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message 1: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra Shepherd (darkraven_83) | 4 comments Can I get everyone to tell me a true, personal ghost story? I would share one but I have never seen one ( as far as I know anyway).

message 2: by Angela (new)

Angela Vanasselberg When i was about 9 my little sister and i were playing "pool" in our horse water trough on our parents orchard, when we notice over in the direction of the apple trees we see a girl about our age in old fashion clothing looking our way. She didn't move just stood there with her hands behind her back, we didn't move either just looked at her. She was white but we could see through her. We turned the other direction to yell for our older sister to come see her but when we turned back she was gone. There was no where she could have gone in that amount of time unless she just vanished. My little sister and I still talk about her every now and then.

message 3: by G.G. (new)

G.G. (ggatcheson) | 102 comments I posted this story in another group discussion.

It was 3 am when I heard my son (5 year old) call me. I went to his room thinking he had a nightmare. As I entered the bedroom, I noticed his little butt in the closet. Noises confirmed that he was rummaging through his toys. Rather mad to see him up at that time of the night I told him, "Hey little man! What are you doing up at this time? Are you looking for your teddy bear?" I received an answer coming from the other side of the room. My son who was in his bed replied with a shaky voice, "It's not me mom." I turned on the light. The closet door was opened but no one was there.

The funny thing is that my son didn't ask to come sleep with us, or change room. He just told me before I kissed him and tucked him back under the blanket that if the ghost had wanted to hurt him, he would have done it already.

After that night, our dog, a Newfoundland at the time, never walked in front of the bedroom door by himself, and I even had to drag him across so he could come to our room or back to the living room every night/morning: the proof it wasn't just my son and I who noticed the closet spirit.

Over twenty five years later, my son and I still talk about it but we haven't figured out who it could have been. The house was less than ten years old. No child had died there while the previous owner, a woman and her two children, lived there.

I have another one where I never saw the ghost. I wouldn't even call it a ghost either. Anyway, after I asked for a proof of his existence, what happened was rather surprising...

message 4: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nicolels) | 36 comments The summer I was 15, I was up late at night on the phone, and my brother was in his room asleep. All of a sudden we heard what sounded like several drinking glasses being dropped on the floor and breaking, coming from my brother's room (it was loud enough the person I was on the phone with heard it). But all of the rooms on that floor of the house were wall-to-wall carpet and we never did figure out exactly what the breaking glass noise was or came from.

message 5: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Willers People describe me as a sensitive, but I am not a medium. I get to see things and had a few experiences with spirits. I have gone back in time and once I was in this 1940's Chicago office room were the desk had a bowl of oysters. I tried to pick up the fork to eat the oysters. My fingers went though the fork and my fingers went though the oysters.

I heard voices and I thought I be seen, but as this gangster and his men were completely unaware of my presence. The Gangster sat down and started eating the oysters and a man was led in by a couple of the gang. He asked the man if he had done the job and the man said he had not and will not do it. The gangster said to his men you know what to do, make sure he is not found. The next I knew I was back here in the house.

message 6: by Anna, LoP BOTM & R2R mod (last edited Apr 04, 2014 04:24AM) (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) | 795 comments Mod
Great stories everyone! I'll throw one into the mix :-)

In college, I went on this week-long retreat with around 60 classmates to a mansion where the house had been owned by one of the so-called 'robber barons' of the 19th century. It was one of those beautiful shingle-style homes on a massive estate of 150 acres, a bit run-down, but I wouldn't describe it as 'haunted' looking, just a bit sad, like a grand old dame who'd been sent into a nursing home. At this retreat, we would go to classes all day, and then at night we would gather together to discuss intellectual topics of interest and brainstorm about the upcoming thesis we were supposed to write.

Many of the students who had been on this retreat before all swore the mansion was haunted. The robber-baron's daughter had fallen in love with one of the servants, and when the master forbade the marriage and sent the daughter abroad to travel and 'come to her senses,' the heartbroken caretaker killed himself by hanging himself in the attic of the house and, it was said, continued to haunt it by dropping sand out of the ceiling nightly onto the place that had once held the master's bed.

So anyways, here I am at this retreat at this enormous mansion, with my fellow students discussing some topic related to study of the field of psychology, and I go to sit down in the one empty chair and everybody says, 'Don't sit there, that's Elizabeth's chair!"

So I sat down someplace else on the floor, and if you can picture this enormous, wood-paneled living room with a roaring fire in the marble fireplace and one of my fellow students standing in front of it, telling her story about what HER thesis will be about, and I see this elderly woman file in carrying a teacup, sit down in the chair, cross her legs, and start sipping her tea out of a china teacup, listening intently to the conversation. She looked like any other old woman, grey-haired, a bit thin, wearing a dress that might have come out of the 1940's, but a lot of old ladies still wore that style of clothing and listened to big band music and waxed nostalgia about the 'Great War' so I didn't think anything of it.

A little while later I glanced over and noticed the old woman was no longer there. I asked my classmate about it and they all laughed at me.

"That was Elizabeth," they said. "She likes to listen to our lectures."

One of my classmates later showed me into the library that had a book about the family who had once owned that house and there was the woman in a picture book. She had died in the 1940's, the last of her bloodline. She never forgot her lover who'd committed suicide, never married, and after her father died, she lived in that mansion alone until the day she died.

I wonder if she is still there today, enjoying the lectures when the college rents it as a retreat, or all the weddings and grand balls they host there as it is used the rest of the year as a wedding function hall?

message 7: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarah_king) | 1 comments I used to see things as a child such as tiny orbs coming out of the walls and a small dwarf woman who would sit on the end of my bed (very scary). I also 'knew' I had lived before. Absolutely 100% certain, even though I was far too young to have known about reincarnation. As I got older, I lost this feeling, but still have the knowledge of it which is why I believe in reincarnation. I have only seen one thing since being an adult. One night I was driving through a shabby housing estate. It was late and the streets were empty. An orb the size of a football appeared right in front of my car. It was too late to stop and the orb came right through my car window, through the car and out of the rear window.

message 8: by Kitty-Lydia (new)

Kitty-Lydia Dye | 21 comments When I was younger I used to think there was this tall faceless figure at the end of my bed. I moved all of my stuff into another, much smaller room and I haven't slept in that other room since.

Also, last year I went on holiday with my family. It was an old but beautiful house that was kind of secluded. My gran asked me to take some pictures of the house. I decided to take a video recording as I walked up the stairs as I liked the style of them (they were like the round, twisty stairs you find in lighthouses) but I had this horrible on edge feeling that I was going to slip and fall.
Two months after the holiday I was showing my mum and gran the pictures and the recording when my mum asked 'why are you swearing?'. I turned up the volume and played the recording again and there it was, a woman whispering and swearing. The thing is, I have a strong, deep Norfolk accent and I sound younger than my actual age. This voice was a accentless woman who sounded older.
The dog had to be carried up and down those stairs, he wouldn't climb them by himself, and the whole family felt they might fall down the stairs :/

Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink* (bwilliams2013) | 91 comments When I was 14, I went on a trip to Scotland with my soccer team. Between training sessions, we went on excursions into Edinburgh. We were all required to wear the same thing, our matching sweat suits.

So one day, our coach decides that we are going into the catacombs under the city for a ghost tour. We go to Mary King's Close which is under the old parts of the town. When you get down there, it is dark and shadowy and cold. We were all thankful for our sweats.

We stopped in this room that had little alcoves in the wall. I walked to the back of the room, next to where the old fireplace had apparently once been. I look into one of the recesses and I see a little boy, dressed in blue, holding a ball.

Before I can say anything, my teammate standing next to me distracts me by saying "It is so hot in here!" She was standing in front of the old fireplace. I was freezing cold and we were wearing the same thing. When I looked back up, the boy was gone. The tour guide later mentioned that other visitors had seen a boy in the Close who had, according to stories, had died of the plague.

message 10: by P.A. (last edited Sep 26, 2014 11:37AM) (new)

P.A. Fielding (pafielding) | 3 comments I saw my first ghost in a castle in Ireland aged thirteen. A lady came through the wall, hovered, before flying off through the door. I've been hooked on the paranormal ever since. Throughout the years I've managed to capture strange orbs and wavy lines in pictures, but nothing on video.

Until last year ...

Read the description so you know where to look. What do you think?

message 11: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 407 comments That's one of the reasons I'm so Obsessed with Scotland and Ireland- they have ghosts. One of my authors I read who writes Scottish romances goes to Scotland every year and one year she saw a Gorgeous Highlander just standing and watching her then he disappeared. So cool!

Cool video too!

message 12: by P.A. (new)

P.A. Fielding (pafielding) | 3 comments Jenn wrote: "That's one of the reasons I'm so Obsessed with Scotland and Ireland- they have ghosts. One of my authors I read who writes Scottish romances goes to Scotland every year and one year she saw a Gorge..."


message 13: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 407 comments Yeah I had to read that over a couple of times before I was like, that's not fair! I want to see a highlander ghost!!

Brittain *Needs a Nap and a Drink* (bwilliams2013) | 91 comments Jenn wrote: "That's one of the reasons I'm so Obsessed with Scotland and Ireland- they have ghosts. One of my authors I read who writes Scottish romances goes to Scotland every year and one year she saw a Gorge..."

They not only have ghosts but they embrace them eagerly. You see that in Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans too just for a few examples. In some cultures, it is like people never really die and they keep coming back to visit the living.

message 15: by Veronica (new)

Veronica Rosa (veronicadelrosa) Several years back I was visiting a friend, Mike and spent the night. Being as we were younger, he still lived with his parents. I spent the night in his room, he slept in the living room.

Middle of the night, his two cats came into the room, wanting me to pet them. I did then pushed them away so I could sleep.

The next morning, I told him his two cats visited me. He looked at me oddly and asked me to describe them. I said "One was white with some black spots and the other was orange."

He grabbed a photo album, showed me a picture and asked if that was the orange cat. When I said yes, he replied, "That cat's been dead for almost 5 years."

Yep, I was visited by a ghost cat.

message 16: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 407 comments Aww, ghost kitty:) that's cool

message 17: by Amber (last edited Oct 02, 2014 04:57PM) (new)

Amber Foxx (amberfoxx) | 22 comments Loved the ghost kitty. :)
What an amazing thread. I did a blog post on the subject a while back. I've thought a lot about ghosts ever since I met one. They're scary, and yet they they intrigue us.

The one I saw made me cold to the bone. It wasn't a good feeling at all.

I have Apache friends who believe strongly in not saying the names of the dead, not calling back the ghost. Avoiding ghost sickness.

message 18: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn (kathryno-author) | 3 comments Looks like I'm a little late to the party, but so happy I discovered this thread. For more True Ghost Stories, please visit my site:

It's been online since the mid-90s with true paranormal experiences of ordinary people, and I mean that in the kindest way--everyday people like you and me, not professional psychics--from more than 37 countries and 45 U.S. states.

Due to overwhelming interest in Pet Ghosts, I created a page dedicated to pets back from the other side. I'm touched by the heartfelt stories.

I've encountered a few ghosts myself and have been a student of the supernatural all my life. A paranormal undercurrent runs through my books. My recent release, ASYLUM, is now on LoP's R2R with a few slots OPEN.

Asylum: a dark suspense saga

message 19: by Amber (new)

Amber Foxx (amberfoxx) | 22 comments Pet ghosts! Thanks. I have to look at that!

message 20: by Kathryn (last edited Dec 08, 2014 01:15PM) (new)

Kathryn Reiss (kathrynreiss) | 3 comments These posts are wonderful! I love reading them and feel all sorts of inspiration coming on for another ghost story... (my forthcoming novel is another murder mystery, but does have a ghost component...) I have seen one ghost, for real--at least I think I did... and my son saw one, too,... but the weirdest thing that's happened to me is something I could never write about because people would just think I'd made it up for my stories. I was taking care of two elderly friends, sisters, and after one of them died the other kept talking to her, believing she was there, etc. We all just attributed it to signs of Dementia. But then, sometimes when Carol was talking about her sister, Jeanette, MUSIC BOXES began playing in the house. And Jeanette had collected music boxes. This happened about a dozen times before Carol died, and several people heard the music boxes. At the gravesite, as we were burying Carol's ashes, I set one of the music boxes on the ground nearby, and as the minister said the final words, the music box played a few notes, and then went silent. I like to think the two sisters are together again now.

message 21: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 2 comments Usually, ghost stories don't bother me, much, but "The Woman in Black", scared me to death! If I was to read it again, I would do so in broad daylight ;).

message 22: by Kathy (new)

Kathy | 2 comments I have never experienced the sensation of a ghost, but my adult daughter says that she has. As she tells it, she was in high school, and it was Halloween weekend. They decided to see if they could capture the flavor of Halloween, by visiting a much discussed local site, that is said to be haunted. She said it was a little after midnight, and she and her friends were walking across this small bridge, in a very dark rural setting (no homes nearby), when she felt somebody take her hand. At first she thought it was her friend Tina, so she said something to the effect..."Are you afraid?". When Tina responded that she was not, my daughter realized that Tina was up ahead of her on the other side of the bridge! The history of the site is that during the civil war, a young child perished at a homestead in the area, because there were no doctors to attend to him. Tina being petite girl, my daughter assumed it was her. My daughter said she stopped moving in the middle of the bridge, after Tina responded, and looked to her right hand, (a friend was shinning a flashlight on her), and there was nobody else on the bridge, except my daughter! I should mention that she is not prone to hyperbole, therefore, though I am not a believer; something happened on that bridge.

message 23: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Reiss (kathrynreiss) | 3 comments What an interesting story, Kathy! Creepy, and has the ring of truth. My sister-in-law told a tale, after she and my brother moved into an 18th century Colonial row house near Philadelphia, of one day when she was walking down the stairs with a load of laundry in her arms, and an unseen presence shoved her against the wall of the narrow stairwell as it passed in haste!

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