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Ege Tuna .

Joelle this is one of my favorite books
i don't think it's racist

Mary I enjoyed this book. However, there are some things to be cautious with in regards to how Native Americans are viewed.

Suge I grew up reading this series and I'm a native American. There are aspects of it that are irritating but all in all, I really enjoyed it. It's funny how white people view Indians though and that's what this book taught me most of all.

Budd Viewed through the contemporary lens a vast majority of past literature is racist, sexist, or offensive to someone. The book's intention was not to be mean or to degrade NA Indians. While the book uses magic there is always that feeling that it is all in the kids imagination which is supported by the fact that the Indian is portrayed as a TV Indian. By the writing, I think the author had a great respect for Native American culture, even if they got it somewhat wrong.

Heather Also need to take into account this is written by a British Author and not American, so she may have had a very removed idea of Indians until she got further into her writing of these books.

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Michelle Taylor All of these books seem interesting to me, I have read this book The Indian in the Cupboard which I bought from an educational site using Premier Tefl Coupons. Well, It was quite a good story portraying creative solutions to domestic strife & twists of fate

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