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message 1: by Megann (new)

Megann Dee (megann0501) i have started writing my first story, i would appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism as i continue to write, i have 1st chapter/prologue written just now, i would be happy to send a copy as and when chapters are completed. thanks in advance

message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy Thomson | 93 comments Mod
Hey! I'd be happy to read any copies xx

message 3: by Megann (last edited Feb 13, 2014 04:56PM) (new)

Megann Dee (megann0501) My book is a romance, about Abby and Tyler who after years of having feelings for each other find themselves coming together only to be ripped apart by outside circumstances.
Mature content, 18+
I have a 5 chapters now and would appreciate anyone who is willing to give honest and constructive criticsm. I am looking for for feedback on characters, storyline and how the story is flowing, it would be most helpful to have other peoples views
Just message me on here with your email address and i'd be happy to send a copy
Thanks x

message 4: by Razvan (new)

Razvan Piciu | 2 comments Hi Megann.

I`d be happy to help.
I`m looking forward to see the flow of other writers as they go through the creation process.

You can expect honest and constructive criticism ( where necessary ) from me.



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