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Hunt for the Last Cat
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Fiction: Sabertooth Tiger/Lion book. Prehistoric time frame. [s]

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Around 1990-92 (I THINK it was also published around that timeframe, but cannot be certain) I read a book, fiction, about a sabertooth tiger/lion. I believe it was the last sabertooth in the book, or very close to it. It was being hunted by a caveman, and was also hunting the caveman. The book was narrated in the first person, but switched back and forth between the tiger and the hunter. I believe it was about 200 pages long because I remember being impressed I finished it in under 24 hours back then it was so good.

message 2: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (mrsbean04) | 20 comments Hunt for the Last Cat Might this be your book?

Brian (hessbri) | 3 comments Darcy wrote: "Hunt for the Last Cat Might this be your book?"

HA! I think that is it! And 191 pages was the exact # in my head when I said about 200 pages LOL

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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 6967 comments Mod
Do you want to find this book and make sure it is it Brian--or are you convinced it is, and we can move this down to Solved?

Brian (hessbri) | 3 comments I'm 99% sure this is it. Go ahead and move it to solved.

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