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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Plot:
Nana lived the peaceful, average teenage life until Queen Lele drew Nana across time and space into the ancient Egyptian Empire to use her as a sacrifice! Nana escapes the Queen wandering out into the street hearing hearing the voices of the towns people she can not understand them at all,turning frantically down an alley she come across a figure in a cloak,she sudden;y hears the guards that were chasing her but before she can run the cloaked figure pulls her close and kisses her making them fall to the ground,when the guards arrive the cloaked man looks up at them and its the Prince! The guards flee leaving them,the Prince speaks to her and she understands him,shocked she runs from him,but fascinated with this girl Prince Elijah makes her his concubine.All the while The Queen is furious by his decision,time goes by and soon Nana becomes well know in Egypt,other princes wanting her and Prince Elijah protects her at all cost before he becomes king while wanting Nana to be his Queen as well every time they are alone he attempts to sleep with her which he soon does.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Full Name:Nana Rae Quartz
Nick Name:Nana or Isthar((War Goddess))


Birth-date:May 22nd

Positions:Concubine,General of Egyptian Army,Soon-to-be-Queen


Bio:Nana is confident and willing to take up any charitable cause. As she possesses knowledge far greater than any woman of the time (such as recognition of iron and knowledge of 20th century medical practices and hygiene), and often seems to find herself in situations that "prove" she is Ishtar, she is often considered to have divine powers and is thought by most to be the living incarnation of the goddess of love and war, Ishtar; as such, she is often referred to as Nana Ishtar. Despite this, Nana is modest and a tomboy; she generally prefers to dress in men's clothing for the sake of practicality, much to the consternation and dismay of her handmaids. Much is made of the general opinion that she is "strikingly beautiful" and "possesses womanly charm", her natural charm and selflessness win her the undying affection and loyalty of many people, both Egyptians and their enemies. She is an accomplished gymnast, and during her stay in Egypt, she learns the art of sword fighting and archery, so that she can better help friends and survive on her own.

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Name: KArim Khalid
Age: 29
Personality: pushy cocky and stubborn
-chariot riding
-being told no
-stubborn girls
Other: inheriting the throne of egypt upon the death of his father

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana was walking out in the warm sun,just enjoying her day off because the last few days had been odd,each time she had near water she had almost been pulled in.First at school with the wash tub,then at home in the bath,she had no idea what or if there was a who wanted her so badly,she sighed looking up at the blue sky over with her hazel greenish eyes,watching the clouds roll by as birds chirped signaling spring was coming.Pulling her vest around her small figure she shivered a bit but shook it off continuing on her walk around central park,itbwasva sunday afternoon and families were out or dogs with their owners.It had just rained so there were puddles all over the cobblestone,she did her best to avoid the larger ones in hope of not being pulled in by a hand or something.She was meeting up with some friends from school in a bit for some little party before spring break,not really watching were she stepped any more,it happened so fast,pulled into the puddle and then black out.

Rubbing the back of her head,a slender finger hand had grabbed her and pulled her into this puddle of water,thats all she remembered.After waking up she opened her hazel greenish eyes and saw a beautifully dressed figure before her,it was a woman she thought trying to blink through the haze."Ah so you have awoken dear sacrifice,Welcome to Egypt,I am Queen High Priestess Lele."The curvy woman smirked,"Mmm...Egypt..."Like Ancient Egypt she thought but as her visions cleared she saw what it truly was,stone all around her and sand,plus it was warm,not New York warm either. Struggling against the rope she felt around her wrists she tried to get free," said sacrafice...for what?"She asked,"If my son is to be the next king,I need your blood..."As she spwed her evil intentions her hands and freed,"Oh yeah well you aint getting any!"She shouted breaking free and jumping out the window behind her,"Guards,find her,alive,now!"She heard Lele shout as she heard voices following her she turned and bumped into a cloaked figure.

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what the? dude is this a repost of your ideas, or what?

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wait no i see knew info...u relly just copy and pasted a post from your other rp? look im sry but i have my own idea i wanted to do with my own character and if you aren't even going to be original im out. im not writing a paragraph of original material in a roleplay i hadn't planned on getting in if you aren't.

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its been edited and i saw want happens when you copy posts but fine. ill post because i try to be polite and reasonable when i roleplay.

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Karim was strolling the halls in his usual fashion. He had his riding gear in hand and was dressed in traditional chariot riding clothes. He smiled walking confidently towards the stables. He heard a rushing commotion behind him the distinctive pattern of the gaurds footsteps. Anyone else's were to quiet and inconsistent to hear at the moment so he assumed they were coming after him. He turned around to face them with a quippy remark but saw they were chasing a beautiful girl. More like a young women. Hm, well today was his lucky day now wasn't it. He waited for them to approach before taking her hands and speaking in Ancient Egyptian Arabic. "حان الآن. ترك الفتاة وحدها عادلة. وسوف تتخذ لها محظية له. الآن، قل لي، الذي أرسل إليك بعد هذه المرأة الجميلة؟ " In English it was, "Come now. Leave the fair girl alone. I will take her as a concubine. Now, tell me, who sent you after this lovely woman?" He continued holding her hand as he kept her behind him, between him and the gaurds. He was shirtless due to the heat but he had the traditional gold collar accented with jewels worn by royalty. He knew many languages and understood more because he was on of the few educated of his time. He was tall and muscular.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana ran fast,jumping over crates,ducking under branches,what was happening why was she here in this strange time when less than an hour ago she was walking to meet up with her friends at the local club.She took a hard right nearly skidding out under her own two feet,she thought was in the clear as she ran smack into a figure,she screamed as she was grabbed and pushed behind him,a him she realized as he spoke to the men chasing her she did not understand a word that was being said.One guard spoke up,"أمرنا ربي أمك لتحقيق هذه الفتاة إلى بلدها."Which translated to,'My lord your step mother ordered us to bring this girl to her.'Cowering the mans grasp she understood them a bit,she had studied Egyptian in school but still it was hard.

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Karim laughed heartedly and confidently, "كنت أعتقد أنني يهمني ما تقول؟ انها ليست الأم ولادتي وأنا أرفض السماح لها أن تتخذ هذه المرأة كما آخر من التضحيات لها غبي تماما. فتاة من الألغام، وأنا لا يهمني ما تقول الأم." It translated to, 'You think that I care what she says? She's my step-mother and I refuse to let her take this woman as another of her utterly stupid sacrifices. The girl is mine and I don't care what mother says." He raised a hand dismissively, "أذهب الآن." which quite simply was, "Go now."

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((haha. my friend is actually Egyptian so I just asked her! she's so cool ;) ))

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Lucky!))

The guards looked at one another then bowed down,"نعم، ربي."Which meant.'Yes,My Lord.'Scampering away not wanto to anger the crown prince futher they left to report to the Queen.Nana was still dumbfound by the whole thing,she felt sick and dizzy,from the heat and the whole day so she fainted behind this man panting in ripped clothes from trying to be caught.

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((haha international school has its benefits. *shrugs*))

He spoke to her in the same language, assuming she understood, "الآن، يا سيدة جميلة، من أنت؟ ماذا تفعلين هنا؟ ربما أكون قد حفظته للتو حياتك، أرجو أن تفهم أن يجعل لك الآن الألغام." He caressed her cheek. She looked foreign, but wouldn't he have known if his step-mother had travelled to foreign lands to collect an exotic girl, wouldn't he? He waited for her response, not wholly sure what language she would respond in.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Again...Lucky.Also can yo delete the spam on here like I did.))

Nana gripped onto something before she passed out,she looked at him his dark eyes boring into her face,she suddenly understood what he said,"بلدي ... اسمي نانا وI.. أوم لا أعرف كيف وصلت إلى هنا، و... الانتظار .. لك الآن لماذا؟."She repiled backing up a bit but lost her footing and fell back,hitting her head on the stone ground,knocking her out.

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((oh, ya sure...))

He picked her up, not understanding anything she had said and guessed he'd chosen the wrong language. He sighed and carried her to his room. He called to a maid to bring her some of the most luxurious clothes they had for her. When the maid brought it, he dressed Nana in the royal clothing. He instructed the maid to take her measurements and start making some perfectly in her size.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Thanks and thats pretty.))

Nana guessed from his look before she dropped was that she had said something incorrectly,she had told him her name and other things but that was about it.She felt herself picked up by him,being carried for the most part till she felt things,a breeze,opening her eyes she saw him and a maid,"Wh-What are you...doing..?"She said groggily in there native tongue.

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((no problem))

He chuckled. Karim replied with a heavy accent but was fairly good considering he was in ancient Egypt, "I knew I had chosen wrong tongue. I'm giving you royal robes. Mother will not be happy if I steal her sacrifice as my concubine and don't even dress her like Egyptian woman." He had just finished clothing her and said, "You need, what is word? measured? For size so maid can make you clothes so you are prettier. Lucky not that hard." He helped her up obviously still eyeing her up and down but it wasn't too pushy yet. He wouldn't scare her by making a move so early on. He had just been entitled all his life and never followed rules. He saw nothing wrong with what he did, and probably never would. He locked eyes with her and ran a had up her neck, gently, "You are too too beautiful to become a sacrifice to the Gods. She can find other."

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana fluttered her hazel green eyes open after pushing her red short hair out of her face she took in her surroundings,then the figure before her,it was the man who had saved her."Royal uhm...robes?"She looked down at herself clothed in a black silk dress with a slit up both sides,she blushed hard,"Sacrifice,concubine...what?"She put a hand to her head still a bit woozy as he continued saying she had been measured for some clothes to be made for her.Feeling him help her up she went even redder that is till his fingers ran up her neck,she shivered not wanting but still,"Uhm..."She backed up out of his grasp,"Thank you but uh who are you and you keep say scarifice so thats why I am here?"She asked him.

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He sighed. Well, sometimes girls have to sacrifice a little of their brains for their beauty, it appears. "Yes. My step-mother, stupid woman, brought you here, to the palace of the great Kingdom of Egypt, as a sacrifice. Lucky, you escaped and I found you. You are beautiful so I will have you as a concubine. Your other choice if to be burned alive as a offering to a God or Goddess. You are safe now, as long as you stay mine. And I have had these robes brought to clothe you in better, again, what is the word? Attire?" As he spoke the maid measured Nana's waist, chest arms, every curve and wrote it down in Arabic numbers which were very similar to English ones. Karim circled around her as well, extremely close and whispered in her ear, "Tell me, dear child, what is your name?"

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana pouted at this man,he was dumbing things down for her since was confused as to why she here in the first place.She now knew why,she was a sacrifice brought her by his stupid as he said step mother to be used some how,she also heard concubine in that small speech of his,it meant sex slave or servent in any language.She huffed at him after he finished,but he soon started to circle her around real close like,like prey getting ready to jump,she flinched a bit as he whispered in her ear,"I asked you first..."She growled at him,"Its Nana,if you must know..and stop circling me like your gonna eat me,its freaking me out."She told him.

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He laughed at her, confidently, "I am Crown Prince Karim Amr Ahmed Ramses Khalid." He dismissed the maid, the door still open. He stroked the line of her jaw and said, "You would be a very fair queen if you weren't so stupid." He put her down non-chalantly. In this time period, women had more rights than ever, but still, they were very put down. This was a man's world. And she was a young girl, obviously not from here, and thus had little or no power. Not even as much as a right to challenge him. Then again, no one did.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana balled her hands into tight fists,women of this age we belittled badly,"Crown Prince Karim,your name suits you so well,your high and mightyness."She smirked,but as the maid left and touched her again,his fingers stroking her jaw as he called her stupid again,she snapped taking her fist and flattening it so he was slapped,"Rude jerk of a Prince you are,I am not stupid by any means Lord Karim I know my history well since I am not from this land."She hissed out,her face showing anger and rage from being insulted.

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Karim wasn't used to being told no, much less by a woman. He roughly took the hand that slapped him, "You are, you little girl. You are so stupid and slow you come into my land and do not even recognize the king's eldest son! You are so stupid the you slap the hand that saved your life!" He uttered a string of curses in his native language which she was unlikely to understand. He dropped her hand, "You obviously aren't not from this land because who can't even speak our proud language correctly. You are stupid girl and lest you chose to find yourself stuck without an afterlife, you should be very careful. Very careful." He ran a single finger up the strap of her dress, suddenly calm again, "Now, why don't you tell me where you are from lovely." He was close enough for him to smell her hair. He didn't let go of her, just loosened his grip. She wouldn't get away from him.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana looked at him as he called her stupid again and had a teper tantrum,"Then stop calling me stupid your Highness!"She yelled back at him as he continued to throw a fit with his speech and such,"No...I'm not from here at all I am not even from this era!"She growled at him,she was geting tired of him already,"Very careful,ha ha ha...oh yeah I will be."She narrowed her hazel green eyes at him as he ran a finger down her strap of her dress,realizing he had gotten so close...close enough to feel his breath on her hair."I am from the year 2014,the future,not here,your wicked step mother brought me here as you know,she sucked me in through a puddle of water for anubis sake."She told him taking a step backbout of his grasp.

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Her storg was incredulous, impossible to believe but he decided to let it go and come closer, pulling her towards him, "Well, as much as I can't believe your, what is word? Story, then even if it was true you are here now. With me now. And your only choices are to be mine or to die. So you child, which would you rather now?" He liked the feel of her skin. He had a micheavious twinkle in his eyes. He was kind and a good person he just had a bad habit of not listening to anyone and making sure that he saw as many lively ladies as he was allowed. He circled Around behind her, pull her against him by her waist, "I promise not to give youvpain."

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana was looking away from him even as he moved closer to her she would back up,he seemed like a playboy."I'm not lying,I'm from years in the into the future,thats why I barely know anything here,but I know enough to talk to you."She huffed crossing her arms,his or die huh,her mind wrapped around those two answers as he circled her again and again making her uncomfortable,she jumped as he grabed her by the waist and tugged her back,"Wh-what do you mean by that?"She asked.

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He sighed. He was slow, "Sacrifice means you die. So, here as mine, where I will treat you right or you can die. I will not hurt you. You'll be happy."

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana sighed as he spelled it out for her,"I dont plan on dying anytime soon."She mumbled out forcing out of his grasp,"And just cause your a prince doesn't mean you can get so comfortable around mevlike a lover would."She huffed walking from him and looking around.

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Karim stared at her, "I can do what ever I like. Unless you want to go back to my step mother." He hoped she would stay. He wouldn't take a no from such a stupid girl. Why wouldn't she stay. He was fairly kind to her. Most women here would be honored to be in her shoes. Yet she thought she was better.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana froze hearing that reply,"No...not her,she'll probably kill me if she gets me."She hugged herself,truth ne told she was scared,barely knowing anything about this time made her think the worse possible thingsplus she was arguing with the crown Prince,who probably saw her as just like any other girl in this palace.

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"I know. So please, stay. I won't hurt you..." he said slowly approaching her as if she was a lost animal. He had given her clothes, a place to stay in his palace, and saved her life. What more could she want from the crown prince? Who did she think she was?!

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana hugged herself with a sigh," your being nice to me cause you feel sorry for this little bird that got hurt and lost."She said turning around to look at him,he was walking towards her and she stepped back not knowing a bed was behind her she tumbled back and her heart rate went up just a bit.

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He crawled next her, "No, because I always am." She looked soblovely in that dress. He stroked alone the slit in her dress, "Dinner's in an hour. We have time.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana sat up in a flash as he crawled next to her,"No you weren't,you were calling me stupid,multiple times."She pointed out as he ran a few fingers up her leg,the slit that was in the dress,she scooted away from him at his suggestions,"Uh..ok,but what ever you are thinking,no."She said crawling to the edge.

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He sighed, "Fine. But just remember, most girls would be honored to be you right now."

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) "To sleep with you and be one of many I am sure,plus I am a virgin yet."Nana said slidding to the edge and standing up fixing her dress,the material was clingy showing her gentle curves even if she was small.

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((look. Idk what to do especially with my personal bounderies. This is kinda outside my comfort zone and im not really good with guy charries. Sry.))

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((You could have him not look and just say he could give her a tour.))

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

((that doesnt seem to be what your idea was. Plus I know virtually nothing about this time period. Im googling most of the info.))

message 40: by Nicollette (new)

Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((No it was the idea,I just said it cause its what it looked like in the pic you postec.))

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((im confused.))

message 42: by Nicollette (new)

Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Just post,have him not notice since she stubborn,then take her on a tour of the palace.))

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He rolled his eyes, ignoring her comment, "Would you like to view the palace? I was about to go chariot riding prior to your appearance."

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) ((Sorry.))
Nana looked over at him,"Oh sould like a good idea."She smiled for the first time since being near him.

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He led her out of the room. He gestured grandly out in the corridors, "The magnificent palace of Egypt, belonging to only the most powerful royalty in all the world."

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) Nana was in awe,"Oh my word its positively amazing."She said touching the stone walls in fasination.

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He beamed, "As I said before, only under Egpyt."

message 48: by Nicollette (new)

Nicollette (dangerousreader23) "I can see that."Nana smiled softly.

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He led her through the halls pointing out the various chambers, the dining hall, the throne room, all the other rooms, filled with jewels and gold.

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Nicollette (dangerousreader23) "Its actually pretty amazing."Nana said with a giggle,"Any gardens around here?"She asked.

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