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message 1: by Thad (new)

Thad Brown | 50 comments In today's mystery genre, a number of female detectives (both P.I.s and cops), carry guns in their work, and use them when they need to. Although I don't have a blog, I did a guest blog post a couple of years ago that discusses this trend. I thought I'd post a link to it as a starting point for discussion of gun-toting heroines in this genre: .

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner Suzanne Arruda's mystery series heroine Jade del Cameron is definitely a gun-toting mystery solver --though she's not a professional detective, her venue is the wilds of post-World War I Africa rather than a modern big city, and her firearm of choice is her trusty Winchester rifle instead of a handgun. But in her fictional world too, crime-busting sometimes calls for the ability to shoot straight.

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