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Fugitives from Northwoods (The Northwoods Trilogy #1)
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Chris Bostic (chrisbostic) | 38 comments Mod
My publisher is practically giving this thing away. I'd love for you to take a look at it. Here's a quick blurb:

Eight teenagers escape imprisonment at a work camp to brave the wilderness. Tested to their limits, they struggle to survive their terrifying dash for freedom.

After the total collapse of the world economy, the United States could not stand together. So they failed separately. In the small region-state of Winnkota, poverty and greed are turning the idyllic Northwoods of Minnesota into a barren wasteland of clear-cut forests and over-fished lakes. Every able-bodied teenager is conscripted into a labor force and sent to work in harsh, prison-like conditions. They are enslaved young so they never learn to think for themselves. But Penn is different. He's determined to win back freedom—for himself, his friends, and someday for his homeland.

On a cold autumn night, the group makes their dash for freedom north of the border. The fugitives endure a series of difficult wilderness challenges while pursued by the ruthless camp guards. They weave through dense forest, scale cliffs, swim through the bitterly cold lakes, and otherwise try simply to survive. Pushing his friends to the breaking point, Penn guides the fugitives through a harsh, but ironically beautiful, backdrop of amazing Northwoods scenery. Adversity and loss abound, all while an unexpected physical attraction leads to a burgeoning love story.

Should any of them survive to reach the border, will the freedom found equal all that they expected?

Maybe that wasn't so quick of a blurb. Sorry.


Adam Oster (fatmogul) | 6 comments hey, I just reviewed this book today on my site!



Chris Bostic (chrisbostic) | 38 comments Mod
How's that for a coincidence?!
That is one outstanding review, my frend. Wow! I'm almost blushing.

Adam Oster (fatmogul) | 6 comments Chris wrote: "How's that for a coincidence?!
That is one outstanding review, my frend. Wow! I'm almost blushing."

you know me...I like to make men blush....?

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