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message 1: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Not a lot of people can find this place

message 2: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Echo and Pandora made their way to the secluded cave they found a few weeks ago and went inside. The darkness instantly enfolded around them, making them feel at home.
"I like it here sister." Pandora whispered to her sister.
"So do I sister, so do I." Echo responded from the darkness.

message 3: by Morgan (new)

Morgan 'I hear something.' Pandora sent the thoughts into Echos mind and runs behind her.
"It's probably nothing sister." Echo said aloud and looked around to see what it was.

message 4: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Who are you?" Echo asked with a hand around her sister hiding behind her.

message 5: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "I have heard your names around before." Echo said to herself. "I am Echo and this is my twin sister Pandora. She doesn't talk to anyone but me so don't mind her." Echo explained.

message 6: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Very interesting." Echo smiled through the darkness. "So what are you doing here?"
'Why are we still talking to them?' Pandora said through Echos mind.
"Stop that sister." She whispered to Pandora wanting her to stop sending her thoughts.

message 7: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Very interesting." Echo smiled through the darkness. "So what are you doing here?"
'Why are we still talking to them?' Pandora said through Echos mind.
"Stop that sister." She whispered to Pandora wanting her to stop sending her thoughts.

message 8: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "We spend most of our day here. That house is worse than the real world. We only go there to eat and sleep." Echo told him.
'We should go.' Pandora sent more thoughts through her sisters head.
"Pandora stop that I can't think straight." Echo told her sister firmly when she kept disturbing her thoughts.

message 9: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "I don't see a reason to." Echo told them. "We don't bite, you can come closer." She said pushing whatever thoughts Pandora was putting into her head out, not caring what she had to say.

message 10: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Scared I see. That is fine." Echo said. "You come out too Pandora before I make you, I know you are not scared but that doesn't mean you get to hide as well." She said to Pandora stepping to the side so she wasn't in front of her anymore.

message 11: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Do not be scared." Echo told her stickin out her hand for her to take. "I only wish to be friends."
'We don't need friends Echo! We're better off alone!' Pandora screamed into Echo's mind.
"Stop it!" Echo yelled glaring at her sister.

message 12: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "What's wrong?" Echo asked cocking her head slightly, wondering why she drew back.

message 13: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "What's wrong?" Echo asked concerned.
'She sees emotions stupid. She saw our past.' Pandora sent her the thoughts.
"If you're going to talk to me talk to me out loud." Echo said getting frustrated.
"She says your sister sees emotions, is that true?"

message 14: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Well you should've told me that before she touched me.y past isn't really something someone would want to see." She laughed dryly, looking at Whisper.

message 15: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Intriguing." She smiled. "I would love to come, even though it is not the best place in the world to be, I will accompany you. As for my sister, she will come whether she likes to or not."
'I go where you go sister.' Pandora sent through Echos mind.

message 16: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Alright." Echo said walking out of the cave with Pandora close at her shoulder. They crunched back through the leaves heading towards the house. Their black boots fell in unison on the moist autum ground while their long black coats sashayed behind them with each step.

message 17: by Morgan (new)

Morgan ((Where at at the house?!))

message 18: by Morgan (new)

Morgan ((Someone's already rping there. We could go to the game room. Of so it your post xD))

message 19: by Morgan (new)

Morgan ((Cool beans haha your post))

message 20: by Morgan (new)

Morgan When Eco finally found a moment to sneak away from Pandora she did and snuck away to the cave.

message 21: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Yeah, its me." she called back walking toward him.

message 22: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Yeah." She responded. "Now what did you want me for?" She asked as the lantern revealed him.

message 23: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "You have no reason to blush at me." She stared chuckling a little when she saw his red cheeks in the light of the lantern. "I wish to know you better a well."

message 24: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Indeed it is." She nodded.

message 25: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Nineteen." She answered. "How about you?"

message 26: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Interesting." She nodded.

((Okie dokie bye bye!))

message 27: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "I like going for walks and being alone." She answered honestly.

message 28: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Very nice." She chuckled.

message 29: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Sounds like a plan." She laughed, noticing he was blushing again.

message 30: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "So when is our 'date' going to happen?" She asked, enjoying the fact that he was blushing.

message 31: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Location?" She asked.

message 32: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Hmm... Alright, sounds good." She nodded.

message 33: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "I made her think she was asleep." She said looking away. She hated her demon.

message 34: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Silence's demon soaked into Echo, making her look up at him with a smile.

message 35: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Yes." She grinned feeling very happy inside.

message 36: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "How did you do that?" She asked curious.

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