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Create a character for yourself and continue the story in your view. Each entry will be like a new part/chapter going back and forth through the characters. Title the post by the name of your character.
Let’s see where this story goes from each other’s perspectives. Remember there could be multiple directions going different ways that meet up along the way. Please read the above parts to keep the story flowing smoothly.

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There was a time where television, cars and cell phones didn't exist in the world I currently live in. Makes you wonder if man kind could say good-bye to these inventions created by everyday people and return to a world where people relied on each other instead of these meaning less objects.

My aunt always told me my mind was from a different world and that it was fate that brought my human body and mind together. No one understands my waves of thinking and sometimes I don't either. Looking at my cousin Kara I feel a bit out of place in the world. But then I get thinking why do I feel so out of place in a world I was put on. Kara was the queen of the school and was bound to be named home coming queen even though she had another year of high school to go. I also wonder why Kara and I are not alike, not that I want to look like her, but aren't relatives supposed to look a bit alike. At first we thought we didn't look like one another because of her dad, but she looks so much like her mom and I apparently look like my mother, they're sisters after all. I wish to see a picture of my aunt and mother but from my grandfathers words, she had done something so terrible that it cannot be retold.

There I go again, mind wondering all over without really thinking about it. There has been some crazy things that go on in my head. A secret between you and I, but promise to keep it to yourself...... I have my own world. Sounds crazy hey, but it's not as crazy as you may think it is.

"Autumn get up." my aunt called up to me. She has yet to notice I have been up for a while already. But I guess it is time to 'officially' get up and get ready for the day.

The sun was peaking through the blinds and as I pulled the blinds up, I saw the beautiful scenery of the mountains. My cousin brags about the view she has in her room. But I have to say my view is the best, even though I cannot see the lake side, I see the forest that circles the mountains bottom. I get to see the magnificent colors when the sun sets each and every day.

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