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NAME: Valentine Juliet Jackson
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
DOB: May 26
POB: Cambridge England
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

APPEARANCE description

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Val has natural bright red hair that she usually keeps down, or in a braid. Her hair is slightly wavy and falls to her mid back. She is 5’ 10 and has small feet. She has tan skin for a ginger, though still paler than a beach bunny. She has freckles on her nose and cheeks, and few on her arms. Her eyes are a light green and have light gold flecks sprinkled in. She keeps her nails long, but not too long. Just long enough that French tips look natural.

Valentine is physically fit, she does karate, gymnastics and ballet. Which creates a fierce and soft personality. She has a strong upper body, and a not as stron lower body- but all around she Is healthy and physically fit. It also helps that she is double jointed.

PERSONALITY: Val loves to be active and have fun. You won’t catch her inside on the computer much, you’ll find her outside- either climbing trees, swimming or playing some sport. She loves to go out with her friends to the movies, shopping, or to the gym. She likes to laugh, and be silly. She can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face, and she never likes to leave anyone out. Sure she has her group of friends, but its open for everyone. Val is not shy, but outgoing and energetic. She also loves to sing, she sings everywhere. It’s her inspiration and musicis what she turns to when she is sad or upset. She also turns to her dancing and karate. She loves to kick, chip, jump and hit things with her limbs. She has taken classes for six years and is close to a black belt. She has also taken ballet for 12 years. She is described as graceful, flexible and soft- by her teachers and audience. She lives to dance, she has been in most of the ballets that her company has put on and her gymnastics experience also helps. (view spoiler) she likes to do backflips, probably more that she should. But that's just a bit of her wild side coming out.
HISTORY: Valentine’s parents moved their family here from Europe when she turned 2. They wanted to come and have a new life, a scene change. Their family quickly became known in their area, and Val found her best friend __________ at that time as well. They were next door neighbors and inseparable. They have been through think and thin, and have many more ups and downs to come.

Mother: Grace
Father: Jared

RELATIONSHIPS: none at the moment.


PET PEEVE(S): (see dislikes) Scratching of silverware on plates.

-Being active
-Falling in Love
-Hanging out with _______
-swimming and other water activities
-playing the piano and guitar

-Being alone
-Huge open spaces
-When her dad has to leave home for business
-Being bored

NAME: Nate Fredrick
AGE: 17
GENDER: male



PERSONALITY: Carson is awa sarcastic, fun-loving, jokester. He plays pranks all the time, with his brother. Carson and _______ are close. Reeeaaally close- like they hardly do anything without each other. They have been in neverland since they were teens. They sometimes finish each others sentences, its almost like they can read each others minds.

History: Nate grew up in 20 century England. He's dad was abussive and his mom died giving birth to him. He is the youngest member of the Losst Boys and it doesn't bother him. :D

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments Name: Avery Leal

Nickname: Aqua

Age: 17

Birthday: 10/31

Place of birth: What she likes to call NOWHERE Texas.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

 photo hair.jpg
She has bright turquoise and green hair, for now it usually changes every few months. Her skin seems almost too white, and she is 5'4. She always wheres tank tops and long jeans, though with all of the sun she gets she doesn't even get a little bit tanner. Her eyes are light blue, but her contacts make them bright purple, she hates her glasses.

Personality: She has slight anger issues and can't help but criticize everything and everyone around her, everything about her is unlikable and she doesn't get along with most people. She has a sweet spot for pre-Victorian and Victorian romance novels, but no one except Vals knows this.

History: Being born in the country she never really had any neighbors, and with strange parents like hers, who were always coming up with different natural remedies, and things none of the kids in the tiny school she went too really liked her. When she was two a family moved in next to her with a little red-headed girl, they talked funny and the little girl giggled loudly when she first heard the word y'all. At first Aqua, the nickname she had been given when she accidentally fell into the river behind her house and even though she had never swam before she was able to save herself easily, didn't like the new girl, but they became friends after a couple months and Aqua throwing lizards at the windows. The new family were an instant hit in the small town, though Aqua's family was still ignored and whispered about, but she couldn't care less. Aqua and Val were best friends and couldn't be separated.

~Playing the drums

~Loud noises
~Physical activities
~Getting along
~Lots of other things. . .

Name: He's forgotten it.

Nickname: Bones

Age: 154 (appears 15)

Birthday: January 19, 1860

Place of birth: Scotland

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Brown hair, red-orange eyes, 5'5"

Personality: Bones loves everything and everyone, he was named after the pirates that kidnapped him right before he was found by the lost boys, he is a great sword fighter and can climb to the top of the tree house in less than a minute

History: Bones grew up in nineteenth century Scotland, he wasn't extremely poor, but he didn't have much to his name. When he was about to turn fifteen he went on a walk outside the house he was living in with his parent's best friends, when he was attacked by thieves in the woods on their land he was left unconscious and when he woke up everything was different. He was on a ship, he could feel the water moving under it, but he had no idea where he was, when his kidnappers brought him out they said that they had fished him out of the water and accused him of being something called a 'lost boy'. When the pirates offered him a place aboard their ship he accepted, not really seeing another choice, but that didn't last long since a boy about his age named Peter saved him and he joined the band of Lost boys. Last night he went to sleep as he normally did, but when he woke up he was somewhere new, somewhere that looked nothing like Scotland in the 1800s, somewhere that looked nothing like his beloved Neverland, he recognized nothing of this world. His favorite of the other lost boys is Nate, they are physically the oldest, even older than Peter, though Peter was in Neverland long before either of them

~Hide and Seek


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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments Laying back on the roof of her parent's dark blue barn Aqua closed her eyes, her bright red tank top smooth against her thin form. Her normal completely blank expression was gone, replaced by a slightly wistful look and her head face the sky. She opened her violet eyes and stared at the light blue of the endless Texas sky. The pair had skipped school for the day since Aqua's parent's said they would be in the next town for the day getting supplies for their next hippie art project, so her house would be empty until probably five or six. Her skin seemed to glow in the country sun, though not healthily as her best friends did, more like a firefly that had accidentally lit up at noon instead of midnight. "So anything interesting from the more popular side of things?" she asked, Vals had always had lots friends, people that tended to criticize her for hanging out with the weird kid of the flower-power couple that dressed in beads, were almost always shoeless, and could cure anything with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and hot water, but she never cared, the two girls were basically inseparable, even though Aqua despised most of Val's other friends, more for existing in general than for being friends with Val, it wasn't like Aqua was jealous she just didn't get along with people.

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Valentines lay peacefully abaunst the warmth of the blue painted barn. Her white sundress reflected the light of the Texas sun brightly. Along with Valentines bright red hair, the astronouts in space could probably see her. They wernt really allowed to be on the roof, but since Awua's parents would be gone for some time, might as well.

"Interesting? Not really just a bunch if boy drama and Claire trying to be funny." Val's said simply. She loved her friends, but sometime he really just needed to get away from that. She knew what Awua thought about her other friends, an she knew how she felt about them too. But no one could replace aqua, not even close.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Eww." Aqua said shortly, they had both been quiet for a while, which was exactly how she liked it. The best part about the Texas country side was the quiet, everything else was pretty much awful. In town everything was noisy, the cars, the teenagers, the brats, everything loud and annoying, it all just gave Aqua a headache. "I still wish my parents would home school me." she said with a quiet chuckle.

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"Oh, I could never do that. I think I need people more than people need me." Valentine admitted as she sat up. The roof creaked with the sudden change of weight. Val sighed openly, her voice floating away in the breeze. Sometimes it was too peaceful here, but for now it was just right.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "The only thing public school has is the swim team, and even that is starting to get dull since we always win." Aqua chuckled, thinking of the last two years as they won competition after competition. "Really if they would let me graduate early I'd be set, and they probably would if I actually attended classes once in a while" she smirked mischievously.

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"I wish we could just get away. Have a nice vacation- for like a year." Suggested Valentine dreamily. They beach, with the sun and tropical air. Not dusty and in the middle of no where. Valentine stood up and walked around before sitting on the other side of Aqua.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "We should, just ditch the high school dipoloma and run away, we could could make baskets out of banana leaves in the Florida Keys." Aqua suggested, a slightly sarcastic look on her face, of course she was partially serious, she had always wanted to live somewhere humid, and central Texas definitely was not.

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"Because I want to make a living making baskets out of leaves, definitely." Val's said sarcastically. Then she laughed to herself. "We could run away though...." She added seriously. She thought about the idea, she and her best friend taking on the world.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments Aqua grinned, though instead of the normal cocky grin she had it was more innocent and wishful "We could discover an island, make it like Disney's Castaway Cay but with less tourists." she stood up and mimed sword fighting "Fight bandits" then she moved her hands to her heart and made a pose like Snow White. She laughed and landed back on her butt on the roof. "Just to get my corniness of the day out of the way" she smirked, her smile now back to being cat-like and dripping with sarcasm.

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"That's a wonderful idea! " valentine gushed. We could fight pirates, and save princesses, receiving the riches of the world!" She added through img her hands in the air heroically.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Except that really pirates don't exist anymore, and the princesses just aren't as cool now that they don't dress in 17th garb, the guys definitely aren't as attractive since then either." Aqua laughed staring up at her friend, she checked phone's clock, it was almost 2:00, which meant her parents would be home in less three hours.

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"Want to go for a walk? To kill time tun till your parents come home?" Vals questioned. She wanted to walk around, get some of her excess energy out that she had built up from talking about running away.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Sure, fields out the back of my place, or should we go up towards yours?" Aqua asked, Val was the closest neighbor she had, though she was still a mile up the dusty dirt road. She dropped down the side of the roof, her fingers letting go of the edge as she dropped the ten feet to the soft ground.

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Valentine waited to answer her friend till she joined her in the ground. Valentine walked to the edge of the roof and did a handstand- just for fun. She held it for a good 30 seconds before she dropped back onto the roof. Then she copied Aqua by taking the edge of the roof by her hands, she pushed off the wall with her legs and landed a backflip on the ground. She laughed and turned to Aqua. "Up to mine" she commented.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Have I ever told you I don't think that's fair?" Aqua asked with a laugh "Oh wait, every day for the past fourteen years." the light breeze blew her hair around annoyingly, she threw it up in a messy bun with the hair tie she always kept around her wrist. Then she tightened her combat boot laces and they headed off toward Val's house.

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Valentine's tan flats where becoming more brown as they kept walking. The dust blew all around and vale ting had to shield her eyes form the in. These were the times that she really wished she lived somewhere else- even back in England, where the sun wasn't so hot, there was no dust, and her accent didn't stick out.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments They were about halfway to Val's house when Aqua's parents drove by, in their stupid silver prius. "Did school get out early?" Her dad asked after he stopped the car beside the, Aqua looked at Val then quickly nodded "Yea they let us go before the last hour." she said, knowing her dad wouldn't question her. "Well have fun!" Her mom said happily, her face simply shining in the Texas sun.

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Valentine laughed and smiled with ease. She waved goodbye as she said "see you later!" With a big smile. The car was soon out sight and the two began walking again. They reached her house and she swung open the screened door. Her aunt and uncle were out in the town at work so Valentine knew they would be alone.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "The one thing about having really dumb parents, they have no clue what I do all day." Aqua laughed, she maybe attended her classes once a week, preferring to skip and hang out a the coffee shop across the street from their school and scroll down her tumblr dashboard for eight hours while she waited for swim team practice in the afternoons, and since she was such a good swimmer the school didn't even penalize her for not showing up to class, probably also because she never failed a test or course. "So, two weeks till Christmas break, you going to Cambridge again?" The blue hair girl asked as she went straight to her friends kitchen to raid the fridge, which was the normal thing that she did almost every time they entered either of their houses.

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"Yeah probably. But guess what?!" Valentine asked excitedly. She sat down in the family laz-e boy. Sh wrung her hand excitedly as she waited for her friend to peek out from their ice-box.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "What?" Aqua asked, a piece of lunch meat in her hand as she shut the fridge door with her foot. She ripped a bite of the meat off with her teeth as she jumped up onto the counter and crossed her legs.

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"My parents said that you get to come with me! Would you want to come visit them?" Valentine's parents moved back to Cambrige two years ago- she was currently living with her aunt and uncle, who happily moved into her parents two story white brick house.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Anywhere is better than nowhere." Aqua grinned, another Christmas decorating a tree with peace signs and lines and lines of coloured beads. "When do we leave?" she asked curiously.

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" in a week. So you get to miss another week of school. I'm just going to get all of my homework and do it over there." She admitted to her perched friend. "I'm so excited to get to see them again!" Cheered Val.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "So, one more week of drinking espresso straight, then off to leave the country for the first time." Aqua laughed, finishing the meat she had in her hand and banging her boots against the cabinet beneath her absently.

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Valentine nodded happily. "Your completly right. So that's a yes?" Valentine asked knowingly. She stood and grabbed a box of cheez-its from their walk-in pantry. She brought them back and set them on the counter for them to share.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Of course it is! Though I'm not sure about flying, never even been on a plane." Aqua shrugged, shoving her hand into the cheez-its box and bringing it out with a handful of the fake cheese covered addictive squares. "Maybe we'll run into some guys who can actually dance, guys here think thrusting and shaking counts as dance when really it's nothing but. . ." She trailed off in a grin as she pushed herself off the counter and did a few steps of a dance she had learned from one of the many Jane Austen movies she was so obsessed with.

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"Oh, planes arnt so bad." Valentine reassured until Awua went on a rant about dancing. "I agree, but you know what dance I prefer." Valentine said standing up and walking into the open area. She did a very simple spin and jump.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "But you can't exactly dance ballet with someone unless they are part of the performance." Aqua smirked and leaned against the counter again, eating the little crackers in her hand.

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Valentine nodded her head, true- but I would rather dance with a ballet partner- than at a club." Yes she was the pot calling the kettle black, since she went to parties all the time and danced with boys, but still ballet dancing was so much more intimate and graceful.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "How about neither, a pre-victorian style ball would be the best bet." Aqua said cheesily, though she was completely serious. She grabbed a soda out of Val's fridge and popped it open, sucking the foam off the top before it dripped onto the floor.

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"Oh my word how perfect!" Said valentine prancing around the kitchen pretending to dance with a partner. She laughed as she imagined herself in a ballroom, until she saw the guy she was dancing with. A very vivid image of him. She opened her eyes a she gasped. Her foot slipped and she landed on her butt in the middle if the kitchen.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "You okay?" Aqua asked raising an eyebrow at her friend on the floor. She had fallen out of surprise for something, what she had no clue of.

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Valentine laughed at herself as she stood up. " yeah I'm ok. I.... I saw- never mind it's not tht important. Just silly." Valentine flashed a reassuring smile and sat up on the counter with her friend. "So what's new with you? It's been a whole day since we've talked about your side of life."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments Aqua shrugged, knowing her friend wouldn't want to talk about it until later, mostly likely when Val would call her at three in the morning, another time where Aqua would be on Tumblr once again. "What is new? Just more cat gifs and wanna-be goth guys that say they're from Dallas flirting with me." she shrugged, her blog said that she was from Dallas since it was a lot cooler than being from Nowhere Texas and they were only an a couple hours away from the city anyway. "Got a couple new followers, nothing really interesting from the internet universe." she grinned, and speaking of her favorite website, she took her android out and tapped the tumblr app.

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"What about in real life Aqua? The world, with live humans?" Valentine teased poking her friend lightly in the arm. She smiled warmly and sat cross legged as well.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Nothing, literally. Well the Keaser guy that's the barista at Roaster's during school almost killed my laptop with coffee, thankfully we were able to save it before I through him out a window." Aqua chuckled, at the time she had been ready to explode and rip the guys arms off. "I don't like humans, they bore me." she smirked "Except you of course." she stuck her tongue out at Val and crossed her eyes her bright purple eyes.

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"Well I'm you think I'm so interesting." Valentine said sticking her tounge back out at Aqua. "We should go swing at the park." Valentine suggested jumping off the counter. She looked outside and saw the heat bouncing off the pavement. "Well, maybe it would be cooler inside..."

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Fifteen years here and you're still not used to the heat, and it's not even summer." Aqua grinned and walked back out the screen door, letting it slam behind her accidentally and cringing when it made noise. "I'm just glad you actually agreed to skip with me today, you're such a teacher's pet, it's like you never even miss." Aqua chuckled with a teasing smirk.

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"I never miss because I actually want to get into college, especially a college if my choice." Said valentine logically. She sat on her front steps in the shade. Even in the shadows it was almost 1000 degrees. How in the world can you handle this heat?" She asked fanning herself with a manicured hand.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "It's my natural habitat, and why you want to go to college I don't have a clue." Aqua laughed, she wasn't even sweating, she wished her skin would darken like Val's by it was destined to stay almost translucent for the duration of her life. She smiled at her friend as continued to the 'park' that was oddly in the middle of nowhere, since where they lived was supposed to be some fancy community before the housing bubble burst, but it had swings and dilapidated slides that looked like they had been through a hurricane.

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"I have to go because I need a job." She said slightly frustrated with herself. She had to get a good job, that way her parents would see that she couldn't handle herself in the real world. They wouldn't ask her accept her position in England. She wouldn't leave Aqua or her school, just to accept some petty title back at her home.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "You do not need college to get a job, the Olympic team is going to pick us Up for swimming and you know it." Aqua smirked, she knew they probably wouldn't but hey wishful thinking was never looked down on.

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"They wouldn't pick me for swimming, maybe for gymnastics though...." Said Valentine doubtfully. "Even if we get a gold metal- what good would it do?" She asked in a retort.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Not sure, what do Olympians do after they are too old?" Aqua asked as they came up on the park.

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"Probably shine their metals and watch reruns of their Olympics." Laughed Valentine trying to brighten her mood. She jogged over to the swings and climbed into one.

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Tessa  (panicrocks95) | 1539 comments "Or watch the new ones and reminisce." Aqua shrugged with a smirk as she followed her friend, she sat on the swing next to Val, though she didn't actually swing.

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Val pumped her legs and propelled herself higher. She closed her eyes and just felt the air around her and the sounds of the few wildlife.

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