Beauty from Love (Beauty, #3) Beauty from Love question

I need a quick refresher
Barbara Barbara Feb 07, 2014 02:43PM
I read the first two books, but now it's been a while and for the life of me I cannot remember the story of Lana. Can anyone refresh my memory?

And it horrible that I can't remember him? Ugh I read too many books to keep it all straight.
Lana was one of Jack Henry's ex's. I think she broke his heart and made him start having those short term, meaningless "relationships." that's all I got ;0)

Yeah, but it said something about her getting pregnant? I DON'T remember that part. I totally understand. I read a lot of books & when they come out far apart it's hard to keep track of.

Lana was trying to get pregnant and Jack Henry found out.

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