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Lawrence Williams | 3 comments The novel remains unpublished,but the subject matter, despite being supernatural and bizarre in theme hits close to home for me. We all want to break away from the tortuously dark parts of ourselves before it's too late, and become our own heroes. After all, destiny is frequently what we make it, and like my protagonist I want to become more than anyone has ever expected of me as a writer.

He can't matter how hard he tries.

Leon Crank can't die. He knows it, but this hasn’t stopped him from trying to off himself at least a dozen times. He’s leaped from a 14-story building, thrown himself in front of an oncoming train, and even put a few bullets through his skull just for good measure. Nothing worked. Sure there was always a nasty mess of an aftermath, but within days he would inexplicably heal, whether from a big, gaping head wound that gradually closed itself, or a severed limb that suddenly grew back overnight.

Now, at 24-years-old, and disowned by a family that has always been terrified and wary of him, Leon has begrudgingly accepted his own immortality, but refuses to accept the dark destiny that comes along with it. Determined to escape both his abusive past, and a dangerously bleak future, Leon has become a drifter who never remains in one place for longer than a few months. When not voluntarily locked away in psychiatric hospitals for everyone else’s safety, he often finds himself in the heart of Michigan where he shares an unusual friendship with wealthy businessman Parker Allen, who happens to be the only one who knows his secret. He may also be the only one who can help Leon conquer his demons, both figuratively and literally, before time runs out.

Leon stays on the run from the dark entities that call themselves the Mortori, shadowy figures with blood red eyes that have stalked him since childhood with only one intention: to ensure that he uses his inexplicable powers to wipe out as much of humanity as possible. From their constant swirl of whispers telling him to do away with his own family, or to rip anyone who dares stand in his way into bloody pieces, Leon has had to learn how to close his mind off to their wicked demands. However, the Mortori will not be ignored, and as his 25th birthday draws nearer it becomes clear that his defense against them, as well as his own supernaturally lethal nature, is beginning to break down. As he loses control over his own emotions, and begins having unexplainable black outs that always seem to lead to mass chaos, Leon realizes that he must find a way to break the Mortori’s hold over him before it’s too late, and discover why he has been chosen to bring about the "destruction of mankind" in the first place. But can anyone really change the dark path they have been predestined for? If not, then humanity’s days are numbered, and deep down Leon knows it.

At 80,000 words, “The Dark Destiny of Leon Crank” is the supernaturally twisted tale of the ultimate loner and anti-hero that poses the all important question of whether or not any of us can truly control our own destinies, or if in the end we must finally give into our baser instincts, no matter how bloody, or devastating the consequences. This is a novel with the potential to expand into a series, and with the current public fascination with tales of the supernatural, and unraveling dark secrets, I believe that this is a title with the ability to expand far beyond a single tale of bizarre intrigue.

message 2: by Jerome (new)

Jerome Lim (yojimbo76) | 28 comments This sounds pretty awesome! I'm gonna check it out!

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Lawrence Williams | 3 comments Video about "The Dark Destiny of Leon Crank" by the author:

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