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Morgan The demons get drunk off there asses here

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Ellie made it back to the house and again hung her head and stuck her hands in her pockets as she walked through the house and ignored all the various patrons. She walked into the drinking room where she had stored some blood earlier. She got it out and took a seat in a dark corner, drinking slowly and feeling better for it.

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Beastly | 182 comments ((My i join?))

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Beastly | 182 comments (( :D ))

Jasper walks in the room. He was told that he was needed hear. He bordley sits at the counter. His pinkish color hair often shined whrn the light hit it.

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Ellie watched as one of the house residents came in and took a seat at the counter. He didn't acknowledge her and she wanted it that way. Besides, she knew he wasn't really being rude since the corner she sat in was by the door and in the shadows. She said nothing as she continued to drink her blood.

This pleases me much little Amarille. But that one does not. Mmmm, Jasper is his name.

Ellie rolled her eyes and said softly, "No other people pleases you so shut it."

Sayamat chuckled darkly and sent a shiver of pain through her arm.

Ellie winced as she felt pain in her arm. "Thanks for that." She said sarcastically.

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Beastly | 182 comments "What'll it be jasper? Pepsi or margarita?" The bar tender asked. "Pepsi please i cant drink it only makes the voices of the dead get louder" Jasper said. "Plus the last time i got drunk i was nearly killed by one of Lance's pratical jokes " He added. The bartender handed lance a Pepsi in a old fashioned glass bottle.

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Ellie watched the exchange between the bartender and Jasper. She remained quiet and drank her blood. She finished it and then just sat in the darkness, wondering about the boy and if he was all right.

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Beastly | 182 comments Jasper drank his bottle of pepsi. Jasper kept hearing the vioces of the dead. "Why wont they get out of my head" Jasper said gently rubbing the sides of his forehead to relieve himself of a killer headache.

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Ellie got up and left the empty bottle of blood on the table and walked out, her head covered by her dark hoodie and also with her hands in her pockets. She felt bad about running away from the boy and decided to go and check on him.

That is not wise, he's dangerous.

"So are you Sayamat." Ellie said softly and sombrely.

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Beastly | 182 comments "Sayamat, what? You've lost me" jasper said confused. No his demon was itherrail.

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Beastly | 182 comments ((He is bisexual and i will fix that))

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Beastly | 182 comments ((It has all been fixed))

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