Name: Lorem Kashburn
Age: 46
Crown: http://www.3djewellery.co.uk/images/G...

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Hahah xD

Okay! I'll make mine soon.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Do you want me to use anime pics or real? :)

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Whichever you prefer. I'm not picky. ^-^

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Sorry for the lack of detail, i usually make their personalities and background as i go along.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Name: Silver Avery
Age: 18
Gender: Female

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Alright so how about we start with the prince waking up and his personal slave, silver, helping him get ready and such.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Sounds like a plan! Can you start us off? :D

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*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments (view spoiler) his bedroom

Damien slowly woke up, the early morning light disturbing his slumber. Sighing he sat up, rubbing his eyes. "silver?" He called in a docile tone, more to figure out where she was rather than actually needing her for something. The prince looked out the window at the rising sun, wondering what the people were doing at this hour. Maybe farming? Opening their merchant stalls? He turned to look at the silver crown that rested on his nightstand.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver had just come from the kitchen, carrying a silver plate that consisted of his breakfast; fresh meat from the farmers stalls, an apple cut into thin pieces, an arrangement of the finest cheese in the Kingdom and a slice of freshly baked bread. Silver carried it up to him, entering his chambers with a smile on her face. "Good morning your highness," She murmured with a smile, dipping her head to show her respect before placing the plate on the table in his bedroom. "How did you sleep?" She asked him, smoothing out her pale blue dress with gold trimmings that just touched the ground before approaching the windows and pushing aside the curtains to let in some more sunshine.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien smiled softly as his loyal servant entered his chambers. "i slept fine, thank you." He got out of bed, his black hair a mess and only wearing his trousers as normal. "how did you sleep?" He asked in return, wincing slightly when she pushed aside the curtains, the light stinging his eyes. Damien wondered what silver did when she wasn't around him, though he knew it wasn't really his concern.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver smiled at him, glancing at him over her shoulder before looking away as he climbed out of bed. Silver shrugged her shoulders lightly, "Quite well, thank you," She replied, straightening up the drapes before turning to face him. As a matter of fact, Silver didnt live in the castle. Instead, she lived in a small two room house in the village with the others. She lived there all her life with her mother and father until they died after travelling to another Kingdom, in search of better work to provide Silver with a better life. However, they never returned home, causing Silver to have to take care of herself. Her home was quite small, but had all the necessities. The kitchen was what you entered into, two small counters off to the side and a circular wooden table only big enough for two in the center. Her bedroom was seperated by an old white curtain that was really no longer white, and inside was a ripped mattress. Thats what she slept on. It was quite remarkable that she even got to work in the castle let alone with the prince! Silver bit her lip gently, tucking her blonde hair behind her ear. "The king wishes to see you in the throne room after you've eaten. He wishes to discuss something of high importance with you,"

((I was thinking maybe the King has arranged for Damien to marry another woman so the two kingdoms can be united? Just to add some more drama?))

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien nodded. "of course, thank you." He ran a hand through his bedhead as he walked towards the food. "why don't you eat with me?" He said, offering her an apple slice and a soft smile. Without his shirt you could see the scars on his back from his disciplinary whippings. Given to him by his father when the prince was considered disobedient. Damien took a bite of the bread, savoring the warm buttery taste. "Silver... Why don't you live in the castle?" He asked.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver smiled softly, walking over to the bed and beginning to make it. She pulled the soft white sheets up and tucked them under the sides of the bed, smoothing out the surface, then pulling up the warm duvet. How did he even manage to get out of bed in the morning? Silver fluffed up his pillows, then scattered them over the freshly made bed, smoothing out the surface once more with her hand, then turning to face him, eyes landing on his scars. She frowned slightly, her eyes narrowing and eye brows knitting together. Some of them had faded, so you couldnt see them as much, but others were still so clear and it made her heart break. How could someone do that to him? When he offered her to eat, she bit down on her lip, but smiled softly, taking the apple slice that he offered and taking a bite, the sweetness spreading through her mouth and dancing on her taste buds. "Thank you,' She murmured, shrugging her shoulders slightly. "Because my home is in the village, amongst the people who looked after me when I was a little girl... the people who fed me when I was starving, the people who treat everyone as family. And besides, I grew up there. It may not look like much, and it's nothing compared to the castle, but its still my home," Silver explained to him.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien didn't notice her studying his scars, having gotten used to the lashings over the years. His father's easily provoked temper was nothing new. He smiled at her, sitting down to eat his breakfast. He lived the did but wished he could give it to those who needed it more. "silver... If you lived in the castle you'd be more comfortable and have better food, wouldn't you?" He says, looking at her. "besides, out would be easier for you to work." Damien murmured softly, looking at her through his dark locks. Truth be told he wanted her closer, easier to get to. Not because she was his personal slave but because-no, he couldn't think like that. He wasn't allowed to think like that.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver stood opposite him, still chewing on the apple piece he offered to her, then swallowed it, biting down on her lip with a nod, "Yes, I suppose I would have a better lifestyle, but I dont deserve it," She murmured to him. "I'm not royal by marriage, I'm not royal by blood, none of my family ever worked in the castle... I dont deserve to have such a high quality life when I've done nothing to earn it. Much like the other villagers, if I was living here, then they should be able to as well, right? Except they would have earned their keep by providing you and the King and the guards with the food you eat," Silver explained to him, running her fingertips through her hair. "Now your Highness, you eat up, and I'll go and fetch you your clothing." She murmured, dipping her head once again before leaving his chambers and going to the seamstress who had his clothing.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien sighed. "but silver, you have earned it. You've been working hard and you work directly for the royal family so it's only right..." He trailed off as she continued to explain herself. He hated how right she was. Why couldn't she just agree. Damien looked away. "ad you wish..." He murmured, eat his food, though no longer hungry. The prince watched her leave to fetch his clothing, knowing that when she came back she would help him get dressed. That was his favorite party of the morning. Then it would be just them, alone together, a hair's breath away. He sighed softly at the thought, waiting patiently for his beautiful servant's return.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver shook her head, "Its merely work. Its not enough to have a place in this castle," She told him with a small shrug, going to the seamstress. When she had collected his clothes, a beige shirt and brown pants to wear under his armor, she returned to him, smoothing out her dress once more before entering his chambers. "I'm back," she called to him softly, closing the door behind her. "Are you ready to get dressed?" Silver asked him as she walked over to the prince.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments The prince stood, nodding. "Of course, why wouldn't i be?" He smiled softly, turning to look at her. He held out his hand like he always did, as if wanting to dress alone though he knew silver would refuse to let him, just as she always did. They had a lovely routine developed from both of their stubbornness when they had first been paired together. "you know, I'm not a helpless child." He joked lightly, waiting for her reply. It was times like thus when he felt as if he actually knew her.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver smiled at him, "Its part of my job to ask you know," She teased with a soft laugh, shaking her head when he extended his hand. She knew he wanted the clothes so he could dress himself, but he also knew she wasnt going to do that. It made her wonder why he even bothered making the gesture when it was obvious she'd refuse, "I dont think so," She murmured, gently placing her hands on his shoulders and leading him to the dressing screen. "I know you're not, but you seem to dress like one without my help," She teased with another smile.

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*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien chuckled lightly. "I'll get you to agree one of these days." He assured her, allowing her to lead him to the dressing screen. "i never understood why we use the dressing screen if it's always just you and me. Afraid someone will barge in and see?" He rose am eyebrow. Damien pouted slightly at get last comment. "iabsolutely do not. i put the tunic on backwards one time..." He trailed off, muttering to himself. Her remark had left his cheeks hot in embarassment but he made sure to hide it from her.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver shook her head, "So long as I'm your servant, you'll never get me to agree to not carrying out my duties, but I wish you luck with that," She laughed softly, putting his arms in the air so she could slid on his shirt, her hands running over his skin lightly as she pulled it down. "Well you never know, someone else might just walk in one of these days," She shrugged her shoulders, turning him around to face her so she could fix up the laces in the shirt, making them even and straight. She had to reach up slightly so she could fix them properly. Her eyes landed on his blush, and it made her smile. "Quit your complaining," She told him with a playful smile, "This is just one of the many perks in being the prince"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien chuckled at her determination. It was quite cute. He wondered why she was so stubborn about her duties. Damien shivers slightly when he felt her delicate hands brush against his skin. "yeah, well, i don't really mind if someone does. You seem to be the one that does though." He murmured he watched her fix his shirt, his cheeks still pink, darkening when she smiled at it. "ah, you're right. Having a lovely servant dress me is definitely a perk." the prince smiled, complimenting her as he's always wanted to.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver smiled up at him as he chuckled. She always loved that sound when it came from him. it just sounded so warm and gentle, it made her feel all fuzzy in side. What is wrong with you? she shook her head, mentally scolding herself and continuing to fix his shirt. Silver shook her head, "I dont mind at all if someone were to come in, I mean, I'm not the one who's half naked," She shrugged her shoulder, finishing with his shirt and handing him his pants. That was the one thing she never did for him. Silver blushed deeply at his compliment, smiling, "Thank you, your Highness," she murmured to him, giving him his pants and slipping out from behind the dressing screen to give him some privacy.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien had wanted to tell her to just call him by his name but knew that would only bring trouble for her and restrained himself. He tugged on his trousers, his mind wondering to other matters, such ad why his father wanted to see him. He hadn't been disobedient as of late so it shouldn't be a lashing. His heart tightened in slight fear at what would happen. When he was finished changing he came out from behind the dressing screen. "ta da." Damien smiled slightly at silver. He glanced briefly over at how crown, not exactly excited about having to put it on.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments As Silver stood on the other side of the screen, she played with a lock of her blonde hair, looking down at the ground and letting out a gentle sigh. Part of her wished she could just address him as Damien, but she knew for a fact that would be way to disrespectful. That being said, if it was a male who was his servant, he'd be able to call him Damien in private with not a single worry. Silver smiled at him when he came out, letting go of her hair, "You look perfect," She murmured, reaching over to grab the heavy silver armor he'd wear on top. She put his arms up in the air and draped it over the top of him, also clipping on his red cloak with the emblems of the Kingdom. "Come," She murmured, taking his hand and guiding him over to the mirror, standing on her tippy toes to fix his hair so it was neat and tidy. Then, Silver picked up the crown beside his bed, bowing to him like she always would before reaching up and gently placing it on top of his head. "You're ready," She whispered softly, admiring how he looked in the mirror as she stood behind him.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien smiled at her gently warmed by how she cared for him. "what on earth would i do without you silver?" He turned to look at her before he sighed. "i suppose i have to see my father now... Don't i?" His head lowered slightly as he went to the door too leave. "silver... Why don't you met me in the garden later. Once everyone has gone to bed?" He askedsoftly, looking over his shoulder at her. He wished to finally reveal his true feelings, having held them back for too long. "can you please do that for me?" He added wanting so badly for her to agree.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver titled her head to the side with a smile, "I'm still trying to think of that too," She teased, still looking at him through his reflection. He really did look amazing, "Yes, I guess you do," She murmured, following him to the door. Whenever the King requested an audience with his Son, Silver always had to go with him and stand to the side of the room with the others who were also requested to be there, of course if the King was going to punish him for something, he'd ask everyone to leave before he did. When he asked her to meet him in the garden, she tilted herhead to the side, wondering why he wanted to see her at that time. "Of course I will," She said to Damien with a smile and a nod. "Lets go, we dont want to keep the King waiting," She told him, opening the door for him then following him out to the throne room where the King, knights, and the ward and her servant were waiting as well, as were the physicians of the castle.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien was relieved when she agreed, smiling softly. "thank you." As they entered the throne room Damien was somewhat surprised at the amount of people, riveting what exactly his father wanted him for. The prince walled in, head held high Anne interrupt"knelt before his father's throne, as he was expected to. "father, why have you summoned me?" He asked, his head still bowed in respect to the king.
The king sat in his throne, back straight and eyes cold. He face off an aura of pure power that was cooling to the bone. He didn't even seem to notice when his only soon entered the room. Lorem glanced down at Damien briefly. "stand." He ordered, and waited for the young man to do so. "as you all know, it land has been warring with our neighboring country for over a century. But now that will end. We will tie the countries together by the bonds if marriage." He looked directly at his son. "You will be marrying Amelia, daughter of Jameson, princess of (insert fake country name here)."
Damien could feel his heart pound as his father said that last, awful sentence. He would have to marry? But he didn't know her, he didn't love her! He loves silver! As all these thought ran through his head, he managed to keep his emotionless expression intact and simply bowed his head to his excuse of a father. "As you wish, father..."

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments "Your welcome, " Silver murmured to him, wondering what on earth he would possibly want to see her for. Had she done something wrong? No. Of course not. Sliver entered with him, bowing to the King "Sire," she said to him.like always then stepped to the side with the others. As they all.stood there waiting to see what this was about, the servants eyes widened when he said Damien was to marry. She hung her head and stared at the ground, feeling like this was some kind of wake up call. As if a slave could ever be with royalty.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments "if you understand then you are dismissed. You shall meet and marry your fiancée in a fortnight. I expect you to be prepared for it." He took his eyes off the boy and looked around the room. "you are all dismissed." He ordered, basically telling them to leave.
Damien turned, quickly walking back towards his chamber, barely waiting for silver to catch up. He burst through his bedroom door, hurling his crown at the bed. "How could he-! And he didn't even speak with me before he decided all this!" He growled softly, teasing off his armor. Damien couldn't believe what his father had done.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver felt her heart sink in her chest, but what was she expecting? This wae surely going to happen eventually. Silver ran out after him, trying to catch up and with him, but her dress was making it difficult. She followed him inside his chambers, holding her dress up a little with her hands. "Your highness. .. please just calm down. .." silver whispered with a sigh. "I know its unfair. .. but I'm sure she'll make a beautiful bride, and a wonderful wife." Her voice was gentle as it really pained her to say it.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments "i don't care if she's beautiful or a wonderful bride, i don't know her!" He gripped his hair. "I don't love her. How can i marry a stranger!" He shook his head. He looked over at silver, wanting so back to confess and run away with her. Just get away from all the madness, the talk of marriage, the all knowing gaze of his father's cold eyes. He calmed dork done as he looked at her. "Don't forget your promise. You will still met me in the gardens tonight." He told her, though made sure it didn't sound like an order.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments "I'm sorry that this had to happen to you. Its not fair for your life to be planned out for you."Silver mumbled as she looked away from him. She had never seen him so angry before. The slave released her dress from her hands, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Of course I'll still meet you, " she whispered as she slowly looked up at him.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien released his hair, still watching her and nodded. "thank you, it means a lot to me that you agreed." He smiled softly, though it quickly sloped away. "i... Apologize for my outburst and if i startled you with it. I just hate they he decides everything for me. Well, almost everything..." He murmured. "could you bring me my favorite shirt? The red a black one with the silver trim?" Damien asked her softly, tugging off the tunic that he wore under his armor.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver looked at him, "I promised I'd meet you,I would never break a promise. " she told him with a somewhat firm nod. She lightly gripped her arm as he spoke, shaking her head. "Pleaee dont be. Its fine, I understand your angry. You have every right to be upset, your highness." Silver murmured with a smile. She nodded when he asked, "of course." Silver left his chambers to get his shirt from the seamstress, returning a few moments later. "Here you go," silver smiled as she handed it to him.

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*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien smiled softly at her determination to Jeep the promise and watched her leave. The prince rose an eyebrow as she came back and gave him the shirt. "oh? You're not going to put it on me?" He chuckled, taking it. "didn't you just say i couldn't possibly dress myself properly without you?" He joked, smiling at her. The prince turn, going towards the dressing screen, wondering if she suddenly stop him and demand that she dress him. Most likely not...

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver laughed softly, blushing slightly as he rose a brow to her. "Well since you dont have an audience with the king, I don't see why I should be concerned as to how much you embarrass yourself," she joked, still smiling at him with a shake of the head. "Then again, I couldn't possibly let you out of the chambers in such a state." Silver giggled playfully, leading him to screen and removing his shirt for him. Her eyes skimmed ovet his body as her fingertips lightly grazed it and she found her cheeks flaring.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments Damien should have known she'd insist on doing her job again.he let her undress his though shivered when her fingers lingered on his skin. He watched her study him, his cheeks growing hot. He started still, not wanting to rib that moment as he watched her with gentle eyes, the opposite of his farther's. Damien had a small but painful looking scar on his chest. It was so faded that silver normally missed it when dressing him, though with how she studied him now, he was afraid she'd see.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver bit down on her lip as she slid off his shirt, her eyes plastered to his body. She couldn't look away and it only made her blush harder. As her eyes studied his torso, she glanced at his chest,noticing a painful looking scar there that she'd never seen before. It was faded, so it wasn't all that recent, but how could she not have seen it!? Slowly, silver traced her finger over the scar. "your highness... where on earth did you get this...?" She whispered, her soft eyes meeting his gentle gaze.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments He shivered once again at her touch. "that... I had hoped you wouldn't notice it." He laughed softly. "well, a pong time ago, before you began working here, i was eating dinner with my father. He had too much ale and got mad at me for some idiotic reason... He threw his knife at me, variously missing my lungs and heart though it still hurt. I'm surprised the doctor could fix the wound so well." He shrugged. "that's when i started only eating my meals in my room..." Damien murmured. "but i assure you it's fully healed and doesn't hurt." He smiled at her softly.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver tilted her head, wondering what could have happened to him to cause such a painful looking scar. As he explained what his father had done to him for no good reason. Silver stared at him, eyes full of sadness as her hand lightly rested on his chest. How could someone be so heartless, especially his father! "I'm so sorry... I can't believe someone would do that to you..." Silver had only ever experienced kindness from him! "I feel horrible for never noticing it before..." she looked at the ground.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 5360 comments "no, don't apologize, it's not like you cause it." He laughed, gently cupping her chin and lifting her head back up. "i never wanted you to notice. I knew it would only make you sad. Besides, he was drunk so i don't exactly blame my father for it. I never forgave him though but i still don't totally blame him." He murmured. "why don't we put on my shirt to hide such a sad mark?" They prince smiled at her, trying to cheer her up.

~Skybabe~ Fairy Tail {Titania} ♥Teddy Bear's Bae♥ | 1345 comments Silver looked at him when he lifted her chin,a sad smile forming on her lips as she looked into his stunning eyes. "But your highness. .. being drunk is no excuse to what he did to you... you could have been killed had he thrown it a little to the left." She whispered, the idea of him dying making her feel like she'd cry. However, she nodded and carefully slid his shirt over his head, straightening it up for him.

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