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2013 Reads > RS: FX Adapting Redshirts for Television.

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David(LA,CA) (davidscharf) | 327 comments Mr. Scalzi just tweeted the news.

I wonder if the series will include the Codas.

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Tamahome | 6186 comments Now I can begin writing my parody of Redshirts.

Keidy | 525 comments YES! I love love LOVE this book! I can't wait to see this series! XD

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Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments Wonder if they can get Patrick Stewart to guest star on it. He has a great sense of humor and recently acted as China's Jade Rabbit rover on "The Daily Show"
Fastforward to about 4 minutes 50 seconds in.

terpkristin | 4132 comments I wasn't the biggest fan of the book, but good for John Scalzi! A TV show based on the book could be fun, especially if they manage to get some of the various Star Trek actors to cameo (as Nick sorta mentioned...and I second his recommendation to watch Patrick Stewart on Jon Stewart being the Jade bit I've seen in awhile). :D

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Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments A thread was started after this one and people have posted there about this too so
for cross reference.

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