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message 1: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Tall trees and leaves hehe

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie walks around the forest in the form of a fox.

message 3: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Echo and Pandora made their way swiftly through the forest, their black boots crunching on the newly fallen leaves. They were out for their afternoon stroll.
"What shall we do today sister?" Echo asked her twin and Pandora shrugged slightly after.
"All I know is that I do not want to go back there." Pandora said dryly, referring to the demonic house. "The people there get on my nerves."
"Same here sister, same here." Echo said with a sigh.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Well that's a bit rude." Sophie mutters as she pads past them. She heard a rabbit and just ignored the impulse to go catch it. With a small shy she lays down underneath a random tree not too far away from the twins.

message 5: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Look sister, a fox." They said at the same exact time. Pandora walked slowly over towards it, not wanting to scare it away.
"Careful sister, it may not be clean." Echo told her.
"It is only a fox, calm down sister." Pandora muttered under her breathe as she approached the fox.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie looks up at the twins before she lays her head on her paws. Her mood being uncaring for a bit. She closes her eyes and listen to the two approach her.

message 7: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Don't touch it." Echo said firmly.
"You're not in charge of me sister." Pandora grumbled back as she reached her hand out to pet the fox.
"I know I am not, but I am only looking out for you and if I were you I wouldn't touch it."

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Scratching behind my ears would be nice." Sophie says as she lifts her head to look at the two.

message 9: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Pandora jumped back and his behind her sister.
"I see that this is not a normal fox. Who are you?" Echo asked.
'Tell it to go." Pandora sent the thoughts into her sisters mind using her demon Masin.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "I'm not an it." she shifts back and shakes her hood off her head.

message 11: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Ah, I see now. You are a demonic. I have not seen you around. Why is that?" Echo asked.
'Stop talking to her.' Pandora said into Echos mind, wanting to leave not liking being with anyone but her sister.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Got here a few days ago." Sophie says running a hand through her shoulder length hair. "It's a bit dreary here though it is better then the orphanage."

message 13: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Ha! Dreary?! I've been here too long to compliment it with a word Iike dreary." Echo chuckled. "I am Echo, and this is my twin sister Pandora. She doesn't talk to anyone but me so don't mind her."

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Sophie," She nods to the two of them. "I was just relaxing a bit before i walked past the both of you."

message 15: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Well would you like to do something fun. Or something better than going back there." Echo muttered through her teeth not wanting to be rude.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Doesn't really matter to me." Sophie shrugs and looks at her skull belt.

message 17: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "If you do not wish to come, then we will leave you be." Echo said, slowly walking backwards.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie tilts her head at her. "You guys can leave if you want. I'm use to being by myself."

message 19: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "So are we, but the offer still stands. We are only going for a short walk, you're welcomed to come." Echo told her, her patience running low and begun to walk away.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "That's fine." Sophie says before shifting back into her fox form and stretched.

message 21: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Okay, then." Echo said taking her sisters hand and walking away.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie shakes out her fur and lays back down under the tree

message 23: by Morgan (new)

Morgan "Good bye." Echo muttered as the dissapeared into the thick forest.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Bye." sophie mutters and closes her eyes to nap.

message 25: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Jasper walks along the forest listning to the vioces of the dead.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie yawns as she wakes from her short nap. she scratches behind her ear lightly to get the itch the was bothering her.

message 28: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments ((sorry i went bowling with the family))

jasper kept walking, He listens to the wind. the moon was full and it was midnight

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) (no prob)

Sophie stretches and sees a boy walk through the trees.

message 30: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Jasper stops he hears the sound of galloping hooves. A stallions rawr was heard thrpugh the forest. Soon a black demon stallion came coming. It stoped sic inches from Jasper. "It seems you have recognized your master host" He said to the stallion.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) sophie pads closer to the boy and listen to the conversation. Hosts? oh boy is this guy crazy.

message 32: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments the stallion rears he was the might Fasfer the brute of stallions. The steed of itherrail. "Fasfer he named you name"

What fasfer looks like:

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie walks even closer to them in her current fox form. she looks up at the boy. He's kinda cute.

message 34: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Fasfer snorts and whinnies. Jasper pets the demon horse.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) she walks behind a tree and shifts as she was covered. her legs carried her closer to the pair. her eyes looked to the horse.

message 36: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments fasfer sees the girl and snorts rearing. "Fasfer calm youself shes no threat" Jasper said.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Sophie smiles to the horse. "I find animals better than humans."

message 38: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments "He is the demon stallion, Fasfer steed of itherrail" Jasper said.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "I see th...ah." she was knocked over by a black wolf and licked in the face. She laughs and pets behind his ear.

message 40: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments "her watch out wolf gives hugs" Jasper said laughing.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "This one exponentially." she pushes him off her. "Dark has been following me since i was little."

message 42: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments He pets the wolf gently. "He is quite friendly, unlike someone i know" He said. Fasfer rolled his horse eyes.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Dark growls at the boy and walks closer to Sophie. "He doesn't like anyone but me touching him."

message 44: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Jasper shrugged, "Fasfer your now the nicest animal here agian" Jasper said.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Quit being so grumpy." she grabs the sides of his face. "This not like the years i spent in the orphanage."

message 46: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Fasfer sniffs the wolf timidly trying to see if he's meet him befor. "I have never seen fasfer this curious befor"

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) Dark licks Fasfer's snout and gave him a wolfish grin. Sophie laughs. "You silly wolf."

message 48: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Fasfer lifts his head up snorting slightly. Fasfer nodges the wolf playfully. "At least there friends" Jasper said.

ɛƈɧơ ۷ąཞıɛƖ (luniccharm) "Guess so." she smiles and watches Dark wag his tail in front of Fasfer's face.

message 50: by Beastly (new)

Beastly | 182 comments Fasfer sneezes and nibbles dark, he wasnt hurting dark just simply tickling him. Jasper smiles.

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