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Hecate | 261 comments RACER HARVARD





Racer had lived in a small community since he was born eighteen years ago. So everyone in town knows him and most the girls his age… know him (if you're catching my drift). But before we get too ahead, Racer had started out like a good kid. He thrived for goodness. In all truth, no one knows why he was the chosen one for this task… but it must have been the beauty his face and body held.
The moment he hit puberty the devil himself began to tempt him until the day he was fully ready to receive a gift. And that 'gift' was a sin; that gift was lust.
Racer never even realized that he was sculpted to ruin the virtue of women. He is in fact a deadly sin.


-SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD(almost eighteen.)


Dusty brown , VERY MESSY LOOK, as though he rolled out of bed. caramel BROWN EYES

Carson's problem started when he was younger, but as he grew so did his obsession with money, and other objects of the world that don't mean anything with thought of the bigger picture, but again, te devil groomed him.
His desire for things have lead him to theft and other extreme things.
(More details coming later)




Katerina used to be a talented girl and everyone could see it. But as she bloomed into a young woman, ambition was drained completely away out of her life. She stopped everything and fell into a pit. But despite that she still went to school everyday. Soon she became depressed and lifeless.

(More later)




He has always been very reserved but when someone needs something he is always willin to help. And some would say it's because he was a descent of the angels
And others would agree. Yet the sins hate him very most because they know of his goodness.
(Sorry I'm suckin now at this)




Joseph is justice. He was so caring and he wanted to protect others which is why he was the protector of people who were bullied.

(More details later! Promise it will be good!)



J: 5'6"
V: 5'5"
J: http://pose.com/shop/purple-hair
V: http://weheartit.com/entry/50145186

Vanessa and Jazmine are seriously the best of friends. Born into a large family, they were always taught kindness and love. They are one of the reasons why the devil hasn't completely won. Despite the fact that the sins are now going to reign. Good will win.

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Name: Dimitri Belyakov Ari
Age: 16; junior
Height: 5’9”
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Hair Color: Dusty Brown
Ari was born in Russia, his father always a stiff, regimented man and he resented him for that. Even as a child he remembers always being let down or gripped at. When it was his damn fault that he didn’t show up for his birthday party! His mother wasn’t much of what you would call a sweetheart but she had ten times the heart his father had. But he always longed for his father to look his way, think about him. But he didn’t. When he was ten he and his mother got a divorce. Turns out they were both cheating on one another. Not that Ari didn’t hear his mother and his (now) step father upstairs when his real Dad wasn’t around. Imagine how that must have scarred the poor boy. He grew to hate the idea of love and romance and everything about it. After they got divorced his mother almost automatically went ahead and married the ‘nice American boy’. Ari stopped going by Dimitri when they hit the states and wouldn’t respond to anything but. Not to mention his mother and step father hate him for being gay. At least that’s what he thinks he is. He’s only ever looked at guys before, and even then anything that could turn into love is directed towards anger instead. He’s always angry. But don’t make the stupid mistake in thinking that he’s looking for someone to save him and even that he wants to be saved for that matter.

Name: Kian Dwight (Dwight 9 times out of 10)
Age: 17; senior
Height: 6’0”
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Bleach Blonde
Dwight was adopted when he was little and has always had some sort of … problem. He was thrown around various foster homes before one finally stuck. And in all those times he had grown accustomed to so many different places and so many different people and his brain just wants it all. There was no one place that he didn’t want to leave behind. He wants everything. It’s like he needs it. Whether it be food, exercise (probably why he isn’t fat from all the food he wants all the time), romance, love without romance, clothes, violence. Anything and everything appeals to him. It’s something different than greed. No he isn’t greedy, just obsession. His room is a mess of things and he likes about everything on earth. Postcards, books, magazines, food wrappers piling in the trash, color panels, pictures, drawings, history notes, so on and so on. Dwight knows it’s a problem but every time he aims to get rid of something it seems to have memories that he doesn’t want to lose.

Name: Rowan Braves
Age: 18; senior
Height: 6’0”
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Hell’s yes, people! He’s ready to rock and roll whenever you ask him to. Rowan swaggers and sways his way wherever he wants to go because he knows he can pull it off. Very sarcastic, very able to look down on others, very outspoken and doesn’t care what you think about it. He’s so confident in who he is and what he does that consequences don’t ever seem to apply. And when they do he shrugs and somehow gets himself out of it. Or at least he’s half blind to the fact that there is such a word – much less a need – as help. Rowan is a party animal attracted to all kinds of people. Emos. Jockes. Jesters. Guys. Girls. Sluts. Whores. Clubbies. Alcoholics. Stoners. Druggies. Nerds. Sugar & Spice is even on his list. Oh by the way he likes to label people. Settle them into their own little categories and he can rule this place one by one. Rowan has got about a million different faces all hiding that one ugly fact that he was way, way to overconfident about himself. He believes he can trick anyone into doing anything. He believes he can steal anything and not get. He believes in all his abilities. Good and Bad. Pssst, good? Yeah right. He’s bad to the bone and he likes it. He’s likes to think that he’s the Devil’s favorite ;)

Name: Kassie Kohan
Age: 16; junior
Height: 5’4”
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Kassie is a shy person. She is jealous about a lot of things and it bottles up inside in little canisters. No one would ever think that she would be one of violence but who better than the devil to understand the pain of envy? If it was ever let out there would be a storm. She looks down on herself and finds high school excruciating – everyone is so beautiful. Even the people that are looked down on by the really beautiful people have something she wants. True there are those few people she just sort of idolizes. Their clothes and their ability to talk to people with ease. To get what you want. To look like they do. To just … be someone else. She isn’t confident enough in herself to really take any guy seriously. Especially if they come off as sort of a flirty. She’ll automatically close up into her shell and isn’t really sure what to say. Honestly though Kassie is pretty, she just doesn’t want to be her. She doesn’t want the bright hair or the pale skin of the bright blue eyes, she doesn’t want her chin or her nose or her ears for that matter. Like any other girl she has friends – but only a few. Two of which are girls and one of which she envies more than the other. And then one boy … one very open gay boy.


Name: Holiday Evers
Age: 16; junior
Height: 5’4”
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown, sort of carmally
Holiday was born a girl for a sort of unofficial atmosphere to her. She was always someone who had something to say, but knew when and where were the best places to say it. Though she loves to let people in on her secrets. Or what secrets she does have anyway. Meaning she hopes to make them smile or feel better about something – or themselves. She was raised a nice Christian girl. Went to church every Sunday and still does. Goes to church dances and events and lessons. She knows the faith of God well and very much believes. Holiday doesn’t belittle others that don’t and like all she does have her questions. She just sort of ends up answering them with the simple – I have faith enough to wait for the answer. She isn’t someone known as the virtuous little church girl or anything. She’s been to a few parties and has had a boyfriend here and there. People like Holiday and she likes people.

Name: Leander “Lox” Allstieg
Age: 18; senior
Height: 5’11”
Eye Color: Blue/Green (pic)
Hair Color: Blonde
Lox is a fun guy that likes to make others smile. He rarely ever sees the negative in a situation. He can be both subtle and energetic. Really he’s like any other human being you meet, capable of a lot of different emotions, but instead of embracing his negative side he thrust it aside and everything good and hopeful dwells with his mind. If you’re having a bad day come and find Lox. The only time you will see him in a bad mood would be when he has to deal with one of the sins. Guh they’re so irritating. But he always gets the job done! He will not happily do things for you but believes in believing in yourself enough to do them. Even if you did need help hope will always be on your side. Faith and he go hand and hand (he was called into the Big Man’s virtues at a young age). He likes to make people laugh and smile, but isn’t what you might consider the annoying jester. Nah Lox keeps it cool and only gets rowdy like that on occasion. Something about him just is … trustable. Oh and he loves kids.

Name: Juliet Torres
Age: 17; senior
Height: 5’3”
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Juliet is a little along the fence. It’s easy to tell why she would be considered a never giving up virtue but sometimes she gets a little to defensive. Of course not to a point of fighting or throwing punches or anything. You see Juliet believes in helping others and that bullying in any form is wrong. She isn’t afraid to stick up for someone else, but does have her limits. She knows it’s not right to selectively pick others and struggles with it sometimes, but when someone doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like them she tries to shy away. Despite this fadal flaw in her personality Juliet is a fabulous friend and can actually be considered sort of – okay way more than sort of – bubbly. She likes to laugh and have some fun. She boarders the title virtue on some occasions but is working on improving herself. Juliet likes design. Not web design per say, but clothing. Not in a preppy fashion sort of way but it just is fun to sort of throw everything together. A very mixed kind of personality is found in her (makes way more sense roleplayed than written). Basically she never backs down from what she believes in and makes friends easy.

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Hecate | 261 comments (Now I must wait patiently for a response… not one my virtues ;) )

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(I have to admit that that was pretty funny xD)

Hearing the chaos down the hall Juliet completely abandoned her stuff. No one was going to go stealing from her when there was a fight literally right down the hall. People were clumping together and beginning to peer out of the lunch room and coming from around corners. She was surprised no teachers had showed up. A familiar voice hollered, whooping his fist excitedly in the air. Rowan. Juliet pushed through the crowd to get to the front, uncaring of what looks she was being given to get there. She spot Adam almost on spot and came up beside him, eyes wide. She didn't necessarily fear for Joey's safety -- after all she was someone to never give up and never give in. Whatever justice must be served had to be given.

"Stay out of it, Roberts." Ari spat venomously over his shoulder, Jake struggling to catch his breath as Ari yanked his fists away from his shirt. With his head throbbing his eyes sparked with dull dire, a fire that did not look friendly. Even with the girl he'd been standing with pleading for them to just stop all of this - very much on Joseph's side - Ari snarled. As Jake hauled forward Ari looped his arm around his neck, feeling the blow to his side with vague irritation. His anger and hatred numbed most everything else. Keeping the blonde in a headlock he hiked his knee up into his chest, earning a yell of anguish. The crowd roared.

Kassie shoved her binder into her backpack and moved forward towards the bulk of the crowd, pushing up onto her tip toes, looking over various heads of color to see Ari and Jake locked in battle. Her skin crawled but she didn't shiver. For one reason or another she wasn't afraid. She wasn't really looking for it to stop either. There was no reason why, she didn't have the urge to make it or advocate for it either. Red hair falling over her shoulders she struggled to see what was going on, eyes spying Joseph -- what was he doing? Could he really not see that if he tried again he might very well be Ari's next punching bag?

Lox saw Juli appear on Adam's side but said nothing, besides she moved forward as Ari rejected Joey before he would able to say anything anyway. "Ari cut it out! You're going to kill him or something!" she piped, unafraid and determined, nothing unusual.

Ari glared over his shoulder and shoved Jake into the crowd, people screaming as teachers hurried around corners, blocked by the mass of people and all the commotion. He came forward and shoved Juliet back like she weighted nothing, letting her stumble into Adam. Besides he and Joey had never gotten along. He got into fights all the time, he was angry and brooding and aggressive; Ari cared absolutely nothing of this 'justice' thing. On the other hand Joseph Roberts was a complete pain in the ass always trying to balance things out and with all his grinning and that cohesive friendship with Adam and shit. God he rubbed his the wrong way. He pushed him - not hard, just shoved him a little, eyes dark and fiery. "What are you going to do about it, huh, Roberts? Tsk." he growled.

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Hecate | 261 comments (Sometimes I am a real hoot. xD but most times I'm a Whitnee. Anyhow, I am so excited to be back.)

Everything was happening so fast that Adam could hardly even blink before he realized his arms were wrapped securely around her to make it so that she wouldn't collide with the ground. "Are you…" didn't even get the chance to finish his question before shit literally hit the fan. He backed up a little, glancig around them to only see Carson making a bet and other Sins cheering on their fellow being. He didn't know they were sins though. Obviously.
Vanessa came up behind the crowd, shaking her head at the thought of someone wanting to purposely hurt someone else. Her sister went ridged as Ari shoved Joey. Her eyes popping out of her face. "That isn't right, they should stop this!" She exclaimed to her sister who didn't know what to do. Nessa could only watch the mess play out.

Racer casually leaned against a locker close by. It was mesmerizing. Watching as Joey balled his fists up but didn't swing. He knew that everyone had a little bit of anger in them but it was weird. Some of the students never even seemed like they were bothered by the idea of a fight. They were probably all too good for that. They seemed like they held themselves higher above everyone else. Not to mention… they thought of him as a man whore. At least that was this thought. He didn't care though. He pushed himself away and started towards the group, smiling. Chaos seemed to be a good friend at the moment.

"Why don't you take a deep breath and relax?" Joey asked, keeping his voice evened out. He wasnt going to take any shit but he sure as hell wasnt going to start fighting with Ari because the guy had some issues. "I'm not looking for any trouble Ari, I jus didn't want you to hurt Jake. I know he's not the nicest guy but he didn't worth attacking. You can always talk through your problems. It helps so much."

he's being way to soft about this. I should start some shit. Carson thought quickly as he realized that Ari might be fazed by this. He didn't want that to happen at all because them things wouldn't be in his favor and he would lose money. So that's why he said what he didn't next. "Don't give up Ari, kick his ass because he's defending a guy who called you a rude, insulting name!" He saw green and needed it ASAP.

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(We're all excited your back, so yay! *throws confetti* It's a parade!!)

Vaguely feeling his arms around her Juliet's eyes were huge; round as quaters even. Her lips were parted with a sort of astonishment and it took a full few moments before she righted herself again. And then another before the pain in her ankle became evident. She looked down, grabbing onto Adam's shirt sleeve, "Ow." she muttered to herself, settiling the front end of her shoe on the ground to keep pressure off of the throbbing bone.

If it hadn't been for the fact that Ari was totally pissed, he probably would've dropped everything and spun around to face the voice that had called out. Ari didn't have friends, so you couldn't blame him. People didn't stick up for him and he didn't want or expect them too. However - something told him that the voice wasnt there to taunt him but to help him. Though it mustve looked like Carson's chant hadnt affected him Ari lunged. Swinging his fists viciously at Joseph, cracking his knuckles square against his jaw.

"Talking!?" he screamed, "Are you kidding me?" Pushing him to the ground Ari took the opportunity, on the floor or not on the floor, and kicked at him. His black hair was all over the place, his eyes red with anger, his fists balled so tight they were white. "Yeah let's talk. Let's talk about how I'm the queer that everyone just looooves so much! Let's talk it out, Joey." he kicked him again, huffing heavily. "Let's work it all out with a bunch of meaningless bullshit!"

Lox would've down something, he would've, but he didnt'. He didn't chrage in with guns blazing because he knew that to became angry was to succumb to a sin. Not a sin as in a person, or as in the physical being of Wrath, though he didn't realize it. For a long time he just stood there, until Ari was yelling and screaming his head off and the teachers couldnt push their way through the betting, roaring crowd of guys and girls. He stepped forward and grabbed Ari's next swing without hesitation, staring at him blankly, refusing his anger. "Stop it. Stop it now." his voice was even but forceful and Ari ripped his hand away and stepped back, growling.

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Hecate | 261 comments Adam kept his arms around her waist, to make sure she was okay. But clearly she wasn't. His eyes scanned behind her as he watch Joseph take a hit. "Let me get you out of here." He wanted to help Joey but he knew he needed to get the girl out of the way before any extra pain was brought out. He simply lifted her up into his arms as if she didn't weigh anything. His stride was so quick and he went towards the nurses office.

Joseph looked at him, completely stunned. He could have sworn he saw some softness in his eyes bit it must have been trick of the light. He kept himself upright all until the sixteen year old tackled him to the ground. He put his hands up over his face to defend himself but he couldn't seem to just let Ari win. Yet he knew that he didn't want to hurt him. He could if it were necessary. "Stop!" He let out, grabbing the boy by his wrists, but it wasn't quite working because this kid was seriously packed with anger.

"Jaz… we should say something… shouldn't we?" Nessa asked, hoping her sister would have this brilliant idea. Ari wasnt a bad guy. He just had a lot going on in his life. And it made her sad when people after rude to each other.
"I think we should just calm everyone else down so that they don't keep adding to the tension." Jazee mumbled making her way through the crowd. She was talking to others.

Meanwhile, the devil stayed in his living room, in hell of course, feet propped up as he watched the fight break out. He was so damn proud of each and everyone. "My children, don't let those goodie good teenagers get to you. Instead convert them over. "

(Sorry this sucks!)

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(It wasn't bad XD)

Adam leaving created the opening that the teachers needed, they pushed past him and the squirming Juliet in his arms, watching over his shoulder as Ari and Lox and Joseph’s faces disappeared from view. She didn’t like this. She didn’t like this at all. How could Adam just up and leave like that? It was a twisted ankle and Joey was getting smacked around all over the place. No doubt the teachers were trying to get the crazy kid to calm down, but Ari was never calm. He always had this brooding hate about him, every time he walked by her skin crawled. Juliet’s palms vaguely beat against Adam’s shoulder, her hair draping hazardously into his face. Her hands continued their deft mission, “I’m fine.” She murmured more than once, saying his name every now and again, but as it was evident he wasn’t putting her down her voice died off. Especially turning the corner. Juli would never consider it ‘giving up’ though, so instead she just considered it stopping. Dropping her cheek down against his shoulder her opposite hand slipped down into her lap.

Before the teachers arrived Lox had stepped in. At that point Ari was baring the edges of his teeth like some sort of enraged wild animal. Automatically his eyes darted to look at the blonde virtue; they moved so fast it was a miracle that they didn’t pop out of his head in the process. Leaving Joseph to his inflicted wounds Ari lunged at Lox. However he was caught in the act and grabbed from behind. The arms of Mr. Barren locked around his waist, pulling his backward and away from his next victim. Jerking around his feet skidded off the ground, leaving only his toes to touch the floor. Struggling he lashed out violently towards Lox, who only stood there. After a short moment he looked down at Joey only to realize that Holiday had appeared out of nowhere. Of course she had.

Having been out there waiting for him Holiday had in fact gotten worried. So imagine her surprise to find Lox in the middle of a smack down with Ari as the main attraction. Pushing her way through the crowd behind the teachers Holiday dropped her bag where Adam had been standing and got to her knees beside Joseph. Taking his hands away from his face she inspected the bruise already making itself evident low of his jawbone where Ari had swung at him. Sucking in a breath she scooped his hand up and stumbled to her feet. And by that time Lox had realized she was around. Taking his other hand Lox helped Holiday get Joey to his feet. Mrs. Kim appeared at their side, looking Joseph over with worried eyes. “Let’s get him to the nurse.” She sounded worried. Which would make sense, she was a teacher in the daycare, she had an obvious mother instinct for all the kids in the school. Someone that no one hated. Looking over his shoulder Lox had a feeling that Ari was the exception.

Starting off they dragged Ari and Jake away to the office, planning to stick Lox in with them once Joey was safe and secure – no doubt.

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Hecate | 261 comments (Well they shall look beautiful with detail)

He blantely ignored her while she pushed on his shoulder, trying to get him to turn around. Obviously it hadnt worked for her. "I know it's impossible to believe but Joey can hold his own ground…" he had started to say but behind them were Lox and Holiday, carrying Joey because he was about to collapse. "Uh…" he then decided it was best to keep his mouth shut. He heard Joey groan in pain and immediately regretted leaving his friend. "Usually he's good about holdin his ground." The boy pressed his lips together, wondering if he should say something else or if he should just keep his mouth shut. Maybe it was best the second way. And at that point in time, they had finally reached the nurse's office. She stood up quickly and ran to give aid. Yet somehow it seemed like everything was going to get ten times worse and nothing could make it better.

It took every ounce of energy Joey had left to actually get to his feet and from there on Lox and Holiday were seriously dragging him down the hallway with bruises forming where ever he was attacked. He wasnt sure what had even stopped him from fight except for the fact that he couldn't bring himself to hurting another human being but now look at where he had landed himself. Headed to Nurse Francine. "Was I a wuss?" He asked, noting a metallic taste in his mouth. Had he even been hit hard enough to actually taste blood? It was the weirdest thing. Almost like a dream and he wasn't actually injured. He slumped his head feeling all his energy completely drain before he finally passed out.

"I win." Carson said quickly, grabbing the green out of a fellow students hand. He watched the frown of disappointment cross the other kids face as Carson flipped him off then scampered around the corner to collect on the other bet he had won. It was nice having a guy on school that could beat the shit out of anyone who looked at him in a way he didn't like. Ari didn't stomp around like he would terrorize you and in a way… Carson liked it. Not that he would let anyone else know. But his first and for most love of all was money and nothing would ever replace that little ball of happiness. Just imagining opening an envelope of crisp dollar bills made the guy nuts.
"Oh Carson!" He heard his name which snapped him out of his thoughts. One of his clients- Jag- stood about two feet away. "Where is the stuff man?" He asked.
Carson raised his eyebrow. "I told you I'd get it for you tomorrow." He mumbled, looking around to make sure it was only the two of them. He didn't want to get caught ya know? It would be horrifying. Yet consequences they didn't matter one bit. Not any at all.

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(They DO look beautiful xD)

The babbling Joey wasn’t all that far behind, Lox and Holiday seemed to be hurrying – struggling – with his dragging feet though and were far enough away that whatever Joey was muttering didn’t reach her ears …

Lox did chuckle though, and Holiday gave a little laugh of her own, they both shook their heads at the same time but Lox talked – “As someone who witnessed the whole thing, I can assure you that wuss does not describe your efforts.” He teased formally.

… In fact Adam had turned into the nurses room and suddenly the three others weren’t in sight anymore. Thankful but begrudging Juliet had Adam settle her down on the far cot, but she didn’t lay down. She dropped onto the edge of the white sheets and stripped her boot off timidly as she possibly could – biting her lip into a bed groove as she did. Her ankle had swollen a little but nothing but wouldn’t go down in a matter of a few hours. No doubt by tonight she would be fine again, but at the moment it throbbed. The school nurse wrapped some ice around it, but Joey was dragged in and became easily the main attraction. Which was perfectly fine by Juliet.

Lox and Holiday helped Joey onto his back on the cot beside Juliet, who had brought her foot up onto the fabric, pressing an ice packet to her ankle, eyes averted. Holiday settled onto the bed beside Joey, brushing hair worriedly from his face. Inspecting the bruise further she was interrupted by the overwhelmed and bustling nurse. She moved her hands away from his face, “Sorry, sorry.” She said while standing, backing up towards the wall where she could watch from a short distance. Lox on the other hand backed away in the opposite direction and rubbed through his hair, but he didn’t sound or look exasperated, nor irritated with Ari. Lox would not give into people like him- people so sinful weren’t necessarily role models. He only hoped that one day Ari would find something to guide him to the light, away from anger and fill his heart with good things: love, friendship, happiness, faith. “I should get to the office.” He said ruefully, patting Joey’s leg in a feel-better gesture before leaving.

Ari ripped out of the teachers grasps as they dragged Jake helplessly by the arm down the hallway away from the stunned and paying dispersing crowd. For once he didn’t glare at everyone that he passed, in fact Carson was exempt from this habit of his. The event was mindless and no one noticed, not even himself, but he ripped his arm from the history teacher with a rioted scowl, but he went to the office anyway. Sulking angrily and leaving his stuff strewn across from the lunchroom with care. He didn’t plan on explaining himself to anyone though, Jake knew what had happened, and unlike that asshat Ari could less of a shit about ‘being in trouble’.

Watching as Ari angrily retreated with a barrage of teachers, Mrs. Kim utterly confused as to who to go with, but obviously trusting Lox enough she battered after the trouble makers. Kassie stood there a few seconds, gripping her textbook in one arm she blinked out of her haze and directed her eyes around at everyone. No one was watching her anyway. She flickered her gaze to the ground and then cleared her throat, retreating from the scene. She pushed her way through the moshpit of beat collecting and gossip. Kassie wasn’t particularly hungry, but there wasn’t anywhere else to be aside from the library and the background of a bunch of kids talking seemed somewhat appealing today compared to the realm of her headphones. Of course that would probably not be in the case in the next ten minutes.

Wherever Dwight had been he was back now, back and watching closely - eyes bugged- at the high amount of green Carson was cashing in on before he retreated elsewhere, stopped by whoever. Whatever stuff he was giving this whoever Dwight suddenly wanted a lot of. Whatever it was he really didn’t care – anything to add to his collection. How had he missed such a monumental event! Could Ari do it again!? Soon?! He had to! For his sake, the kid had too! He wanted to see it, he wanted to see and have and consume everything he possibly could. That included emotion- Anger was one o the most interesting emotions to see and egg on. Dwight felt the overwhelming urge to encourage all the anger he possibly could throughout the school – oooh maybe he wouldn’t have to have Ari do it again! Maybe someone else would catch on and do it, and then someone else, and someone else. Ooh delicious! Wait, delicious? Food. He shoved through the crowd without disregard into the cafeteria.

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Hecate | 261 comments (I think I cry of happiness every time I see your replies)

With that being said, Joey closed his eyes. If only he was more persuasive when it came to calming down a raging storm. Though he knew the struggle. But that's why he had decided to take the path he was now on. "Thanks for trying to make me feel better." He mumbled tiredly before he recieved help to be on the table. Talk about embarrassing. He was able to stay upright for two seconds before finally caving into the pillow. He didn't even realize that holiday had been there removing hair from his face. He didn't want her to leave his side after that because he felt even more calm but… she was gone and the nurse was there. Poking and prodding.

Adam shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot as if his nerves would come to a holt but it seriously only made things worse as he watched Juliet on the table bed thing. "Do you need me to get you anything?" He asked carefully contimplating his question while he waited for a reply from her. She didn't look too irritated with him but he couldn't tell with women.

Carson shuffled backwards just a foot or two. "Listen Jag, you gotta be patient. I'll get you the shit you need." He then Made a beeline down the hallway to escape the pressures. He couldn't even explain how some of the people he had business with made him feel. But he liked business. Drugs, money, alcohol. He name it-being something that some would consider as a 'bad' choice.- he was all over it like it was his best friend. He bathed in the glory of doing anything f that would earn him bad boy status and he absolutely wanted nothing more. Well, there was a few things he could imagine having. Some things he would kill for. (Oh gee, I have an idea. What if… Carson and Ari start hanging out more and then one day they decide to do something dangerous and either murder/injure… someone? I don't know… what your thoughts would be. It could be in defense. Like one of Carson's clients try hurting Carson so Ari jumps in or Carson harms someone and then asks Ari for help?)

Racer's eyes locked on the back of Kassie head and despite the fact that he had disappeared with one of the church
going girls and had a good time within fifteen minutes, he still managed to get his stuff together and go over to her. Clearly he was attracted to her; she was absolutely gorgeous. The only problem is he would never leave his lifestyle for anyone. Not even himself, he was so consumed with sex and bodily things that really didn't matter as much. His heart was ice but this was all he had ever known. "Hey," he said sliding into a spot right next to her. He licked his lips casually, tasting the peppermint flavor of lip gloss from the last girl. Thank goodness he always had that 'I just had sex' hair. He pulled it off and maybe it's cuz he always was having a party.

God that excitement had ended way to quickly for Kat to even catch her breathe. She felt like she was having the time of her life watching as Ari had brutely beat up those boys. Was it sad that she had felt the most alive watching someone else hurt like she was even if it wasnt internal. Her heart was mesh and her mind poisoned with thoughts of self harm but every time she tried to pull it off she couldn't. She was being punished for destroying herself. She slumped down against a locker, staying quiet while listening to everyone chatter. One day it would all be gone.

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(Awwwwe, thanks Whit. That makes me feel so loved <3)

This poking and proving eventually stopped, and Holiday stayed there with the healing Joseph, leaning her hip against the edge of the bed, looking down quietly at his face. She was a worrier this one. Holiday cared so much for people sometimes others thought it was a bad thing - she knew this, but Lox didn't, and even If he did she had faith in who she was. Juliet was speaking to Adam but Holiday didn't intrude. She was she, and she had a pair of eyes. Adam and Juliet would make a cute couple one day she had always said it, just not always out loud. Reaching out as the nurse was clicked away at her desk now, having done her job for now, Holiday balefully brushed Joey's hair from his face, his chest movements even and quiet. Holiday was careful with his bruised jawline, head tilting with pressed lips.

Juliet was hard headed but not unwelcoming. So flickering her eyes up and away from her bare foot all wrapped in numbing ice she rolled her eyes. "I'm fine, you should be worrying about the one who was hit hard enough to pass out." She looked over at Joey with vague concern and breathed a heavy sigh. It didn't sound over exaggerated. Juli eased her foot off the cot and let it hang freely off the side of the table, hands clasping the edges of the bed. If her shoulders hadn't been sagging she may have hopped off the bed and strolled - limped - off, her determined nature unyielding. But she stayed put. Patting the spot beside her she said, "Sit with me?" Her eyes were inquiring, though looked slightly tired, but she would survive. Even if that meant that she was starving by the end of the day in refusal.

(Oh that's a good idea. I mean Ari might as well have a friend, and if he gets along with anyone it would be Carson - and maybe, maybe Rowan :p Good ideas! I kind of like the idea of them getting into trouble together instead of one asking for another's hell more though ;3)

Peppermint. Great. Thank for being so damn obvious, Racer. Kassie thought almost bitterly. If it hadn't been for the peppered blush on her cheeks - as usual - than she could have rolled her eyes accordingly away. But she couldn't. So she looked sideways at him with a pressed pair of red lips and then looked away. "Hi." She responded finally. It wasn't like she was going to tell him to go away, she wasn't strong enough or bold enough or any of anything enough to do something like that. The thing was she was so, so torn about him. She liked Racer more than she ever wanted to admit, and it got in the way because so did every other girl in the damn school. She wanted to be one of those girls, she did, but she wanted something more than that too. She wanted everything and nothing all at the same time and it confused her. Therefore she ended up running more times than ten. Who knows what would happen if he went in to kiss her - anything could, dammit! Kassie withdrew from her own thoughts with an unreadable look on her face.

"Holy hell! That was totally badass, who knew right? Ari is a damn good fighter, ha, he whooped Jake's ass without so much as blinking an eye." Rowan laughed, holding his stomach as he had jogged up beside Carson. He could be talking to anyone right now but it seemed he and Carson shared something in common. They had both wanted to watch Ari tip the quarterback to shreds. Encouragement! Where Carson did it go money Rowan did it for kicks. Who else could say they had hollered for the school queer, right? Not that being a queer was weird or anything, hell Rowan was proud to say he had seduced more than just a few girls into bed, plus gay bars were a gutsy move that no straight guy would dive without balls. Therefore - ladies and gentlemen - Rowan had many tales to tell or his oh so badass experiences. Rowan stopped laughed, still grinning as he blew out a last chuckle, shoving fingers through his hair in an effort to calm himself. "Make any money off of him?" He a wondered out loud casually.

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This was awfully hard on Joseph as he waited for an 'okay' to leave. But he knew it would take probably until the end of tr day before it was allowed because of how sever his injuries were. He opened one of his eyes only to find Holiday had remained with him. Which would explain the calm. "You should go to lunch." He muttered. They weren't close at all. But she was a friendly person. Clearly, she had helped drag him to the nurses office. She was such a sweet girl, he felt like he needed to let her go so that she wasnt trapped with him here. He was the one who had interupted ari's fighting and he was the one who had left Ari kick his butt. It was all on him. What an idiot? Right?

"It would appear he is already being taken care of." Adam felt the words come out of his mouth as though there were no filter. Holiday was close to Joey, just supporting him like a best friend would. Adam just felt like Juliet needed someone too. She had freaking twisted her ankle and landed in his arms. It was fate! He finally sat down next to her where she had patted the spot a few times. "I'm sorry this happened. I mean, I know I'm not the reason you're hurt but it still really sucks a lot." His trying to be sympathetic was obviously failing him immensely. He ran his hand through his hair. Awkward Adam had returned.

(I love this! Thank you for roleplaying this idea with! I feel like this is our longest roleplay… except for our couples on AMB)

Racer put his hands in his lap, watching her in thought which pressed onto his mind his own questions and concerns. What if she denied him? What if he wanted to leave his lifestyle? Could she smell the girl on him? What if she was so disgusted with him she wouldn't talk to him again? How would they finish the project? What would be even do? Within seconds questions piled up, but he managed to clear his thoughts and finally ask her, "how are you doing?" It came out very casual and he was surprised that she was still there after he closed his eyes for a second. He stared her down, and obviously she came up as the only person I'm the universe but he had given so much to the devil that the moment a tall girl walked by his head whipped in that direction. The girl was tan with dark brown hair and big brown eyes. Another victim to consume. He was such a hungry guy. He deeded on the energy and he didn't even know it.

Carson looked up from his beautiful wad of cash, only to see Rowan. The guy had a loud but nice voice. He gave him a mischievous smile. "Too bad he didn't finish huh? Everyone ripped him away from kicking Jake's and Joey's asses. Those guys.…" he shook his head. It was ridiculous. He shoved everything into his pocket. "And maybe I did." He finally answered the question regarding to his betting. Of course he gambled on the life of their Ari. He could help that he wanted the kid to be a winner and today he was. No one could say they were disappointed with the results. It was brilliant. Amazingly brilliant.

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(No probs, babe. This idea is pure gold, of course I was going to roleplay it with you!)

Holiday's hand removed itself as one of Joey's eyes opened. They settled together in her lap and a smile overtook her features kindly. "Oh don't be silly, I can eat later, I'm not really that hungry anyway." She had faith that Joey would be perfectly fine, but because she was who she was that didn't stop her from staying here so he wasn't alone. Then again maybe Adam wanted to stick around for the same reason. If so he could just tell her that and she would leave, but as of now she was the faithful friend if a friend who remained selfless in the darkest of situations. Though unbeknownst of her things would get a lot darker as time ticked by. The Devil paid no mind to the virtues, he defiled them all very specifically.

She knew it was a blow to his self esteem but Juliet felt herself laugh anyway. A smile came over her face as she shrugged, “You’re right, it’s not your fault.” She answered. Her ankle was still throbbing but she paid it little mind. Juliet sat there a second with her hands tangled together between her knees, her good foot swinging back and forth, under the cot and then back again. A swing hinged to her knee. Then she pressed her hands into the white sheets and scooted herself closer to Adam. Sitting there beside him there arms brushed as Holiday’s smiling voice carried down to Joey, nice and eased, like a feather in the wind. “…This doesn’t mean you’re calling off that dinner date right?” Juli rose her eyebrows teasingly.

Kassie was never sure how to speak around Racer, it never became clear in her head who she was around him – what she wanted. She liked the attention, she didn’t like the attention. She wanted him, she didn’t want him. She liked him, she didn’t like him. None of his questions would be answered because she didn’t know how to answer them either. Her eyes lifted a second later and she parted her lips as if to say something. He wasn’t looking at her anymore. He was looking at the tall pretty girl; Kassie’s eyes regrettably watched after that girl with her pretty skin and silky hair. Her hand slid into an envies fist on the table top and her green eyes quickly averted themselves. Breifly taking the time to look down at herself Kassie suddenly rose to her feet. Stuffing her binder into her backpack and dragging it up onto her shoulder. “You should go talk to her.” Kassie responded quietly, shoving hair out of her face and starting for the door. Her eyes flickered in the direction of the girl – no matter what she did she was jealous – and her lips pressed tightly together.

Rowan lifted his hands in surrender. “I’m not interested in taking your money, if I did it would be on a dare against my pride.” He stuck a hand over his heart and batted his eyelashes. Very Rowan like. He was like this everyone, but he knew people like Carson could take it, so sometimes he had a tendency to amp it up. He wasn’t quite sure what about him put Racer off but he talked to the guy like they were best friends nonetheless. Rowan waved his hand and settled both hands proudly into his jean pockets. “Ahh, what I would’ve given to see the rest of that fight. You see the look on Ari’s face when Lox stepped in?” Rowan chuckled with hesitance. “Priceless my friend.” Oh what a statement that was …

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Hecate | 261 comments Joey couldn't believe how negative his thoughts were towards himself for helping out Jake. Who surprisingly wasnt put on here. He finally opened both eyes. But barely, sitting up rather carefully and if there was pain he resisted to show it on his face. "You should, I think Lox is waiting for you." Everyone knew that they were super close. Some thought of them as a couple and others said they were brother and sister. But nobody was really sure of the situation. They just happened to be each others best friend. Thought that's not how Adam and Joey were with each other. They weren't attached to each other. But they did love each other. It had been ten years since they met. "Besides, I will survive. As long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive." He muttered the song, his voice almost going monotone.

Adam tilted his head, watching his best friend, but he couldn't even focus on that. Juliet had moved closer and he was being so weird. His emotions were never like this but now his mind was seriously buzzing. Why now was he feeling like this? "I wasn't planning on canceling. I mean, if I have to I can carry you from place to place." He leaned into her slightly more, his head turning so that he could see her more clearly, rather than out of the corner of his eye. He stared for what seems like a long time, his face turning red. "I wouldn't want to cancel our date for anything." He found himself murmuring. He didn't know what it was about her. She was just… amazing.

Racer didn't even know what was happening but he went from seeing a happy-well-happyish Kassie. To this girl who looked like she was going to go ape shit on anyone who talked to her. He knew he had a wandering eye which could have been a problem if he was in a relationship, but Kassie… was jus another girl. "I… no. I was talking to you." He said pointly, thought he would hit the girl later. He pushed himself to his feet when he finally realized that she was leaving. "Wait, I wasn't done talking to you!" He called after her. He didn't understand and within minutes he was next to her. "What's your problem?" Deep down he knew that it was him. He went from being this flirtatious guy to have sex with girls right after he just hit on her. He knew that he was the problem in general. But he didn't know that she had self esteem issues because she was the sin Envy. With those two together… they made one heck of a pair. Basically poisoning each other. If they were ever to become more.

Carson gave him a friendly smile after that. He could trust the guy not to take away his Greed. "I know. I literally thought Ari was going to rip off all their heads. Especially Lox. He thinks he is this God sent kid. I swear that guy would piss me off even more if he came between me and money."Carson didn't like Lox. But then again none of the Sins thought of him as this amazing person like the rest of the school who didn't sin as much thought. "We should get Ari out and make some havoc." Just so he could make more money. Plus, Ari was one of his favorite people in the world.

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Holiday smiled, shaking her head a little. Hopping off the bed she crossed her arms over her chest and cocked one hip, head tilting a bit – like she was questioning whether or not leaving was the best of ideas. “He’s not, he went to the office with the other two.” She answered. It was true she and Lox was incredibly close, but for a very different reason than everyone was thinking. Lox was good looking and all but Holiday didn’t really like others. She figured that one day it would just come, so she let it. Lox would always say to people ‘have faith in yourself, keep your hopes high because you deserve it’. It was her same philosophy, he just enforced it in her well, and so they had become friends. Hip to hip was a good expression for the pair of them. “But I’ll go if you want me too.” She said, unfolding her arms and picking up her book-bag by the lack. Hefting it with ease onto her shoulder. “At least let me get you something from the cafeteria?” she asked kindly, “I’m sure they have something good. Like … tater tots.” Holiday laughed.

His blush was appealing, and when it began coloring his cheeks a girlish giggle left Juliet’s lips. Shaking her head, still smiling she cocked her head and looked up at the ceiling thoughtfully from the corner of her eyes. “Carry me, huh?” she asked rhetorically, “I might take you up on that offer.” She knew she was only joking, she could handle walking into the library, back out again, and then into a resutrant. Seventy-five percent of the time it was likely they would be sitting. Maybe it wasn’t that bad. She had been wearing ankle boots today, that definitely hadn’t helped her. She knew that she wasn’t about to give up and not do anything though – taking it easy wasn’t her style. It was the same as giving up. She admired Joey for the fact that he didn’t back down from Ari, even on the ground he wasn’t pushing himself away, he stayed locked there as Ari kicked out his anger. Juli looked back at Adam, “I think I changed my mind about you picking me up, do you mind?” She didn’t mind driving, but her mom would flip tables if her ankle still hurt by tonight.

Kassie didn’t think she was angry – she didn’t know what she was – it was probably just jealous. That’s all she ever was, wasn’t it? She couldn’t help it, no matter how hard she tried to tell herself that she lived up, she looked down at herself and knew that she didn’t. It was infuriating and Racer never helped. Couldn’t he just leave her alone? She knew he was only playing around, all he wanted from her was a night in bed together and then he would never speak to her again. Kassie stopped, blinking with slight surprise when he appeared beside her. Turning to face him her lips tried to form words, taking a few steps away from the anger. “I … nothing.” She breathed, honestly confused now. She hadn’t realized she had done anything wrong. “I just … I thought you wanted to talk to her so I left. I don’t … have a problem.” She answered, setting her jaw and hugging the book she’d brought with her to her chest.

(I lost it at ‘God sent kid’, oh Carson – dear Carson you have no idea *laughing*) “Tst,” Rowan rolled his eyes away, making a face. He wasn’t much of a Lox fan either, it was pretty brave of him to get out there and do what he did, sure, but everything that came out of his mouth was a false jumble of bullshit. Carson was right, this guy thought he was God’s gift to the world. It was infuriating. He was so much better than him. Hell Racer was better than him, goody-too-shoes. Suddenly his attitude perked and his eyes looked sideways at the money grubber. Mm, what a lovely idea.Rowan smacked his hands together and gave diabolic grin, “Ooh,” he rubbed his hands together, “Jail break, I like it. What kind of havoc are we talking about, Faring?” he lifted his eyebrows, smirking with the plausible idea stoned into his mind.

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Hecate | 261 comments Joseph chewed on his bottom lip as she prepared to leave. He knew she needed to go get some lunch and then head off to her next class. "I'm not very hungry anymore." Which was true. Something about having a lot of injury made him feel like if he ate something he would toss it up in chunks with a funky smell attached. "You have a nice day, okay?" He asked, who knew sending her on her way out the door would make him feel so sad and hopeless. He gave her a little wave and decided he would close his eyes so that it wouldn't be as hard to see her go. Besides, Joey, you still have Adam and Juliet. Though they are kind of having a moment. You could pretend to sleep. Or maybe of your lucky, while pretendin you actually will. he let his thoughts go on for quite some time before his eyelids actually did feel heavy. He wasnt complaining about getting sleep. He would see Holiday later just as he would everyone else. So he allowed himself to drift off into the different world, one where the subconscious controled everything.

Adam watched the other two for a split second. "Yeah, even though you're nothing close to a damsel in distress." He said for her benefit. She was one tough girl. That's what drew him to her. Her personality was beautiful and so lighthearted. She was so amazing. He loved that even though she was hurt, she still wanted to be there for his friend. Such an amazing strong woman to work with. "Oh yeah, I'll pick you up." He said, shaking his head because he always did that when talking to her and it was getting to be sort of embarrassing when he realized she was speaking to him.

(I freaking love Kassie and Racer… they could seriously be the poison to each others souls. Because its like Racer says sweet things to her that make her want him more but then he turns around a hits on other women, which makes her more envious and then Racer lusts for her because she's like the forbidden fruit he's not suppose to taste but he wants it. So since he can't really have her he gets other women.)
Racer cocked his eyebrow, staring down at her extremely beautiful face. "Well, what if I was talking to you and that was more important?" He offered. Even though deep down he knew that later he would be hitting up that girl. That's kind of how he worked. Sometimes one girl would think he was I. This relationship with her and so he would have to play it off until she wanted to break his nose then and only then was he free. "We were talking… removed?" He asked. She was so hot and cold when it came to him but he was pretty sure that he was the exact way. One minutes telling her she was the most pretty woman in the world and the next off flinging some girl's underwear over the bathroom stale because he couldn't wait a second to get her to his car. Yup, Racer was a Class A Asshat.

(That was the plan ;) )
Carson freed his hands when he tucked his money into a safe that was located in his locker. He had this little bank safe that was heavier than shit and only managed to add weight when it came to his money. He could be a millionaire soon. Which sounded amazing. "I'm not sure yet. Do you have any plans in that beautiful head of yours?" He asked, trying to figure out what they should do. They needed to free Ari and fast. Only the did he realize that Lox was in the office. "You know Rowan… Lox is in there."

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(Sorry this took longer than it should have x.x)

Holiday smiled down at him with a look of understanding, though she had never actually been in a fight before so her nod could not be primary knowledge. She reached out and patted his shoulder quietly, "Well alright, if you're sure. Just get some rest, it looks like it really hurts." she pointed out quietly. And as she was leaving she gave Adam and Juliet and little wave. Juliet returned it with a short nod of her head, hands still tucked between her knees. Holiday attempted a faithful wave in Joey's direction but soon realized that he had shut his eyes and pulled her hand back down. Informing the nurse quietly that she may come back later and see if Joey was still around Holiday's presence vanished from the room.

Juliet looked up at Adam and smirked slightly, "I'm not, that's true," she shrugged a shoulder. "But sometimes I like to think that it doesnt matter." Juliet was in fact a though girl and she knew that she was pretty and whatever but didnt really think much about it. She didn't think about it because she could easily take care of herself but every now and again she watched after a couple and tilted her head - wondering if the guy always went for the distressed and the weak. Though she didn't bother trying to change to find out, Juli was well aware that that would get you nowhere and life and people fought for years to know what she knows: Who she is. "Thanks." she answered. She leaned back onto the cot, head tilting off the other end with a sigh. Juliet remembered that she had left all her stuff just sort of hanging around and vaguely frowned at the notion of her things being taken. "Hey, stay here with Joey, I have to go get some stuff." she said, sliding off the cot onto her good foot, the other settling it's toes against the ground. It took her a full five seconds to let the sting fade.

(I love them too. They make me both happy and sad at the time - bipolar shipping xp)
"Doubt it." Kassie muttered involuntarily. Her eyes lilted to the corners of her vision. Her lips pressed together to keep from saying anything more. God dammit why did he have to be this way? Why couldnt he just be not him, for, like, one week? A week of Racer just liking her or a week or Racer ignoring her completely. Both would be so much easier than the way he acted right now. Her mind got so confused so fast and then she just didnt know what to do or how to respond or whether or not she liked him or ... anything. She was a hot mess - no, no not even hot! Just a plain mess. But that blonde cheerleader over there twirling her hair around a slim finger definitely had what she didnt. If she was ever a mess she wouldn't at least be a hot mess. "What's so important that you came running after me?" she asked after a second, hefting her not so heavy book further up against her chest and pulling her shoulders up, eyes looking up through bright lashes.

"Beautiful head of mine? Mm, Carson, didn't know you swung that way." Rowan grinned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Of course he liked his ladies and was totally kidding, though if it came down to it he might go for some guys. Gay pride was pride, and anything to do with pride consumed him immensely. He wanted anything to boost himself and so he appreciated shit like that, though he was far better at holding himself up and was the king-of-dares. He lifted his eyebrows and looked to see that Lox was in fact in the office, seeming to smooth over his place in the fight. "Aside from him deserving it, what are you trying to say?" he asked thoughtfully.

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Hecate | 261 comments (Are you still up for it?)

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(Hell yes I am!! :D)

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Hecate | 261 comments (Okay, good deal! I am writing as of now.)

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(Oh good! I really, really love this rp!)

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Hecate | 261 comments (Me too!! I'm so sorry I didn't reply earlier! I was searching through today wondering why you hadnt replied and all along you were waiting on me)

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(Ah naw, man, naw. I get it, that stuff happens. If I was angry about it you would definitely know xD)

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Hecate | 261 comments (This is very true! xD love ya!)

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Hecate | 261 comments Adam stood up, raising his eyebrow immediately. Juliet was nuts if she though he was going to let her walk around on her bad ankle. "Why dont you sit down? I can go get whatever you need." The nurse hadnt even looked at her yet and he was starting to wonder if she ever way. He glanced over at Joseph to see how the man was sleeping and then he looked back at Juliet. She needed to rest anyhow. At least that's what he would want to do if she was injured badly because a fight broke out. Just like Joseph. Though her situation wasnt… as bad nor maybe it was different than his. He stared at the floor, trying to figure out if she wanted him too.

"Why can't I just come over and talk to you without you questioning my motives?" Racer wasn going to fight her on anything but it felt like arguing seemed like a good idea. He was so surprised that she was a if like he was this horrible person. "I'm sorry with whatever I did." She was glaring a the cheerleader, and it didn't really shock him. He thought she might have had a problem with other people. (Holy shit! This sucks. I'm so sorry.:/ my next post will be like ten times better. I just really wanted to get you a reply.) he gave the cheerleader a smiled, even if she didn't notice just at that moment. He thought she was hot. Super hot.

Carson shrugged. "Nobody really knows." He admitted, giving Rowan this smile. "But I'm all about my money more than anything. I'm sure people believe that I would rather be with an inanimate object than a human." So he wasn't openly gay like some people but he wouldn't deny who he was. Or what he stood for. It was just the way things were. "I don know exactly what. But it bothers me that lox is all up in the business. Why does he have to get in on everything? What the hell is wrong with him?" He asked, shoving his hands in his pockets. "Hmm… maybe I should set him up. I mean… what of we planted drugs on Lox and got him suspended?" He gave Rowan this smile. It was crooked not just by form, but the way his eyes shined.

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(It was fine, I'm happy to see a post ^^
Ps. Kassie wasn't glaring and she's not accusing either. I'm just not very good at writing ... >.> sorry about that.)

Juliet was half shoeless, meaning half as tall on her right foot. Her toes felt cool against the tiled floor of the nurses office. She looked up at him, her stature lopsided. "I'm fine." She answered in return, pouting resting back against the edge of the bed. Juliet leaned her palms against the covers and peered up at him with dark eyes. She glanced down at her throbbing ankle with a disdained frown. Adam was right - Juliet thought begrudgingly - she was going no where on this ankle. So much for wearing heels tonight. Working out what else she could wear tonight other than a pair of heels or boots she wanted to frown at the mere idea of a pair of sandals. Yes she was a fashion freak sometimes, but at least it took her mind off of other things. Other things like having to so heavily rely on her date for something so simple. "It doesn't hurt that bad or anything." She slid onto the cot and hoisted her leg up, examining her ankle and settling the ice pack over it once again. She looked at Adam a second later, "...My bag is just sort of hanging against my locker. Just grab and shut is all." But she wanted to do it herself. Juliet appreciated help but unfortunately she felt like a damsel in distress that they had both established that was certainly was not.

Kassie stood there a second with slightly round eyes, staring between him and the floor and maybe the wall every now and again. Those green gems looked shocked to be so called out like this. At least she was being noticed by him, right? At least that was the small upside that she could see in this ridiculous mess. Kassie cleared her throat, suddenly feeling very accused. Her jaw clenched and her bright eyes swung away - angry for once. "Racer if you want to talk to me stop that. I'm not some play toy." Her words were sugared in venom, in which very little people had ever heard, much less expected from someone like Kassie. But unfortunately the girl was so damn angry, it was all bottled up and Racer was loosening the cap. She dropped both arms to her side and turned to forcefully leave, walking away and trying to not to feel remorseful or bothered ... Or sad.

(Did Carson just imply that he may be gay? Because that made my day xD)
Rowan rose his eyebrows curiously, head tilting. "That so?" He asked, but his question was never answered because ... Yeah he wasn't sure he could see Carson with anyone actually. If he thought really hard about it it seemed sort of strange, the guy would much rather roll in a giant pit of money. Rowan was all for money, he was all for chicks, games, dares, truths, sex, drugs, rock-&-roll and all that jazz. His eyes flickered sideways to look at the office yet again, the blondes lips moving with impeccable ease. Rowan's eyes looked bored. Slowly the edge of his lips lifted upward, "I like that idea. You got any on ya?" His lips hadn't even closed before Kassie's figure brushed past them and continued down the hallway. She didn't look happy. Rowan looked over his shoulder briefly.

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Hecate | 261 comments (It's coming soon! I pinky swear. And racer just reads Kassie wrong cuz he's a jerk and yes Carson did admit such things.)

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(http://grist.files.wordpress.com/2014... I'm so in love with him right now. Gays guys, man, gay guys are the best XD)

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Hecate | 261 comments (I work with a ton of them. I think they are amazing! One of my teacher is so studly)

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Hecate | 261 comments Adam watched her facial expressions feeling super bad. She clearly wanted to do stuff on her own to prove that she was capable even if she wasnt exactly as capable as she thought she was. He shoved his hands in his pockets waiting for her reply and when he got it, he gave her a crooked smile, hoping to get a good reaction. Sometimes when he smiled like this he looked like a creep. But at least it let off that things were okay. "I'll be right back." He promised, just as the nurse got up to check her ankle. It was spranged of course.
Adam however knew she was in great hands, so he moved rather quickly to go get her bag.

Racer was surprised that she called him out but it kept him quiet. Was he really treating her like she was a play toy? Just someone he could mess with? It want his goal in life. He just saw other women. He would flirt with many girls but only one really stuck to him. And that's what reminded him of… Rowan. One girl could potentially be his down fall which he didn't want to believe. Who would want to think that some girl could end the game with a look. It was awful.

"I do actually." Which is why the plan would be perfect. And then Ari would be let out and they could… talk. Or something. He was so proud of that guy. But when he noticed Rowan watching Kassie he raised his eyebrow. "What do you think that was about?" He found himself asking. Carson kept to himself but watching her made him want to know what could possibly be the case. Did someone upset her? He looked over at th attractive Rowan and sighed deeply.

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(They are. One of my best friends is gay and he's awesome. Sometimes a pain in the ass, but awesome nonetheless xD
Ps. 'The Attractive Rowan' I died, that was perfect, ahaha :p
Pss. Could you maybe post the links to your characters again? Only Racer's translated from email and I can only remember what one of the twins and Adam looks like aside from that c:)

Juliet bit her bottom lip but unfortunately a laugh protruded from her throat and with it came a smile. She had never really thought about daring before, not anyone in particular that is, not to mention that Adam had always seemed so sheltered. Had she not been who she was it was likely whatever relationship they had right now would either be, one; really awkward, or two; nonexistence. The latter was far more likely. She watched Adam retreat and was looked at by the nurse. Probing and poking got neither of them anywhere because it was obvious with one hard jab of the thumb that her ankle was sprained. She didn't need a nurse to tell her she would be begrudgingly clunking around with a boot. Gross. No. Juli refused, it would her better without the boot, she was determined on just wearing flats for the next month or so.

Rowan shrugged his shoulders, "Don't know." He looked over his other shoulder at the cafeteria. He wasn't sure but that looked a lot like Racer standing there. Pride snorted loudly and shook his head, "Maybe Racer offered a gang bang." He chuckled deviously. Rowan was never sure if he was friends with that kid or not, but he liked him well enough. And the teasing remark? He teased everyone regardless of who they were. He got around enough to have the dirt he needed. Waving a hand Rowan cut the subject off by its strings and plowed ahead with the real situation. "Drug bust. Let's go double-o-seven." He gestured universally for things to continue on as they had before.

Meanwhile Kassie rounded a corner, vaguely registering Adam at Juliet's locker. She ducked into the girls bathroom as quickly as she possibly could big not before being spotted by Dwight. The guy gave her a wide eyed look, eyes roaming up and down her body. "Can I--?" She shut the door behind her abruptly and stood there a second with her back against the door. Great. What a wuss move. Hide in the bathroom. Kassie shut her eyes and moved over to the sinks. Dropping her ah onto the floor she leaned against the wall. A second later and she slid down onto the probably not so clean floor and just sort of sat there. Had she really just said that? It's true! she thought viciously, the other half of her whimpering for a second chance. Why the hell couldn't she just be a normal teenager?! That guy had promised her everything she wanted and yet here she was looking and sounding and feeling and saying and doing all the same things. Nothing had changed that bastard.

Dwight pouted on the other side of the door. His sentence would never be finished and he was itching to talk talk talk to someone. Anyone. If he couldn't eat or bundle or anything he had to talk. And so Adam came into his vision as his next victim. Shooting down the hall Dwight smacked his shoulder against the locker next to Juliet's. "Do you have any hats? I'm short or hats and I met this guy today with a really awesome hat. I want one," he babbled pointlessly. He looked openly into Juliet's locker in hopes of finding something usual. Maybe a hat. Maybe perfume. Maybe money. Maybe ... Something else. Whatever it was his eyes settled on the photos of the girl and a bunch of unfamiliar people dabbled down the interior of the locker door. "Ooohoh." He sighed.

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Adam had been surprised by the visit, stepping at an angle away from her locker. He quickly grabbed her bag, before shutting the locker, almost on Dwight's face. "Sorry, I just don't think Juliet would like you in her locker." He said quickly, turning to walk. Dwight was a strange one that many avoided because he had 'sticky fingers' and even if Adam was a virtue he was going to walk away. Just leave it where he was though he knew it was sad to he lonely. He just felt off about it. He noticed Carson and Rowan on his way back to the nurses office… something about them seemed off to him. And he couldn't exactly put his finger on what it was.

Carson followed his gaze, eyes landing on Racer.he must have been the one to piss off Kassie that had to be the reason why she stormed by th way she did and it made perfect since. Racer was a charmer. He liked to get in flirt, make you feel like you were worth something and then he would switch things up on you and get another woman involved. You would be throw to the side and that would be the clear end to things. At least, Carson had witnessed stuff. Never had it actually happened to him because he didn't like racer like that. He liked boys. Just not Racer boys. Rowan boys were an acception. Ari boys… were his thing. No it didn't make sense. He liked a super angry type. When he was focusing on that instead of money. Guys like Lox and Adam and Joseph… they didn't make the cut. He let out a sigh starting towards his locker. Well his other locker. Under a different name. "Who's ready to ruin a life today?" He asked with a wicked sexy smile.

Katerina moved out of the bathroom stall, not noticing the girl at first as she made her way towards the sink to wash her mouth off. Throwing up was disgusting of course, when she finally felt Kassie's presence. She let out a sigh and turned her body towards the sad looking girl. "Hey." She mumbled, clearly focusing too much energy into that direction that it hurt. She just wanted to make sure that the girl was okay, though she wasnt goin to focus on her to much. She felt that someone else was in there too and that's when Vanessa came out of the stall. She felt awkward but she gave the two girls smiles anyways.

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(Oh jeez now I'm trying to picture Carson and Ari together - it's both weird and amazing at the same time XD Like my gosh does Carson have a body x.x)

Dwight blinked at the sudden disappearance of the photos. He needed more photos - albums, yes he needed big fat photo albums. They would go nicely with all the books in his shelf he had never read. But they smelled good. They smelled so good. He turned to watch Adam as he left with Juliet's bag of belongings. Frowning nervously he shifted from foot to foot, chewing the inside of his cheek. He needed to do something for heavily sake. Something something something! But there wasn't anything he could do or anyone he could talk to. Apparently Adam couldn't give him a hat either so he walked away in search of one instead. Damn he should've asked that man where he hadn't gotten it! Some guy passed by him and he plucked the book from his hand - leaving the guy confused and speechless. But what else could you expect from Dwight? If he had no one to talk to then he may as well learn of new words and maintain character interaction.

Unaware of Carson's thought Rowan tilted his head after Kassie with a smirk clouding over his face. Or pushing the clouds away was more like it. His white teeth bloomed brightly as a thought occurred to him. Kassie. Hell he hadn't thought about Kassie before. Rowan would go after Kassie, maybe make her smile for once in her life. Self pride was good- especially when he could boast about it, even if it was for others. His good intentions never ended up being good and turned up daisies to the other more often than not (110% of the time to be precise). Lost in his god forsaken ego Row's eyes caught Carson's movement. He followed along side him, whistling nonchalantly as Adam passed the pair of them. "Hey Pritchard," he laughed smugly. "Joey for his ass handed to him, lose any bets?" He grinned openly. Oh - and Row was not a nice person. Chuckling him off he came up beside Carson as the locker popped open. "Dude I'm always ready. That moron deserves it, every time he talks my ears go numb."

Kassie looked up at Katrina, biting her bottom lip shyly. She and Katrina had never really been close close friends like her only two friends in school - who have convinentally not been seen since this morning. Nonetheless she managed a smile in return. Then Vanessa came along and the red head pressed her lips together, staining the smile on her face. Vanessa was pretty. It bothered her that she couldn't have what she had. Not to mention a sister for that matter. Nope Kassie had a mother who didn't really care and a father who left when she was seven. Sadly she remembered him and that hurt even more beside obviously she wasn't good enough for him, so why anyway else right? Kassie got to her feet and lugged her bag back over her shoulder.

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Adam couldn't help but roll his eyes towards those boys for their rudeness towards his best friend, despite that he never felt that way towards anyone. Negativity was raining surprise and he felt like it was caving in on the Virturs. They needed their heavenly manners.
Meanwhile, Carson pulled out the bag of items and looked around. He watched Adam continue on without saying anything. Good. He was free to pin everything on Lox. He could hardly wait. And this was a great thing because he knew where the other boys locker was. "I feel like… I'm king to be sad for giving these away but I know it's worth a shot. " he couldn't wai to see the look on the teachers face. Because try absolutely loved him. Of how about that Holiday girl. She could be shocked because he was her best friend. Why would he do stuff like that? And not to mention the look on his very own face. He couldn't just get away with get away with being a little shit and gettin Ari to stop the pure rage that he put on tht other kid. For all they know that other kid deserved it. He called Ari a word that Carson even shivered at and Carson didn't really give a shit about words. But Carson understood. He wasnt your most forward gay man. He wasnt open at all. I mean, he was open. Nobody asked. Or he would answer.

Vanessa washed her hands and glanced in te mirror at the other girls. "You two look super pretty today." She said with a confident smile. She didn know whether or not to feel awkward about the situation because she was standing between two Sins who were clearly unhappy. Katerina was so withdrawn she didn't really focus on Vanessa. She was too busy eyeing Kassie who was totally going to leave her with the over happy girl and that wasnt about to happen.

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(It didn't suck, there wasn't a lot to say anyway)

Rowan rose both eyebrows, "Dude you got plenty of that stuff, just think about the look on Lox's face when everyone finds out he's 'not really who he says he is'." He grinned boastfully. He blocked the view of the nearest hallway camera nonchalantly, "Stuff it in your bag and we'll go pop open blondies locker before lunch is over." He said like the pro he was. Ro took pride in his ability to think so tactically. He was sly both on and off the fly, and knew damn well how many wannabes looked up in his direction. He was so high they had to crane there heads to even try and see to his level of expertise. Once the deed was done Ro and Carson walked casually down the hallway, Pride flickering hai gaze around broadly but scanned the lack of activity. Finding Lox's locker he pressed his ear to the locker and then pssted and wiggled the hook and then shoved it upward, jabbing his elbow against the metal and then the pale locker suctioned and cracked open. "Tadaa!" He chuckled, slapping both hands together.

Kassie pulled in a heavy breath and held it there a second. Her hands felt clammy and she felt irritated. You look pretty? Really? Vanessa was the one that looked pretty, god dammit. Couldn't these girls just leave her alone? It was hard enough knowing that she looked absolutely nothing like them, but knowing that they were all targets on Racer's never ending list. She imagined that if and when he graduated he will have screwed almost every girl in the school, the exception being her because he was so damn ... Confusing. It hurt her brain more than anything to think about how much she loved and hated him at the same time and what she wanted and didn't want and liked and didn't like and ... wanted from others. Stop. Lying. she thought inwardly, flickering her gaze towards the door, but she knew that if she left that Racer might possibly be around and she didn't want to risk it. So instead she vaguely nodded her head and turned to look at the sink as she washed her hands after sitting on the dirty floor a moment before.

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"I would say I would kiss you, but I don't think the appropriate." Carson said jokingly. Even though he knew Rowan would hang anyone with legs and a potiential prideful thought. He grabbed the stuff out of his bag, setting very thing in Lox locker. He knew that he wouldn't patiently be able to wait for the administrators to find it. So now it was the thought of trying to find a way for I all to unravel. What if they sent someone. What if… they had someone tell a teacher that they had seen Lox. Who woyld he into framif some random guy who had his aura leaking a 'I'm too good for you' stench. He felt his heart beat rapidly in his chest. "What should we do now?" He asked. Maybe Rowan would know.

Vanessa went over to the paper towel dispenser. "I really like the way you hair is done Kassie. It's elegant." She wouldn't say she was jealous about it but she certainly did like te way it looked. "We should hang out sometime." She wanted too. She thought Kassie would be pretty cool. She knew though that the girl was shy. Or that's what she thought. She didn't know hat Kassie envied everyone but if she had she would have tried to make her feel like she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

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Rowan looked up at him slightly, he was only a hair shorter but nonetheless he told himself that he was the biggest bad side in the world. Leaning casually against the locker as if he were a shield the guy cocked an eyebrow. "I'm starting to think you do swing that way." He pointed our deviously. His grin was wolffish as well, a gleam springing to the forefront of his or editorial vision. Once the deed was done Rowan reached into the locker and grabbed for the smallest thing he could find. Removing the let-it-go item he shouldered the locker shut. This was a tactic in which assumed to any preying camera that they had been searching for something other than revenge. He twiddled the littered magnet between his fingers and pushed away from the chilly surface of the school compartments. "We can one," Rowan held up finger número uno. "Go straight to the head honcho and oh-so-boldly declare that we smelled something funny oozing from blondie's locker. Or was can two," another finger went up. "Find someone to do the dirty work for us and lazily sit back and watch our work unfold." He rose his eyebrows expectantly.

Kassie stood there a second, bitterly shocked by the fake barrage of words she was being spoken. Staring at herself in the mirror her eyes scolded her bright hair. Though it could be throughly used to more promptly establish herself the girl had never found the foothold, not the will to openly compete with all the girls and boys she disliked so much. Much more hated. Racer flashed to mind on both occasions, but Envy was well aware that he would appear under the categories 'like' and 'love' as well. Flashing a not so happy smile in the corner of her eyes towards Vanessa she washed her hands and dried her hands off. "I'm not really that interesting." She said vaguely, not looking towards the twin. "...But thanks." Kassie mumbled quietly, slowly pushing a hand through her red locks and walked sideways towards the door, turning on her toes and gripping the handle. Pulling it open she set herself free.

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