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Crystal | 4 comments Hi, obviously Clementine knows everyone here, but my name is Crystal Kovacs. I have been reading fooks for as long as i can remember, i use to "borrow" my moms books before i entered middle school. I have read a lot of different types of books. I really love supernatural romance, although a good romance is just good. I like Manga, fantasy, mystery, suspense, thriller and some horror books. Im trying to venture out and discover new genres to read. Reading is my escape and my me time. When i want to wind down or just breathe i get into a book, its not just a hobby to me anymore. Im looking forward to discovering new things.

1. what is your favorite book(s)or series(s)? House of Night, Vampire Academy, Thirst series, The Historian, Blue Blood Series, Sevenwaters Series (thanks Clem... ;-p) Stealing Sleeping Beauty....there's too dang many
2. Favorite Movie(s)Disney, Little Mermaid, Dirty Dancing, Pride and Prejudice, Sucker Punch, Its a Wonderful Life... and a few more
2. Favorite T.V. Show(s)True Blood, Charmed, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, Law and Order SVU
3. What is your main motivation for reading? I read because books are the one place where anything is possible and everything I believe in is real and I feel real. I love getting so lost in my books that I have to make myself return to reality, I love my life, my books just help my perspective on things
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world and study the culture where would you go? Australia, Egypt, Tuscany
5. If someone gave you one chance to go back in time what century would you visit? which place specifically? Why? I think I would like to visit the ancient Greek or Athenians. I love the way the lived and their beliefs, and how real life was. Granted their life was brutal at times and definitely not the same way we live now, but everything was real and life held more value in my opinion and I just love the greeks

message 2: by Cherise (new)

Cherise | 7 comments Hi, I'm Cherise, and probably the oldest member of this group. I showed my mom I could read and write by the time I was 3, but didn't know it for myself until I was almost 7. :-) The summer between 1 & 2 grades, I read at least 10 chapter books at about an 8th grade reading level. I remained a voracious reader throughout elementary and high school. Though I still love stories, it's hard to find enough time to read as an adult. Nonetheless, I've read a lot of books. Fantasy and historical fiction are my absolute favorites, and contemporary Christian has played a big part in my reading. George MacDonald holds my heart as my most favorite author, and has influenced my philosophy of life far and away above any other author.

1. Favorite book/series: The Secret Garden (read this one to death and bought a replacement), The Chronicles of Narnia, The Black Stallion, The Fisherman's Lady, The Princess & the Goblin, The Dark is Rising, The Hunger Games Trilogy, the Outlander series

2. Favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings, Fools Rush In, Ever After, Labyrinth, Willow, A Knight's Tale, Paycheck, the most recent Star Trek movies, The Hunger Games, I could go on

3. Motivation: I love to lose myself in the story, but I also want to be challenged in my thinking. Once in a great while I read something quick and easy like, ONE FOR THE MONEY, but it's rare. When a story sucks me in so I can't stop reading, but makes me learn and think like The Hunger Games did, then I will read it over and over.

4. Travel: Ireland is right up there, and happily for me, I'm getting an all expenses paid trip there in June! I'm really fascinated by everything Egyptian as well.

5. I would dearly love to see the North American civilizations of the 15th century, just before Europeans arrived. We have been able to study the ruins in South America and learn a lot about those civilizations, but the North American ones were nearly obliterated. The little we do know indicates they were nearly as impressive, maybe more.

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Lillian | 2 comments Introduction:
I'm Lilly Rice! (Lillian) <- (Don't call me that please)
As a child i had little to no want to read, but at the age of 12 I found an intense love for books thanks to the Republic Public Library, where i now work as a substitute librarian. I read a lot of fantasy and romance but i have been try to branch out on my reading selections. I also really enjoy historical fictions.

1. what is your favorite book(s)or series(s)? The Princess Bride, Howl's moving castle,The mortal instruments and Infernal devices(Love you Clem) Anything and everything written by Rick Rioridan, Harry Potter, Hold me closer Necromancer(And sequels) and basically anything written by Maggie stiefvater.
2. Favorite Movie(s)You've got mail, The Princess Bride, Young Frankenstien, all Disney movies, and everything made by Hayao Miyazaki
2. Favorite T.V. Show(s)How I met your mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Doctor who, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, and Psych.
3. What is your main motivation for reading? I don't really have a motivation to read. I read purely for the enjoyment i get out of it.
4.If you could travel anywhere in the world and study the culture where would you go? I would go to so many places its hard to name them all. Europe all of it if i could, India, Japan, Egypt, and Australia to name specifics.
5. If someone gave you one chance to go back in time what century would you visit? which place specifically? Why? The 1920's in America. I've always really enjoyed the music and culture that came with the roaring 20's.

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