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Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West
Feb 2014 Blood Meridian > Chapters 21-Epilogue

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Vickylynn Schmidt | 90 comments Mod
This section is for Chapters 21-End.

Peter (peterkeep) "Enjoyed" isn't really a good word for how I felt about this one. It's so violent, so dark, and so depraved.

I mentioned before in one of these threads that the judge is as close to a villain character that I've ever seen McCarthy write. I don't think that's true. To label the judge as a villain undersells how inherently evil he is. I'm convinced that he's the embodiment of evil - whether he represents Satan, the evils of expansion by the white man, or something else. I slowly realized that the theme of missing, murdered, and most likely raped children could only be traced to the judge. Not only is he a violent, deranged, seemingly all-powerful barbarian, he's heavily implied to be a rapist and pedophile. Heavy stuff, and the only way I got through it was because it was so well done.

Chilling, chilling stuff. The epilogue was very strange. The monotony of it all seemed to be such an opposite of the whole book - everything until then was unstable, volatile, and dangerous. This last scene seemed to show the opposite side of the coin. Possibly even the antithesis of the judge? Not sure completely.

Anyways, really good read. I definitely didn't really enjoy it: most of the time I was in shock and the grotesque events, trying not to let myself become desensitized to the brutality. I didn't enjoy that. But this book deserves the high praise it receives. Definitely one of Cormac McCarthy's best that I've read.

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Brooke Hutchins | 28 comments Now I wish I stuck with it instead of giving up! I should get back to it.

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