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Hunter's Claim (The Alliance, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Aliens; Chaos; Girl Saves Alien Soldier's Life (Paranormal/Romance/Fantasy) [s]

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Diane | 3 comments I downloaded a sample on my Kindle within the last 6 weeks or so; thought I had saved the info to purchase and then poof! Can't find it anywhere.

Paranormal/romance/fantasy - sent in the present day - the general plot is Aliens make first contact and chaos ensues, a young woman is left in charge of her two teenage sisters. They scrounge for food and are living on the streets. She is out one night looking for food and comes across a group that have captured one of the (hunky) alien soldiers. The young girl waits hours until she is able to free the alien. His comrades eventually show up, and he realizes the girl is gone, and he wants to find her.

Diane | 3 comments Anyone? Anything? Advice on how to find the book?

Diane | 3 comments Kris wrote: "Hunter's Claim by S.E. Smith?"

That's it !! Thanks so much!!

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Kris | 33360 comments Mod
You're welcome. :)

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