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Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West
Feb 2014 Blood Meridian > Chapters 11-15

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Vickylynn Schmidt | 90 comments Mod
This section is for Chapters 11-15. Please no discussions past this point.

message 2: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Cyr | 6 comments I need someone else to finish because hot DAMN. forgive my language but this book is so nuts and the ending is no exception. The whole scene in the bar with the final showdown between the kid and the judge is eerie and strange and awesome.

Peter (peterkeep) Finished chapter 15 last night. There's a lot of tension building up! Driving the mule herders off of the cliff path was pretty crazy - there's so much depravity in so much of the main actions that the judge or Glanton, if it weren't so well-written I think it might take its toll on me.

I thought the whole sequence with the kid catching back up with the scalpers was so typical McCarthy in a good way. Struggling through the cold, the loneliness of solitude, the absurd ness of sleeping beneath the burning tree. That sequence really stuck out to me. I really enjoyed it!

Peter (peterkeep) Also, Andrew, your comment is a spoiler past chapter 15......

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Andrew Cyr | 6 comments totally posted in wrong section. sorry bout that.

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