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Bree Did you have any preference for who you would want to be?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments No, not really. I could play the girl because I wouldn't play the "Damsel in distress" I know how irritating that is. Or I could play the guy too. I have characters that would work both for them, so I'll let you choose.

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Bree I'd like to play the guy if that's alright with you. Recently I've been making more male than female characters, so it's becoming almost natural now

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Thas perfectly fine. I also have more guy characters than girls. I need to practice with my girls too! So yeah. That's fine. :)

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Bree I'll post a template for us to use for our characters.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Okay.

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Bree ||▣|Full Name|▣||

||▣|Date of Birth|▣||

|▫Place of Birth▫|

|▫Relationship Status▫|

< IMG SRC= picture link / >

|▫Face Details▫|
|▫Body Type▫|
|▫Blood Type▫|
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|

||▣|Personality|▣|| Please Make it at least 5 sentences.

||▣|Backstory|▣|| Please make it at least 5 sentences





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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Alright, I shall start doing this then!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ||▣|Full Name|▣|| Kayla VanDel
|▫Nickname▫| Kay (even though that's usually only the jerks that pick on her.)

||▣|Age|▣|| 17
||▣|Date of Birth|▣|| December 10th
|▫Place of Birth▫| Detroit

||▣|Gender|▣|| Female
|▫Sexuality▫| Straight
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single


|▫Hair▫| Pitch Black
|▫Eyes▫| Grey with a spike of blue
|▫Weight▫| 115 pounds (five under weight.)
|▫Height▫| 5'6"
|▫Face Details▫| Her face is more of a longer shape in a more beautiful way. It's sort of round, but she's maturing into a more woman like body and face type.
|▫Body Type▫| Very very skinny but has nice curves. She has natural sized breasts, not to big, and not to small. Just right to make her very beautiful. Her hips are also nice, making her body a perfect hour glass.
|▫Blood Type▫| O+
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫| She has scars on her back that her father smashed a bottle over when she was 10. She also has a few other scars, but those weren't that important.

||▣|Personality|▣|| On stage, she looks like a girl that would be all about the blood on her knuckles from getting into fights. The girl that looks like the total party animal, and the girl who would sleep with anyone. But on the inside and off stage, she's a girl who has high morals for herself. She's a virgin, she doesn't do any of the hard partying, in fact, she hasn't touched any alcohol or drugs once in her life, it scaring her pretty bad. She's actually quite a loving person and a good doer, much like her favorite bands who everyone thinks are totally evil. She has a certain way of seeing into people and seeing them for who they actually are, and tries to see the good in everyone. She's very helpful and volunteers to local places, enjoying doing things with her time than just playing her bass guitar.

She wouldn't do anything to harm anyone on purpose, always wanting to protect the ones she loves. She'll sometimes get in the middle of a fight to protect other people, not wanting to see fights, as violence scares her (Along with other fears.)


Kayla was born without her father around, the only people there is her aunt and her grandmother (along with her mother of course). Her father was away getting drunk and partying, cheating on her mother as well. He didn't care that she was in the hospital having his child delivered into the world. Her mother knew that he was off with other women, but didn't say anything out of fear of him.

When Kayla wasn't even a few years old, she remembers her mother being beaten by her father after getting into a fight about something stupid that she can't remember. She couldn't ask either, because this happened a lot, so there was no specific time. When she was 10 years old, her father turned his rage on her. He smashed a beer bottle on her back. She still wears the scars today.

Her mother and her got out of that city after her father was placed in jail. They were moved cities away, a few states actually. She has been living happily after that, until she meet the guy that ground her heart into tiny little pieces. She now fears love, but knows one day, a guy will come along and fix it for her.... But until then, she's not going to stop being herself and having fun.

Mom: Trinity VanDel, 48, alive.

Dad: Jeremy Reggy, 59, alive.... She thinks.

Uncle: She doesn't know, and she doesn't care. She won't even ask her cousin out of fear of opening up old wounds that won't close. (And probably never will)Doesn't know if he's alive or dead.

Aunt: Dead.

(view spoiler)

☣Not very trusting
☣Somewhat timid
☣Her fear of people
☣Her fears

✔She has a good heart
✔Skillful and athletic

Her cousin Ash VanDel lives with her.

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Bree To quote Loki:

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Dang it, it's really late and you just made me laugh to loud. XD Haha, thank you very much!

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Woah, that was really weird, it showed all our comments on the character.... I took care of it though. o.o

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Bree I thought you actually did that on purpose, so I was going to say that that was really weird

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Haha, no. I noticed that and was like, "How did you....? What did you....? Goodreads stop trolling me."

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Bree ||▣|Full Name|▣||Andop Daeli

||▣|Age|▣|| Unknown but is supposedly 17
||▣|Date of Birth|▣||It’s unknown because of the different calendar system between the planets
|▫Place of Birth▫|The Chorren System on Planet Giana

||▣|Gender|▣|| Male
|▫Relationship Status▫| Single

||▣|Species |▣|Kreeon


|▫Face Details▫| None
|▫Body Type▫| Slender
|▫Blood Type▫| AB Negative
|▫Distinguished Markings (If any)▫|
Part of the requirement of coming to Earth, was that all Kreeons must obtain this tattoo on their arm to label them as an alien. All of the Kreeons, no matter what age they were when their ships arrived on Earth, were given this.

||▣|Personality|▣|| Andop is an interesting creature because he has learned how to speak and act on one planet, then he has to adapt to this environment. He’s often found staring at things longer than normal because he finds there to be reason to be naturally curious about his surroundings. He knows that humans don’t except the Kreeons. He won’t try to pick a fight with one of the humans, but he will stand up for himself if he is pushed or if one of his friends is. He doesn’t stand up for himself, and fight, he just shows that he won’t let anyone think of as anything less than a creature that can feel pain and share stories just as humans can. He always asks ‘why’ to the things and people that he doesn’t understand. He becomes frustrated when he doesn’t receive an answer. Andop is stubborn as well, because he always wants to learn and he’ll do anything to find the truth, even if it hurts him.


Planet Giana was one of three planets that could sustain in the Chorren System. The other two planets were Vochis, home to the Crudar, and Nadeathi, home to the Sumesh. The three had an alliance together to not invade the other planet, and in exchange, there would be peace on all of their worlds, and no wars would be waged. Giana and Nadeathi held true to their word more so than Vochis did, and on several occasions, the Crudar acted out of line without any explanation.

Growing up, Andop, along with the other young Kreeons, were taught about the alliance between the planets. Of course, their own planet was praised as being the more superior of the three, and Vochis was the lesser of the three. Andop had a desire, growing up, to explore outside of their solar system to see what other worlds were out there. It was no secret that the idea of ‘other life forces’ out there beyond their solar system fascinated a lot of people. At the same time, it made others afraid, and few laughed at the ludicrous idea of it.

No one ever expected the Vochis to attack Nadeathi when the alliance was still intact. The Vochis used weaponry that was years ahead of the advancements that either of the two planets had, and even with the abilities of the Sumesh, they couldn’t fight of the Crudar. Nadeathi was a water planet, so naturally, the Sumesh had water abilities. Vochis was a fire planet, so one of the first things that they did, was lay waste to the large ocean that covered 98% of the whole planet. Add their new weapons in, and it became a blood bath with many Sumesh dying.

Vochis wanted control of the Chorren System, and to have ultimate power over the resources, and to harness all the abilities of the three planets to create the perfect army. They had spent years planning and preparing for the day when they would take over the system, and they had finally made it happen. Giana knew that the odds weren’t in their favor. Vochis had yet to implement the abilities of the Sumesh, but even without them, they were a dangerous race of creatures not to be trifled with. Giana waged war within itself on what to do when the Vochis arrived- either to stay and fight, and likely die trying, or to flee in hope of finding a new home.

It was decided that Kreeons would flee from Giana, taking only what they needed, and would find a new world to live. They had many ships, but they couldn’t carry the entire planet away to safety. Only those that had managed to get on board before the hatch doors closed were able to escape before the Vochis arrived. Andop’s friends managed to get onto a ship, and they had to pull Andop onto the ship when he had to, quite literally, take a leap of faith in hope of getting on board. Once the hatch doors closed, they didn’t open until all the Giana ships landed on Earth.

His friends that came from Kreeon with him as his new family his parents couldn’t make it.
Duggir ( Doug )

Chokhor ( Chuck )

Araime ( Amy )

Vixiluff ( Vixie )

☣ The past of his people
☣ His current lack of knowledge
☣ Being singled out

All of the Kreeons have these abilities

||▣|Other|▣| I really do like my character.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Ahhhh he's wonderful! I already know how to add a bit of drama to it. He'll want to know things, like say, why Ash wears his hood, (I can put Ash's character up there just because he's a pre-made one I use all the time so you'll understand him too). He'll also want to know about why Kayla has scars all over her back. o.o Ohhh this'll be interesting! XD

And I loves him so much! Makes me wanna hug him!

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Bree I'm glad you like him. I think I spent the most time on finding his appearance and coming up with a history for him. He's from another planet so I wanted to incorporate some alien names that would make this seem almost realistic. I'll probably end up putting up pictures for Andy's friends. Adding the abilities was an inspiration from another television show that I like, so I thought it would make things more interesting.

It seems like we both have a good idea of how this will work out. Who wants to start?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments That's awesome! And I did like the different names and the history was very interesting to read!

Um, can you since I'm on mobile? And we can just have the humans brought into an assembly and introduced to the new students.

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Bree (( That's exactly what I was thinking of doing :) My first post will more than likely be longer than my other posts so it helps to set the scene better and start us off. ))

"The ships arrived on Earth, and it was already established before the Kreeons arrived that the humans who lived on this planet would not welcome the Kreeons so easily. From what they saw, the ships that sailed the sky and flew through space from Giana was much more different then the spaceships from Earth and their airplanes. The ships hadn't arrived in the same spot because their destination coordinates weren't the same. What was noticed, was that at least three ships landed on each of the continents, minus Antarctica. Andop remembers waiting in the passenger hold of his ship for something to happen. The other Kreeons with him were just as anxoius, and still shaken up by their sudden departture from their home planet. Each of the ships were assigned a crew to fly them to Earth, so it was the crew of Andop's ship that walked past the passengers, and opened the hatch doors. No one knew what to expect when those doors opened, but once they, they were greeted by an army of unusual lookig creatures, having weapons pointed at the Kreeons."

The entire West Oak High School was gathered in the gymnasium lobby for an assembly. Many of the students already knew what this was about since rumors had mingled throughout the entire student body despite the efforts of the teachers to keep their plans a secret. Once the entire student body was in the gymnasium, including the teachers who lingered along the gymnasium walls because they wanted to keep an eye on the students, and also because there was no more seating left. There small group conversations going on with many of the people laughing, talking, and trying to hide their cell phones while they text messaged and went on social media sights. Once the principal walked into the gym, the conversations died, and the phones were put away.

Andy and his group of friends stood outside the gym in the gym lobby waiting for their cue to enter and be exposed to the whole school. It wasn't bad enough that they gave all the Kreeons the tattoos to mark them as different, but now they were telling the whole school that they weren't like them. Even worse, Andy and his group of friends, had the sleeves on their arms rolled up so everyone could see and recognize the mark of a Kreeon. Andy didn't need to be a telepath to know that the people inside that gym weren't excited about having a race of creatures from another planet integrated into their school.

"Is this what humans call the welcome wagon?" Andy's friend, Doug, thought to their group of friends through their telepathic connection.

"If it is, then I'd rather go back to Giana and take my chances with the Crudar," Chuck remarked.

"You and I both know that that isn't an option. We all know what the stakes are if we can't comply with what the humans want of us. You may talk about wanting to go back, but you know very well that death is the only thing that awaits you on Giana. This is a new beginning for us," Andy said sharply.

Amy sighed. "I really do hope you are right, Andop," she said.

"It's Andy, now," Andy said outside of their telepathy.

"Students and faculty of West Oak High, you all know of today's intentions and what this means for us from now on. This will not only help a race that is like our's, but it will help ourselves in learning to better our ways of building character. The creatures that you are about to see before you are just like you and I. They have their own thoughts, their own language, and now they have a new home. We must welcome them into our world with open arms because as God's children, we were made not to judge and not to look down on someone for what they believe," Principal Baldwin said. He then looked to the closed door at the side of the gym leading to the lobby. One of the teachers was standing by it. Principal Baldwin nodded to the teacher, then the teacher opened up the door.

Andy and his group of friends walked out in a single file manner because that is how they were told to walk out. Him and his group of friends already began to search through the minds of the students who were watching them intently.

"They're not like us though..
"Alien freak...
They need to go find a new place to stay...
Why do they look like us...
No one wants you here.."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Kayla sat next to Ash, the two of them having their own little conversation about their art class that they were interrupted by this assembly.

"Come on, Ash. It'll be cool." Kayla whispered to him, her head closer to his so he could hear through his hood that he always wore. "Just think, they're different, just like us." Kayla said with a smile on her face.

Ash nodded, looking over at her, "The only reason I'm not happy about it is this stupid assembly, I was close to finishing my project." He said with a slight laugh, the only thing anyone at this school ever seen of him happy. And it was only around Kayla, no one else made him smile, sometimes it was even difficult for her to get him to show his teeth.

Their conversation stopped once the principal walked into the center of the gymnasium. They listened to his speech about how you must act towards them.

Ash's thoughts turned dark as he watched them walk in, seeing their markings on their skin. He tugged down on his jacket, curling up in a closed off ball. Welcome to don't show your skin club.... He thought.

Kayla looked at them with interest, they looked just like them, making her have hope of them fitting in. She knew how cruel this school was, which worried her. Good luck guys.... She thought but in the most up beat tone. She did hope they did well. She hopped they didn't get to much crap from everyone else. She remembered when she was picked on a lot. She leaned on the bars she sat behind with Ash. She, unlike the others sitting behind the people who were hiding behind them. She stuck her hands out, as if saying I'm not scared of you.

The new students seemed a bit uneasy on their feet, which was very understandable. She remembered moving here the first time after her father. She moved her head a bit, biting her lip spotting one that was very good looking. She didn't know his name, but she now knew his look.

Ash looked up slowly, glancing over his shoulder at some of the guys, the jocks, that started making weird noises, as if trying to talk in a new language or something. Ash rolled his eyes, There goes the appes.... He thought again.

Kayla closed her eyes at them, looking up at them, "Shut up." She growled quietly at them, earning a few glares from them, but they did shut up. They knew what she was capable of with her words. She could make them look more like idiots than they did themselves. If they even said anything to her, she'd have a great comeback for them to shove up their ass. ((Do you mind cussing? I don't do it much in roleplay, but just asking.))

Ash chuckled, nudging his cousin with his shoulder. He watched the new kids, not knowing what to really do. He didn't know what else the principal wanted to say next, or if this was the end of the assembly. He was also wondering if anyone of them were going to have to show them around. He knew Kayla signed up for it as she always does. She was very helpful in that way. Ash would do the same thing, but he was just to far silent to really help anyone. The only thing he could do was sing his songs and play his guitar (that he was amazing at).

Kayla looked over at him, "I hope I get him in my group." She whispered pointing out Andy. "He looks pretty cool."

"He looks like us humans." Ash whispered back.

"I know, but you know I'm an awesome judge of character." She said back, "I can tell."

Ash nodded, smirking a bit, "Maybe we can finally add someone to our little misfit group."

Kayla nodded, "I really hope so." She leaned on the bars again. Sure, she was a bit nervous about them, because she didn't know what they were capable of. But if you don't stick your neck out for something that interests you, you're not going to get anywhere.

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Bree (( Cuss as much as you want. I don't really care. I also added the appearances of Andy's friends. ))

The responses from the students who were in the gymnasium when Andy and his group of friends entered was typical and normal from what they had been receiving since the Kreeons arrived on Earth. He wasn't offended or moved by any of the insults that he was hearing. His friends were the same as well. They were strong, because they stood together as a group. They had all grown up together on Giana, and they had arrived on Earth in the ship. The Crudar couldn't seperate, and the humans wouldn't be able to do so either.

Andy's friends were all facing the crowd of students. Chuck was hearing all of the thoughts that each of the students had, including Ash's remark about showing skin. He managed to pinpoint him among the crowd of faces. When they made eyecontact, Chuck's lips curved up at the corners forming a small smirk as if he could somehow hear his thoughts.

The humans weren't aware of the Kreeons abilities, so Andy and his friends were supposed to keep this part about their kind a secret. They didn't want there to be another reason for them to be chastised about not being human. It was interesting though, because the Kreeons and the humans had signed a treaty that the Kreeons could live here in peace in exchange for knowledge. The Kreeons managed to find a loophole in the Friendly Alien Act, ( Not the most creative title on the humans' part ), so that they didn't need to tell them everything about their race.

Andy knew that Chuck was beginning to show more than he should, and since they were standing next to each other, Andy's head turned to Chuck so the two were looking at each other. "Don't," Andy mouthed to him sternly. Chuck rolled his eyes then looked away from Andy.

Curiousity pegged at Andy when he wanted to see the person who Chuck seemed to pick out from the crowd. Once he found Ash, he then noticed Kayla. Not only because she was attractive, but because of what she was thinking. He heard her 'Good luck guys,' and his stoic mask on his face cracked slightly. He found himself staring at her for an absentmindedly long time.

Chuck noticed this, and he remarked to Andy "And you tell me don't do anything stupid."

Andy ignored Chuck to continue to meet Kayla's gaze. He wasn't sure why she was showing her hands to him. It still perplexed him, and all the other Kreeons, that the humans on this planet looked so much like the Kreeons. What really had both races stumped, was who evolved into this appearance first?

Doug had grown bored of looking from face to face among the student body, and he found himself oddly amused and confused by what the group of burly guys were going. If this is how they thought that the Kreeons spoke, they were dead wrong. They more like wild animals if anything. "As I said, you guys, this is a welcome wagon that I would rather not have," he thought to them all.

"They don't like us," Amy thought to them all. Among their group of friends, she was probably the most vulnerable as well as the smallest.

"They don't need to like us. They just have to deal with the fact that we're here now. And as far as I can see, they don't like themselves either because of how they're talking," Vixie noted.

"Settle down, people, settle down," Principal Baldwin ordered with calming hand gestres. Once the student body had silenced, for the most part, he continued to speak. "Now I expect nothing less than a worthy West Oak welcome to our new students. Based on how we've calculated their age and intelligence with the help of their fellow Kreeons, we've determined that they belong in the current junior class. Now Juniors, I know you'll treat them like family. Let's give our new upperclassmen a round of applause," he said gesturing to Andy's group of friends.

The clapping wasn't loud and exciting like it would've been had this been a rally. The entire student body was clapping, but there wasn't any sign of welcome on the facial expressions of the students.

Throughout what the principal had been saying, Andy had been watching Kayla. The conversation with she carried with the guy that was beside her was very casual. Then he noticed that she pointed to him. For some reason, he felt hurt that he may have done something wrong. He then looked away from her when he heard the word 'misfit'.

Once the clapping ended, the principal said "Alright students, please go back to your first period classes, and have a wonderful day." He then turned to the group of Kreeons. "If you'll please follow me to the Counseling Office, we'll help you get your schedules and classes all squared away," he said.

The responses from Andy, Doug, Chuck, Amy, and Vixie were several nods and murmurs. While the student body filed out of the gym through the lobby, the principal and the Kreeons filed out through the back entrance and went to the Front Office to the Counseling Office.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Ash caught eyes with one of the boys, seeing as he wasn't as large as one of the guys that were there, he wasn't that worried about the smirk that went on his lips. Ash wanted to make a good impression on them, not wanting it to be like his other school. In fact, he wasn't allowed to do that. That's why he was moved in with Kayla until he was adopted into another family. He didn't want to be, even though Kayla would still be his cousin. He waved to the boy, a small smile on his lips, not showing his teeth though as he never did. Keep calm Ash, they're not gunna be mean. He thought to himself, trying to calm himself. They're just like you. Different, and that's a good thing.... Different is good. he had to remind himself of that too.

Kayla looked over at Ash when he waved and smiled a bit. She giggled a bit, nudging him, "See, you'll make friends here." She whispered to him.

"I hope...." He said softly, his grey eyes not leaving the boy at first, that is, until the principal started talking.

Before that though, Kayla locked eyes on the one she was talking about earlier, seeing him staring at her. She didn't feel self conchous, as she never did. She knew that guys often found her attractive. She did glance at Amy though, her hair a beautiful shade of blue.

She noticed the guy look away from her, soon she started to frown. No... She thought, I hope he doesn't think I hate him too like every other bloody bastard in this school. She glanced around the crowd until they were allowed to stand up.

Ash looked over at her, "I'ma head to art, have fun showing them around." He said with a small smile as they both started to head out. He often glanced back at the new students. They looked the same as them, so he hopped they'd be able to fit right in. Hopefully.

Kayla nodded, "I will. Maybe I'll gather some up and we'll have a larger group of friends." She chuckled.

"You mean more than just two people?" He said, even thought the two people were only themselves.

She nodded, "Yes, more than two people." She stuck her tongue out at him as she nudged him. "Now go. Have fun and don't blow up an amp!"

"Alright, I'll try." He said waving over his shoulder. And after he was separated from her, he drew back into his shell, not talking to anyone more than just to say excuse me.

Kayla couldn't hold in her excitement as she made her way through the lines and lines of students, not wanting to miss a beat with the new ones. She made it into the office soon after, having to take the longer way around. She found everyone standing there and she sighed a bit. She was more tired from running, her heart racing. She should be used to it by now, but with the excitement of the day and running, she couldn't.

She waved at the people when she walked in, well the Kreeons. She liked their name, it was pretty cool. She said it a few times in her head, trying to pronounce it right so she didn't make a fool out of herself when she tried to say it with her voice.

She waved at the principal, "I'm ready." She said, her hands clasped behind her back. She smiled over at the five of them. She looked at her hair again in wonder, Jeez that's gorgeous.

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Bree (( So, is Kayla the student that's supposed to welcome them to the school and show them around, or is she there just because? ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Yeah. She likes volunteering so she volunteered for the spot. *Nods*))

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Bree The principal lead the group of Kreeons to the office. Several of the staff working in the front office looked up to see who had walked in. More than a handful of them had looked up and stared at Andy and his friends. Even though the principal had talked about the students accepting the Kreeons, he failed to mention during the assembly that the faculty would do the same.

On the way to the office, Andy had rolled down the sleeve on his arm to hide his tattoo marking him as a Kreeon. His friends had done the same. No one remembered ever holding a vote to make Andy their leader, but him being in charge was something that none of them could disagree with. Andy had been there for all of them when they had had their problems on Giana, and on the ship to Earth.

"Alright you all, if you could follow me to the counseling office," The Principal said to them all not really looking back over his shoulder to make sure that they were actually following him when he walked away.

None of them wanted to stay in the front office without any sort of guidance, so they followed after the principal with no resistance or complaint. The counseling office had a wall with several drawers, each draw containing student files. The counselor had a file for each of the students that she had in her hands. "So I'll just call your name, and you come and pick up your folder if it's your's, okay?" she asked.

Some of them nodded in response while other did nothing.

"Do they really need to expand on everything for us? We're not that stupid," someone said. Andy wasn't really paying attention to had said it because when he looked over to where they had entered through the front office, he saw Kayla come toward them.

His heart seemed to do, what humans would call, skip a beat.

"Andop," the counselor said mispronouncing his name while starting off with the list of names in alphabetical order.

Andy looked back to the counselor, then walked over to her taking his folder. "We've all already picked out humans names so you won't have as much trouble with this transition," he told her. His friends behind him murmured words of agreement.

The counselor was taken aback. "O-Oh. I'll have to add your new names to our system then. What's your name, sweetie?" she asked.

"Andy," he answered to her. Then he moved aside so Amy would go next. While he looked through his file, his gaze lifted up and he saw Kayla talking to the principal. When he heard her thought about something gorgeous, he thought that she was talking about him. Then he realized that she was looking at Amy's hair. This made him smile slightly. "I think you're going to make a new friend here soon, Amy," he thought to Amy.

Amy was surprised by Andy's comment, then he looked over to Kayla and heard her thought as well. She then whirled her head back around to Andy. "Do you really think so?" she thought quizzically.

Andy nodded his head to her. The principal came over with Kayla the Kreeons when they all had their schedules. "This will be your guide today. She'll be showing you around the campus and help you find your classes. If you have any questions at all, just ask her," he said then he left Kayla with the Kreeons.

Chuck's lips curved at the corners when he saw Kayla. "She's even cuter up close," he thought to Andy.

"Shut up," Andy muttered to Chuck outloud.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Kayla blushed a bit when she seen Andy keep glancing at her, hearing her mispronounce his name. She was much interested in hearing how it was really pronounced. Or maybe she pronounced it correctly. She sighed quietly, still breathing faster than she was supposed to. She looked at the principal quickly, flashing a smile. She knew she could do this.

She had been told not to treat them any different, so she wouldn't. She awaited for them to be finished before the attention was turned to her when the principal started to introduce her. She waved at them, a smile on her pale pink lips. "Hello, I'm happy to meet you." She said truthfully.

She kept glancing at Andy, thinking he was extremely attractive. She tried not to think it though, not knowing if they were planning on even going with the human race in romantic relationships. She slapped herself mentally for thinking that too. She didn't know if she was ready for another relationship or not. Friends first. She knew that, she had to be friends first.

"So, what area do you want to look at first? There's four sectors, the commons where we hang out, the lunch room, gym, and then the music sections." She knew they had just come from the gym, but didn't know if they went into detail with explaining the rooms around it.

She didn't pay attention to anyone else but the five, giving them her full attention. She started for the door, opening it up for them, waiting for them to step through.

Ash was in the music room by then, picking up his guitar and started to play it. He was playing the new song that he had learned a few days ago. He put his own words with it as well, not wanting it to just be instrumental like a lot of songs that people were making him learn first. It was stupid, he knew what to do when playing a guitar, he always knew. He learned when he was still with his abusive father. It wasn't that difficult to understand the things that they kept spoon feeding him.

In fact, most of the time when they tried to do that to him, he just showed them up by playing a more advanced set. They couldn't tell him what he could and couldn't do anymore. That's what Kayla kept telling him when he complained. Show them what you're made of. This is your new start. Don't waste it.

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Bree "Likewise," Chuck said proudly with a grin still on his lips from before with his earlier mental comment to Andy. Since Chuck was standing behind Andy, Andy elbowed him in the gut making Chuck grunt from the quick jab of pain.

They all could hear Kayla's thoughts about her opinion on Andy's appearance. As a result of this, some of them begin to smile while others grinned like Chuck. Doug smirked, while Amy and Vixie giggled softly. They were all making several comments about him having a human friend that was attracted to him. Most of the comments were teasing, while the few were actually congratulatory.

Andy cleared his throat to silence them all, and he said "The commons will do." Since they were new, they needed to try to find a place on the campus where their group of friends could meet in peace and have no worries about the other students.

"After that, can we see the music room?" Amy piped up in a curious question. She was naturally curious about what music was since their planet didn't have any of it. Upon coming here, she had heard some weird noises through the radios and from shows that she had seen on the television.

Doug was planning on keeping a look out for any of those annoying guys from the gym earlier that were making animal noises. Among their group of friends, Doug was the muscles of the group, and after him would be Andy. He wasn't much of a social Kreeon like Andy and Chuck were. While they all conversed with the human, he had his arms folded across his chest waiting for them to continue on with the tour.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Kayla nodded happily, "Of course." She said allowing them to walk out first then she soon walked out next to them. She jogged to the front of the group, starting to walk. She explained what everything was, but not treating them as if they were stupid. She didn't point out the obvious like, That's a wall. No, of course not. Just what each room did and what was deep inside it. She also told a few stories of what had happened in them.

Like in the science room where they set fire to water in some way. They soon found out that they had put oil into the water to get it to do that. It was still very interesting. They killed it with a bunch of water and ice chemical. "There's a picture on the wall in there in case any of you want to see it later on." She had to keep it short so they could get everything in before they were all due to class.

She entered the commons, motioning it like Fana White on the Wheel of Fortune. "This is where most of the high school students meet up at lunch if they don't eat in the lunch room or outside. Most of us find ourselves out here when we don't have to be in class." She pointed in a corner, "Of course, a warning about this room is that corner." She explained, "It's where most of the jerks claimed as theirs." She rolled her eyes dropping her hand. "And I'm sorry for what jerks you might find here.... Welcome to high school." She pursed her lips in not interest for the jerks. "Anyways... all of the other places are free for whomever takes them first." She smiled.

"The only rules of this room is you can't throw around things, spill anything unless you clean it up. And you can't be unbelievably loud." She explained.

She took a step back, "There's vending machines over there and most of the things in there are a dollar, some are 75 cents like gum and other little things like pencils and erasers." She turned, "There's the school store where you can buy larger things like notebooks and some other type of food."

She looked back at them, "Any questions about this room?" She asked tilting her head, her hands clasped behind her once again. She noticed that she was much smaller than most of them, even the girls. She could maybe be as tall as Amy though, but she wasn't sure.

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Bree Andy lead the group with Doug and Amy at his side. Chuck and Vixie stood closer to the back once Andy lead them out of the office. Once they were out, Andy lead Kayla make her way to the front of the group and show them around. To have a human this close to their group, especially one that was fairly close to their human age, was new to them. In a way, it undoubtedly made them feel a bit more comfortable having someone like her since she seemed to be more open to their kind then the other humans.

As they passed by several students who lingered in the hallways by their lockers and in their own groups, the thoughts were mostly the same from inside the gym. The mention of fire made Amy nervous because of the abilites of the Crudar. They were a fire race, and they were merciless to the Kreeons when they invaded their planet. Andy looked over to Amy when he heard and recognized her fear. It seemed that Kayla was oblivious to her fear, so Andy's hand found her's and he held onto it reassuringly. "Things are going to be different here, Amy. It won't be like that," he thought to her.

"How can you be so certain about that, Andy?" Vixie thought to Andy as they entered the commons. Out of everyone their group, Vixie was probably the one who liked to be blunt about everything.

"Because it's what I believe. I have to have some hope for our people, and for us, even if you don't want to have any," Andy thought to Vixie ending their conversation. He was still holding Amy's small hand while Kayla told them the group of jerks.

Doug immediately recognized several of them from earlier in the gym. "So that's what a group of jerks look like. Surprisingly enough, they look how I thought they would," he thought to their group of friends. His hands formed tight fists with his knuckles popping white when he heard the thoughts that those low lifes were having about him and his friends.

"Chill out, Doug. You'll get your chance at them later," Chuck thought back to him.

To an outsider, any human really, the group of Kreeons were a silent bunch mostly because they preferred to have conversations through telepathy. When they did speak out loud, they didn't say much. They would have to make it a habit of having vocal conversations now because, as they learned when they first arrived, humans don't have telepathy.

"No. We'll find somewhere to claim as our soon enough," Andy answered to Kayla. Now that he thought about, where did Kayla go to 'hang out'?

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Kayla smiled up at Andy, thinking about what else to say to them but couldn't think of anything. So she just looked around, trying to think of the fastest and easiest way to get to the music hall. She smiled softly, "Alright, and Amy, right?" She asked looking to the girl with the blue hair. "You wanted to go to the music hall next?" She asked. She was excited to go there, because Ash would surely give them a show.

She smiled at her a bit, "And your hair is completely beautiful." she complemented. She reached up and touched her pitch black hair, "Much more interesting than mine." She winked, "And interesting in a good way." She made sure to say things like that, in a good way to make sure she wasn't offending them in any way. That was one thing she didn't want to do. Not that she was scared of them, but because she was looking for friends.

She pulled on a door that was locked, making her huff in frustration and went to the other, her cheeks burning when it didn't either. "Well then, we'll have to take the long way." She laughed rubbing the back of her head. "Sorry about that.... But we'll still go to the music room next.

When she turned around though, she found that Andy had his hand in Amy's, making Kayla bite her lip. That was as if she had just been shot down without even trying to get up. She smiled though, trying to hide it. "Alright, follow me once again." She said starting to lead them through another hallway.

"So, even though this isn't the music hallway, that's closer to the end. We call this the art hallway because mostly anything that does with arts is done here." She said. It was a very short hallway, not much in it. Like all other high schools, art was at the bottom of anyone's worry list.

"This is the art room." She stopped, opening the door that was painted with a fairy on a flower. Inside the room, people were painting and the walls were even colored in the beautiful art they were creating. She let them look at it a bit more, waving to a boy who was next to her painting. He nodded in approval to it, soon walking away. She closed the door after that. "Sorry, that's just my favorite room in the school." she said, "I find it fun to look at because of the colors." She smiled, brushing her fingers through her hair.

They soon passed the theater, opening it as well, "This is the Auditorium, where we hold all our plays." There was a large stage in the wall and all kinds of seats leading away from it. "It's pretty fun. The drama teacher is pretty cool too. Just, don't ask to many questions or you'll fry his brain." She laughed jokingly. He's one guy that you'll never know if he's joking around with you or not. She thought, But he's a heck of a lot of fun. She shut the door, but then thought to say, "And if you guys want to stay in a certain area longer, just tell me. I'll let you explore too."

She kept leading them down, hearing the sound of an electric guitar along with a light singing voice that she could only think was Ash. He had one of those voices you never forgot, but that was probably because he never talked. She smiled softly, loving her cousin like a brother. "Alright, we've meet our destination!" She looked into the room, seeing if the teacher was in there. The teacher often skipped and the students just left the class. Today was one of those days. She smiled.

"Alright, this is the band room, one of the best rooms to hang out in!" She pushed open the door, staying quiet though. She put her finger to her lips telling them to be quiet, not that they really ever made noise.... It was fine though. She was used to people not talking.

Ash was oblivious to the people that just walked in as he stood, his electric strapped over his shoulder with a mike in front of him. (((view spoiler))) He started singing the song that he had sang since she meet him. Far before actually. This was a song he wrote himself. She didn't know what inspired it, but it was nice....

She smiled at her cousin, tilting her head against the wall, her arms crossed, Best musician in this whole school. I don't care what anyone says. She thought watching him with admiration.

He had his eyes closed, moving his legs around as if he was going to walk around the band room. He usually would if he had a wireless mike. He always traipsed around the basement when he was just playing around the guitar.

She looked over at the five, wondering what they thought of him. She wished that she could hear their thoughts, wondering if they thought she was annoying at all. She sighed softly, but not loud enough to be heard. I hope I'm not annoying them.... give them another reason to hate the human race. She closed her eyes, looking away for a second, trying to get back into the music. Trying not to think. That was her problem, she never stopped thinking, even if half of it wasn't true.

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Bree Amy’s eyes lit up in happiness and delight when Kayla remembered her name. She nodded her head in acknowledgement to it, then she said “I did say that I wanted to see the music room. I don’t know if anyone has told you, but we didn’t have any music on our home planet Giana. I’m not sure how curious everyone else is, but I’m dying to see what it is that makes music so special for this world.”

Amy blushed at the compliment about her hair. Instinctively, her hand that wasn’t holding onto Andy’s hand went up and she grasped some of her blue hair. Her hair was naturally this color, so it wouldn’t change over time. It would remain blue until she grew old enough for it to turn white. “Thank you,” she said then she suddenly looked at the comment Kayla made about her own hair. “Your hair is still beautiful too, Kayla,” she said pointedly not wanting Kayla to think less of herself.When she heard Kayla’s thought about her looking for friends, Amy smiled more. ”I like her, you guys,” she thought to her group of friends.

”I do too,” Andy and Chuck thought at the same time. Only, Andy thought it with more sentiment and natural attachment. Chuck’s thought was more of a lust and amused attachment. Doug chuckled quietly to himself from their responses.

When Chuck saw that the door Kayla was trying to open was locked, he grinned widely. None of them had had the chance to use the telekinetic abilities since coming to earth. Unlocking a door would be mere child’s play. ”Maybe I could give her a hand with—“

”NO,” Andy thought firmly to him. It was loud enough to make Chuck wince from it as well as make Vixie lift up her hands and rub her forehead.

”Calm down, Andy. I was just trying to be helpful,” Chuck thought to him.

”I’m sure that’s what it was,” Vixie remarked with an eyeroll. ”You just wanted to show off. You know the rules, Chuck. No showing our powers.”

”I can’t do anything…” Chuck complained.

Andy had let their tension in their group die down. When Kayla turned around to see Andy, she suddenly looked hurt. He was confused. Had he said something? Come to think of it, he hadn’t said much at all. Was it because of his lack of conversation with her that made her upset? Then he read her mind, and he realized that she was upset that he was holding Amy’s hand. It seemed that on this planet, holding hands meant more then it did on Giana.

Amy also read Kayla’s mind, and she suddenly felt guilty. When Kayla was talking and leading them down another hallway that would be the longer way to the music room, she let go of Andy’s hand and instead twiddled with the ends of her skirt that she was wearing.

Everyone’s eyes immediately lit up when they saw the art room. The artwork was unlike anything that they had seen since coming to earth. The colors and the swirls along the walls seemed to carry them all to another world of fantasy and art. Andy seemed to be transfixed on the artwork along the walls and had almost forgotten about the tour until Kayla lead them to the music room.

They all then walked past the auditorium. They didn’t laugh with her when the joke about the teacher in charge of drama frying their brains. The sense of humor was different from their own.

”And I thought Chuck was the one who had the bad and cruel sense of humor,” Doug remarked in a snide comment.

”Hey I- Well, I guess you’re right,” Chuck thought not denying his accusation at all. That made them all laugh to themselves making it seem like they were actually laughing because of what Kayla had said instead.

When the group arrived in the music room, Amy’s heart skipped a beat. The sound of music filled her ears. Her eyes looked to the boy from before in the gym who was playing the guitar. The noises that he was making from his mouth were confusing at first, but the sound of them was nice.

”He’s singing, Amy. It’s something, isn’t it?” he thought to Amy smiling softly down at her while placing a hand on her shoulder.

Amy’s hands were clasped over her mouth to hide her impossibly wide smile on her lips. She hadn’t realized that she was crying until she felt the wetness from her eyes trickle down her cheeks and onto her hands.

(( I love that song by the way. ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Kayla blushed lightly at her complement to her hair. She put her hands in it again, as if going to put it into a ponytail before dropping it again. It sprawled over her back once again, her smile not leaving her face.

When they reached the music room, she was lost in the song until Ash stopped, his eyes wide and his mouth gaping. This made Kayla look up at him, giggling softly. "Hey Ash."

Ash watched the group of people, Kayla.... I'm not good enough.... He took a step back, much out of shyness and a bit of fear. If he made noise in his abusive home, he was often beat for it. And that still stuck in his mind when he was caught playing when someone didn't tell him to.

"Ash, come on. It's okay." She walked over to him quickly, fixing his hood and hugging him. "Shh.... they're not going to hurt you. That's in the past. You're okay now...." She whispered to him.

Ash closed his eyes for a second, shooting the thoughts from his mind. He was getting better at that. He used to be horrible at that when he first got out of the home. He gulped, "I'll be fine." He whispered back. She let go of him, stepping back from him, her hand staying on his shoulder until it dropped to her side.

Ash rubbed the back of his head, moving the hood slightly that never came off. "Hey, sorry about that. Just kinda shocked." He chuckled, trying to stay cool. His voice still shook, making him seem like he was scared of him, when in reality he was just very very shy.

Kayla sighed softly, He's talking, he's actually talking! She was more excited and it showed on her face.

Ash noticed Amy's tears, blushing slightly, "A-Are you okay?" He asked, "I wasn't that horrible was I?" He asked, tilting his head and putting his guitar back on the stand. He slowly walked over to her, but slowly, as if he made the wrong step he would blow up.

Kayla smiled even more, her jaw dropped as she did. She wanted to jump up and down, He's talking and getting closer.... He's getting better.... She was relieved, it was amazing.

Ash stopped right in front of her, but about five feet away, that's how close he felt comfortable with. He looked up at Chuck, waving slightly remembering him from the assembly. Gotta get out of my shell.... I have to show someone.... Right? I have.... Have to live my life. It's not ending anytime soon. He thought to himself.

Kayla walked up behind him, "So, guys, sorry for not introducing him, but this is my cousin, Ash VanDel." She said. His last name was nice, and it much reminded them of his favorite hobby. But that was something illegal, something he couldn't get caught with. He could probably get off though, hopefully that is.

Ash nodded, "Nice to m-Meet you all." He stammered. Cool down.... They're just like you. So chill. he tried to calm himself down.

Kayla looked over at him, smiling, tapping his back, as if saying he was doing great. She was more careful with where though, higher on his back, she would never touch. That still hurt him, even if it was just mental pain.

Ash nodded to her, smiling softly, but only with his lips. He looked back at them, "Like the hair by the way." he said to Amy. He liked color, even if he didn't range anything from grey and black.

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Bree "Hm, he's kind of cute," Vixie thought to herself when Ash had looked up from his guitar and looked at them all.

”You think every guy is cute,” Chuck pointed out.

”Not you though, Chuck. You’re about as attractive as a bloated frog,” Vixie thought to him.

”Now that’s gotta hurt,” Doug thought with a small grin on his lips.

When Ash walked over to them, and asked if Amy was okay, she hiccupped then she wiped away her tears with her hands. “I-I’m okay. I’m sorry but your music…i-it isn’t horrible at all. Far from it. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard,” she said honestly.

When Chuck and Ash made eye contact, Chuck waved slightly and said, with his grin still on his lips, “Yo.” He had a feeling that he was going to have fun this guy once he got him to open up a bit more. He probably wouldn’t be the one to open him up though. Judging by the way Amy was crying over his music, he figured that she’d be the one to help him open up more than Chuck would.

They all could hear Ash’s thoughts about him not making any more mistakes, and about their group of Kreeons was just like Ash. They were all born and raised to read minds as openly as people would have conversations. It was almost impossible to play hide and seek on their home planet since everyone knew where everyone was hiding. Also, there were little to no secrets since everyone knew what everyone was thinking. Privacy wasn’t as much an issue since no one ever really commited any heinous act or crime in secrecy. There was peace and love on Giana. Hopefully, there would peace and love on earth as well.

Andy couldn’t help but have his curiosity pegged when Kayla was thinking about how worried she was if Ash got caught doing something that was supposedly illegal. He was tempting to search her mind and find out more, but, for the first time, he found himself not using his telepathy to its full extent. Once he and his friends would find their hang out spot, he’d bring up his new idea. Among their group of friends, he was the best with keeping secrets even though that wasn’t what Kreeons would typically do. He was different from his friends, and they knew it. They trusted him to not tell lies and keep things hidden from them. Ashy only kept secrets if it was to protect his friends or for a good reason. This was a good reason.

Still, Kayla was introducing her cousin to Andy and his friends, so Andy should do what was right.

“I’m Andy. This is Doug, Chuck, Amy, and Vixie,” he said gesturing to each of them as he said their names. Doug nodded to Ash. Chuck waved to him again with his grin on his lips. Amy gave a quiet ‘Hi’. Vixie smiled at him. “Likewise,” Andy said in response to Ash saying that it was nice to meet them all.

Again, when Amy was complimented about her hair, she blushed and touched her hair instinctively with her small hand. “Thanks. I was born with it being this color,” she said. She didn’t realize that blue hair wasn’t something that was given to humans when they were born. She had seen some people with multi colored hair already, but she didn’t think that it was artificial in any way.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Ash had black hair much like Kayla's, his natural. It was long in the front, covering the left side of his face, only one of his eyes being able to be seen. His eyes were a stunning grey with these designs that made his dead looking body alive, the most interesting feature about his body. His lips were pale along with his skin. He looked like he was sick, but he was fine. Ash wore black cargo pants with a slight bulge in his right pocket, which was his pocket knife. His jacket was grey, hood up and never coming off.

Ash smiled, a small blush going over his cheeks which was quite noticeable with his skin tone, "Th-Thanks...." He didn't get how his was the m ost beautiful thing she'd ever heard. Even just a few hours on the planet you were bound to hear someone else....

Chuck was watching him, greeting him, "Hey." Ash said quietly, gulping a bit. He was feeling a bit intimidated, but that happened when anyone talked to him besides Kayla. He needed to get over it, he knew that. God damn it, Ash, stop freaking out over nothing. He cussed himself out, his heart rate spiking.

He tried to keep calm as he nodded to everyone when their names were said. He moved his hands around against each other out of nerves. He nodded to Amy, "Really? That's pretty cool. I have a rare color myself." He said reaching up and tugging at the fringe in his face. "Usually people don't have naturally black hair, well, this black."

Ash was getting quieter and quieter with every passing minute, wishing Kayla would help him out. She did come to his rescue soon after though. "Alright guys, we have to get going. Thank you Ash for your wonderful song." She said pecking him on the cheek. "You did awesome." She whispered to him, hugging him quickly before taking them out of the room. Poor kid.... He still has a lot of improvement.... Kayla thought closing her eyes as she lead them down.

Ash was sort of relieved when they left, but felt like he failed the whole thing. He closed his eyes, biting his lip hard, trying to get his emotions and mind under control. They said not to use pain to do that, but that was his way of doing it.... He couldn't use the knife anymore, because they looked at his body non stop to see if he was. He didn't get why.... Why did he have to go through what he did. He went back to his guitar and played it lazily, with no real passion as before.

Kayla looked over at them, "Where to next, the lunch room or the gym?" She asked them chipper, even though she was worried about Ash. But she had to keep going with her job. He was a big boy, he could take care of himself to an extent.... He had been doing it most of his life anyways.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((...))

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Bree (( Thank you that. I almost lost the thread. ))

"You're welcome," Amy said smiling back at him. When she heard his thoughts about how he didn’t get why he thought that his music wasn’t that great, she frowned. She took a step forward boldy to him because Amy wanted to intervene and tell him not to think that way. She couldn’t though. Andy’s hand reached out and pulled her back. He silently gave her a stern disapproving look. She had to stop herself because of the rule that they had about exposing their telepathy. It was unfair if he didn’t understand how good he actually was with music. Why would he doubt himself with something that seems so natural for him?

”They don’t need to know what we’re capable of,” Andy thought to her.

”But if we don’t tell them, it’s like we’re violating their privacy if we keep this up. It’s like someone constantly looking into someone’s diary when that person who owns the diary is blind. Something about this isn’t right,” Doug thought to them all.

”It isn’t right how they treat us either. Why do they deserve something like privacy when they decided to brand us with marks like animals?” Vixie thought coldly.

”Because we came to their world, remember? We’re the ones who were looking for a new place to stay. If this is their terms and conditions, then the least we can do is get over it and not complain about it,” Andy thought back to her.

”So we shouldn’t complain when they decided to try to probe us like the aliens we are and try to make us into super soldiers?” Vixie thought.

”They’re not gonna do that, Vixie. I mean I’d enjoy the attention, but that would sure as hell be painful,” Chuck thought.

”You all read their minds when we first came here. You saw what those scientists wanted to do to us when they saw that we were just like them. It’s like giving a child the toy that they want on Christmas then telling them that they can’t play with it. Of course they’re gonna whine and complain, then when the parents aren’t looking, the child will have fun and break the rules,” Vixie thought.

After an awkward moment of silence, Chuck thought ”Damn girl..”

They tried to not look like they had all just had a mental argument when they said goodbye to Ash and walked out of the music room. The bell had rung when they had all left the music room, so the hallways were filling up with students. The people walking toward the lunch room created an ongoing traffic flow that didn’t seem to slow down or stop. It only morphed to go around the group of Kreeons and Kayla like they had some sort of disease. People were staying clear of them and their thoughts about them all weren’t too kind. Andy became angered when he picked up the thoughts of a guy who walked by Kayla, and was looking at her for far too long.

“The lunch room is fine,” Andy said to answer her question. It seemed that that was where everyone else was going right now, so they would all be able to see what groups sat where, and where they needed to steer clear of. Kayla had already mentioned the group of jerks and jocks that weren’t too nice. She was being very helpful to them all. Andy could read her mind to find out why she was doing this, but, once again, he hesitated to explore her thoughts.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Kayla waited seeing as Ash started leaving the room to go to lunch. He sighed a bit as he walked passed them when Kayla waved him on. "Go on, I'll catch up with you later." She said.

He nodded, Alone.... that's okay, I'm used to it. He thought. It wasn't bitter though, he understood she couldn't hang out with him that day. Well, not much. He was used to hanging out alone, him never having friends before. I hope no one comes over.... He gulped as he walked through the hallways.

Kayla looked back at Andy, nodding with a slight smile, seeing James eyeing her. She moved around a bit uncomfortable, knowing the way he operated. She moved her hands up against her chest as if blocking her breasts from him. His eyes didn't leave her, well, they did her chest but went lower on her body. She took a step back, feeling violated. No. She thought, backing into Andy. She jumped a bit, "Sorry." She said, brushing hair from her face, keeping her arms there though.

James walked on later on, leaving her behind with the new freaks, Don't get to attached guys, she's my pussy cat.... He thought pervertedly.

Kayla looked up at the rest of them, "Alright, come on." She said with a smile as if that didn't bug her. She started walking them through the hallway when most of the people had gone through. "I'm sorry if we don't get there for food.... the school is kinda stupid with the food thing...." She scratched the back of her head. "we better hurry if we want any." She explained.

Ash got there in time, and seeing as Kayla wasn't there, he got her food from her account. He had to make sure she was okay. He chewed on his lips, not wanting her to go hungry like he did all those years. He went over and sat at their normal table that was big enough for the five to join them. He watched the door, awaiting for his cousin to walk through.

Kayla was soon at the door, waving at her cousin, seeing the extra food. She smiled and waved her thank you. He's a sweety. She thought. She looked up to them, "Alright.... SO er.... what would you want to try?" She asked biting her lip softly. She was shaken up a bit, wanting her jacket after James kept staring at her like a hungry boar.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments (This is one of my favorite roleplays, please don't forget about me. ;3))

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Bree ( I won't forget. I've only had a rough couple of days with some of my friends feeling lonely is all. )

"Maybe it's a good thing that we met these two. I mean, they're nice, and they're kind of like us," Amy thought as they walked away from the music room and went down the hallway to the lunchroom.

"They're a group of aliens from another planet that have telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation?" Chuck remarked back to her raising an eyebrow slightly in her direction.

"You know what she meant, Chuck. She meant that these two are just like us. They're outcasts," Doug clarified.

When Andy and James made eye-contact, Andy fought strongly to not give him the death glare or threaten him verbally or mentally. He wasn't a violent person, but Andy was the kind of guy who was extremely protective of those who he held close him. Since Kayla had been the first person to welcome him and his friends with open arms, he had to return the favor to her by looking out for her. When Kayla backed into him, Andy's hand reached up and grabbed hold of her shoulder gently and comfortingly.

"Maybe since she's a pussycat, she could hack a furball on your ugly mutt of a face," Vixie thought to their friends but not James.

"You may be the ice queen, but damn girl, you're good with come backs," Chuck thought with a chuckle.

"It's a gift," Vixie thought sweetly and innocently.

The group of Kreeons didn't mind if they didn't get to eat or not. At the moment, they weren't hungry. And for some reason, the smell of earth food wasn't as appetizing as Giana food. Still, they would try to adjust to this new culinary since they only had so much food from Giana that they had brought with them.

Walking into the lunch room was reminiscant of how the gym was. The same people from before were giving the Kreeons the what-the-hell-are-you-looking-at-freak- look. Individually, each of the group of Kreeons had their strengths, and their weaknesses. When they stood together, they felt safer, and were stronger. Maybe that was why they chose to stay close to each other and not mingle with the humans as much.

Andy looked down to Kayla and said "None of us is particularly hungry. We'll eat when we leave school and head home."

The housing system for the Kreeons was interesting. Andy's group of friends was all living in the same house together. All the Kreeons lived in one part of the town excluded from the humans, but they could walk out and visit the rest of the town. Some Kreeons would live alone, some would live together, but they all were set up to live in one area only.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Aw.... I know how that is, friends can be mean sometimes.))

Kayla looked up at Andy, smiling slightly when he put his hands on her shoulders. She didn't really want to leave his hands, as if James was going to come back and do creepy things.

When they said they didn't want any food, she didn't understand at first, she was always hungry, but that was probably because she didn't eat very often. She motioned them to follow her, "Sorry, is it okay if I eat?" She asked a bit of a blush on her face. If Ash didn't buy her food she probably could pass it until she got home as well, even if she hadn't eaten the entire day. "You can come sit with Ash and I. We don't bite." She winked.

Ash looked up at her, watching her talk to them, knowing she was going to invite them over. He looked around, pulling his back pack off the seat so there would be more room for everyone. He smiled softly, waving over to him as if saying it was okay. Don't screw up Ash, this might be your only chance of getting new friends. He thought to himself, hoping that this was going to be different from his last two schools. Hoping that maybe he could actually feel like a person instead of a punching back. Some people still used him for that, but not as much as before. It helped a lot that Kayla was with him and always around as well.

Kayla started slowly walking over to the table, hoping that they would say it was okay for them to come sit with them. "There's enough room for all seven of us, so don't worry about the space." She smiled softly, "And I'll finish the tour after lunch, okay?" She smiled.

Other people that were around the room turned around, as if the group of six were screaming at the top of their lungs. Some looked in fear, some in anger, and some in just curiosity. None of them stepped forward to do anything though, giving off a vibe of wanting them to leave. Kayla and Ash didn't understand why they would let them leave, but they understood what the five might be feeling. They were also looked at that way. Ash was more so, just because he was the one that was least sociable. Kayla was just the hot girl but if you got to close she'd bite you, knowing that most people just wanted to use her for unspeakable things.

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Bree “We don’t mind if you do,” Andy said when Kayla asked if it was alright of her to eat while they didn’t. Now that he thought about it, Andy had become the mouth piece of him and his friends since they had come to the school. He hadn’t meant to make himself leader, but no one else among them had anything, or wanted, to say something. Duggir was as hard as a rock, and was usually as quiet and strong as one too. Chuck was the wise cracker, so he knew better than to speak, because he wouldn’t be able to shut up once he went off. Amy was the quiet girl of the group that was also the most easily frightened. Vixie was, as Chuck said before, the ice queen who always had some way to insult someone. By process of elimination, Andy was in charge.

As they drew nearer to Ash who was sitting at the table with reserved seats for Kayla and the group of Kreeons, Andy and his friends could hear Ash’s thoughts more clearly. Amy wasn’t the only one who felt a connection to Ash. He didn’t want to screw up having the chance to meet new friends, and neither did they. Amy and Chuck had begun to take a liking to the guy more than anyone in the group. True, Vixie did compliment him on his appearance, but she did that for almost every guy she met. When the group of friends stood before the table with Ash, they waited for Kayla to sit down beside him. Once she did that, then they sat down as well.

There was a new side to the mindset of the group of high-schoolers in the lunch room when Andy and his friends sat down with Kayla and Ash. Andy wouldn’t have realized that it was there had he not been paying attention. Andy looked back over his shoulder to see where it came from, and who it belonged to. In the opposite corner of the lunch room, at a table all by himself, was a guy who looked to be trying to analyze the appearance and action of Andy and his friends. He looked to be a little younger than Ash, and he was certainly scrawnier than Ash. His hair was in a mess of brown on his head, and he wore a open button plaid shirt with a black t shirt underneath.

What really captured Andy’s attention, was the book that was on the guy’s table beside his tray of food. It looked to be about alien discovery and information about recent sightings. Andy looked away from him then returned his attention back to his group of friends.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments Ash looked up at them as they stood above him. He gulped a bit, feeling like they were a wall. He hated things that were closed up, he never wanted to be trapped again. He never wanted to be in the dark cold basement again. He breathed in quickly, turning his head to the ground.

Kayla sat down next to him, putting her hand on his shoulder, hearing his breath in. It was calming to him and it made it easier to calm down when everyone sat down. His hand relaxed on the table, him able to now pick up the fork to get himself to eat. He was another one that didn't eat, but that was because he didn't need a lot of food because of how much his father fed him.

Kayla looked over at him, making sure he was eating, even though he was doing the exact same thing to her. They were a mess together. They both didn't eat, and were both underweight, even though Ash was more so. Kayla had enough to keep herself alive and healthy while Ash's body was still healing.

Ash wouldn't eat if he didn't have to, because he thinks that he's just wasting food that doesn't need to be when in fact he is slowly hurting himself more than he thinks. He glanced up at the others, waving when he noticed that they weren't talking. He noted that they didn't talk much, and didn't think anything wrong of it. He was quiet, and he didn't really want to start the conversation. Just like always, I'm hiding behind Kayla. But at least now I don't have to hide behind my mask all the time.... He still hid behind his mask, but not as much as he used to. He now lets his emotions out in small bursts during the day instead of just at night where it'd just boil to the breaking point and he'd explode.

Kayla looked over at him, sensing that he wanted her to say something. She watched Andy look over at the boy in the corner. "He's quiet." She said about the boy, "He's really into extra terrestrials and likes examining things. So don't freak out if he's looking at you, he won't do harm. At least, I don't think he will." She pursed her lips, never seeing him do anything violent or damaging in the years that they had known each other. Sure, it wasn't much, but it was still enough to get an idea of what he was like.

She looked up at them, "Do you have any questions about things around here, or about us?" She asked motioning between Ash and herself. "Of course, nothing to personal as we just met." She winked with a smile as she bit into some of the food on her plate. Any question was really fine as long as it didn't do with their pasts, at least, the more damaging parts of it. If they did really want to be friends with them, then they would earn more trust with them. Sure, they trusted them, but that didn't mean that they wanted to give up their whole life story. It hurt them to even talk about it.

Ash looked up at them, gulping a bit. It would probably help with his way of being quiet, and that's what he was hoping for. The thing he didn't look forward to is how far they would go with their questions. Sure, there were safe questions that anyone could ask like their favorite color, even though it was pretty obvious with Ash, black. Kayla had a range of colors though, usually all in the darks. Ash liked those colors as well, but didn't show them off in his clothing, mostly just in his art work with some other brighter colors in there so it wasn't just blan and boring.

Ash nodded to the idea of questions, "Ask away...." He whispered, "If you have any...." His voice was soft and quiet, barely above a whisper but enough for everyone to hear. He didn't like other people hearing him though, as they judged him, and he hated that. Don't worry about being judged. You're not a bad person, you don't do bad things.... Well.... not.... to other people... He bit his lip, his mind going darker with the passing words that were passing through his head. You do horrible things to yourself though. His scars on his body, which were thousands of them started tingling, making it uncomfortable to even sit still. His back was the worst of them all, just because the scars were bigger. He closed his eyes, breathing out, hoping and wishing they'd have something to ask him so he could talk. Please... please have something.... he plead in his mind to them.

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Bree (( I did need that. Also, I saw the premiere for Star-Crossed yesterday. Maybe it's just me, but I like our roleplay better.

When they all sat down with Kayla and Ash, there was a mutual sense of awkwardness and being uncomfortable with where they were. Several conversations around them stopped when they seated themselves, then they continued, but there was a common ground of unpleasant thoughts that were similar to the ones in the gymnasium.

”Do they even eat Earth food..”
“Why don’t they just beam themselves some food from their ship…”
“Maybe they’re going to use their hidden atentaes or something..”
“I bet they really look like green martians underneath..”
“This is a human only school…”

Since there was an awkward silence forming in the group, and Andy had some questions about the school overall, he spoke up first. He was seated in-between Amy and Chuck. Amy was sitting next to Vixie who was sitting next to Ash. Chuck was sitting next to Duggir who was sitting next to Kayla. “So, besides the jocks, what kind of groups are there? Is there anyone else among the student body that might accept us?” he asked. He wanted to remain positive for them that there would be some hope for them to have social interaction with other people.

“Is it possible for us to get up to the school roof top?” Chuck asked after Andy. The buildings on Giana were tall and high enough to touch the sky. Chuck in particular loved the idea of having no one or nothing holding him back. He craved freedom more than anything in any of the worlds. It was also the reason why he was a rule breaker and wise cracker. He always tried to prove that he had no limitations to what he could do, and what others could and couldn’t let him go. He wanted to be his own leader, and his own idol.

“Can anyone use the school gym not during a class? Isn’t there a weight room that is open?” Doug asked. It wasn’t surprising that he was the muscles of the group, given his large size. He was used to being the one to protect his friends and family, and now that they were on Earth, there was a greater chance and sense of danger here then on Giana. Even with his back to the other students, he could hear the unpleasant and discriminating thoughts of the people who clearly didn’t have anything better to do than to mock Doug and his friends.

“Can we learn how to make music and sing like Ash? I don’t know how to do anything like that, but I’d like to learn,” Amy asked. She had been meaning to ask Kayla and Ash that when they were in the music room earlier, but she hadn’t had the courage to do so. Since everyone was asking questions about what was on their mind, now was her chance to come out. Amy tucked some of her blue hair behind her ear, her tattoo winking at Kayla and Ash from underneath her sleeve. She winced when she heard Ash’s thoughts, and her eyes showed some sadness for him. Not being able to tell her what she was thinking through her telepathy was killing her right now.

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Kayla started answering the questions starting with Andy's since he was first. "Well there are the ones that are the math geeks. They don't take to kind to things that are unscientific like the science ones. They're all rather smart but don't have normal interactions like other humans. Like parties and so forth. Then there are the drama kids. They're very accepting to anything new and different but can be over dramatic. Yy have to learn how to react to them to know if they're joking or not. The art kids are the same way." She motioned to herself, "I should know." She smiled. She thought more, "These are all stereotypes though, so then there's the jumpers who go group to group and fit in with different ones. The cheers who think they're all that.... Fitting in with the populars."

There were a group of girls that just looked over the new five and just looked at her, "Oh youre just jealous." This one looked completely hideous.

"No thanks Blondie, pretty sure when the ship came down they thought you were the one that stepped out." She fired back. She looked at them quickly, "No offense to you guys, because I think you're totally awesome." In her mind, it was completely true, in fact, in every way shape and form it was. She liked these people a lot, and they were people to her. She didn't see a difference, not even with their markings.

"You have to know all the right people, and be glad you do." She said. "I can get you to the roof in no time flat. We can go after lunch if you'd like." She offered. She smiled wide, happy to do anything for them.

"The weight room is open to all students and only open an hour before and after school. So feel free to go there anytime you feel like it."

"You have to check out the equipment though, and if they give you shit, just get Kayla and shell get it out for you." Ash added in, "I'd offer but I'd get shit too."

He answered Amy's himself, "Just ask right here. I'll teach you everything I know. and just take the music course for an hour a day with of music.' He smiled.

Ash and Kayla looked down at her tattoo, smiling down at it a bit. She has markings.... that are different too. Ash thought. I might not be the only one that has to cover up anymore.

((On mobile, sorry that took so long.))

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Bree (( I know I'm getting really into this roleplay when I plan on replying, then delete my first reply after I've finished it because it isn't good enough. ))

Each of them nodded and somewhat smiled in response to having their having their questions answered. When they first came to Earth, that wasn’t the case. Their people didn’t have any of their questions answered. No one told them why the humans were holding weapons when the door to the Kreeon ships opened. No one told them why the humans who were holding the weapons gunned down the first few Kreeons that stepped out with their hands in the air to show that they were unarmed. No one told them why they had to be herded into quarantine vehicles like they were diseased. No one told them why they had to stand still and behave while some of their kind was poked and proded like animals. No one told them why they had to get the tattoo.

No one told them why the humans were lying when they said that they came in peace after they had mistreated the Kreeons when they first came here.

They all found it amusing and funny when Kayla made a smarter remark to the blonde girl who had tried to make a smart remark to their group… Their group. Andy had to repeat those two words in his mind after they had come to him so naturally. He wasn’t sure how or when, but he had already accepted Kayla and Ash. After casting glances in both directions to his friends on either side of him, they had felt the same way judging by the looks on their faces. They also weren’t afraid to ask questions to Kayla and Ash. Vixie had been the only one to not ask anything, but that was to be expected. She was reluctant to this new change, and had already openly admitted that the Kreeons needed a better place to call home. This planet, to quote her, was full of ‘liars and repugnant creatures’. Funny, because earlier, she had called Ash cute.

Andy had known that the tray of food was coming at him before he felt he impact of the plastic serving with the splatter of whatever food was on it hit his backside. He had heard the thoughts of the guy who was planning on doing it… It was almost as if he had taken a blowhorn, and was standing right at Andy’s side while shouting his secret and diabolical intentions like Andy wouldn’t be to hear. After the tray of food had been flung at Andy, he whirled around, as did his friends, to look right at who had thrown the tray at Andy. It wasn’t a surprise that it was the group of jocks from earlier in the gym.

Doug watched the group of them laughed, and had grins stretching wide enough to touch their ears. They were pissing him off. They were testing him. They’d gone too far. One of the guys at the table where the jocks sat suddenly punched himself square in the nose. The force of the punch was hard enough to make him fall off of his seat, and clutch his now bleeding nose while he cursed under his muffled hand. While the table of his friends asked ‘why the hell did he punch himself’, Doug felt a grin come to his lips.

Suddenly Doug’s hands went up to his ears as an ear bleeding, skull splitting, and high pitched whine rang through his mind so loud that his face contorted with pain. His gaze met Andy’s and he knew that he was in for it. Andy had a rare ability among their kind. He could use his telepathy to tug on the brain of anyone and make them experience pain without touching them.

”T-They deserved it… They’re not going to treat us any different unless we fight back.”

”If we fight back, we’re no better than them,” Andy thought back coldly and sternly. Once he stopped punishing Doug, Doug gasped and was panting with his head in his hands.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((Haha, yes, I've been into this roleplay probably since we started. XP I really enjoy this concept. And you're an amazing roleplayer. Haha, I've gotten on my computer and changed mine up before you respond when I do sometimes because it needed to be better. XP))

Kayla smiled at them, but looked back right to see the tray fly at him. She jumped up from her seat, looking up at Randy, the biggest ass of the school. Ash crouched down behind the table. He was terrified of him, he was the only one that still picked on him like back when he was at his first home. He bit his lip, Don't make him come over here.... He begged. He remembered everything that has happened to him, Randy ripping off his jacket exposing his many many scars. The hundreds on his arms, and the one that was on his neck.

Kayla looked down at him frowning a bit, but glaring over at Randy and the group that were laughing like crazy. She noticed him punching himself making Kayla gasp. She didn't know what had just happened, Did someone bump his arm? Or hit his arm? She questioned rasing her eyebrows in a bit of interest. These guys were weird, but they weren't that weird. They were idiots yes, but to punch themselves in the face? God he must have smoked all his braincells out earlier. She sat down, slowly until Doug's ears started bleeding. Her eyes widdened again.

"What the hell is going on?" She asked reaching down and grabbing some napkins and handing it to him. "Are you okay?" She asked reaching over and lightly touching his arm. She didn't want him hurt, but she knew some day there was going to be a fight between their two species.

Ash looked up at him, raising his eyebrow, biting his lip a bit harder. There was something weird going on here, something that they weren't talked to about. Was there something going on that they didn't know about? Well, the humans? He looked at Andy who looked pissed, but he also looked pissed at Doug, which confused him greatly.

Kayla looked over at Ash, "Come on...." She said pulling on his jacket. "Let's go to the roof...." She said to them, just wanting to get them out of there before things got worse. One hit from a group will light another group to look at them, soon another until it's just one big fiasco. "And I'll show you the gym after we go there?" She asked raising her eyebrow.

Ash was good with getting out of here, he hated the lunch room anyways. He picked up his and Kayla's trays, throwing them in the trash but soon retreating back to Kayla. He breathed in quickly, then breathing out.

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Bree (( You're amazing too :) I'm probably going to be forced to fangirl whenever I see Star Crossed now because I'll want to see how it compares to this. ))

Doug winced when Kayla came over to his side speaking much too loudly. He looked over to Kayla that was giving him napkins after she had let go of his arm. “I’ll be fine…” he said. When his gaze traveled over to Andy’s, he knew that he had to do a better job of convincing her otherwise. He looked back to Kayla and added “It’s okay, really, it happens all the time back on Giana.” He took the napkins from her hand and used them to clean up his ears then hold them up to them. Doug realized that he must have looked ridiculous with white napkins stuffed in his ears, so right now, he just needed to get the hell away from this lunch room.

”Dude that was an awful lie… Was that really your best excuse?” Chuck remarked.

”Well what the hell would you have said?” Doug asked back to him not being amused right now.

”I would’ve said that the sound of douche bags laughing hurts my ears,” Chuck thought simply.

”That’s not any better,” Vixie thought to him.

Amy avoided Ash’s gaze when he looked among her group of friends after finding what just happened to be really weird. She was an awful liar, and it wasn’t hard to tell when she knew something that she shouldn’t just by looking at her face. Ash was right that something wasn’t right, but of course, she couldn’t tell him what was going on. She couldn’t be near be him when she felt so dirty, so she stuck to Andy’s side.

Andy nodded his head to Kayla and said “Sounds good.” He was the one to lead their group, including Kayla and Ash, out of the lunch room. He had no idea how to get the roof, he only knew that he wanted to get the hell out of there and not have anyone give them any weird looks. The humans here were already suspicious of everything that the Kreeons did. If they found out what their abilities were, it would be disastrous. When Andy realized that he didn’t know how to get to the roof once he was in the hallway, he turned around and looked to Kayla with a sheepish smile. “I don’t know to get to the roof… Care to lead us?” he asked her.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 8874 comments ((haha, I know right? I actually stopped breathing when I was watching the show this time. XD))

Kayla smiled at Andy when he said that he didn't know where it was. "Thought you would have read my mind for the information." She said rolling her eyes in a joking way. She didn't know about the abilities, but still joked around like normal, just like if they had been there for years.

Ash followed behind the group, taking the caboose of the group. The rest were ahead of him. He didn't like when people were behind him, because what happened when there were people behind him is they'd hit or do something to him. Of course, he knew they weren't going to do anything to him, but he didn't even let Kayla walk behind him.

Kayla smiled pushing open a door that wasn't marked. She looked both ways before that, making sure no teachers were watching. "Up...." She said motioning for everyone to go in before her. Ash was last, and she went in after. She jumped ahead to start walking up the stairs. She held onto the railing and skipping up the stairs.

Ash looked around, breathing in, knowing he wasn't going to be good with the heights, him being scared of him. You're not going to the edge. He told himself, This won't be like back in Detroit, you're not jumping this time. He bit his lip, harder when they got to the top.

Kayla looked up at the sky, the clouds around the sky, but not fogging up the blue. She sighed, feeling the sun beat down on her. She knew she'd have to ditch the jacket, but she was wearing a tank under it, and she didn't want her back showing, there were to many scars. She didn't really mind though, they had markings, and so did she. They wouldn't judge her. You can trust them, just calm down. They're awesome. She thought to herself.

"Alright, rules of the roof. Don't lean over the edge, just so we don't get caught, and no pushing each other off." She smirked, "Not that you would. Well, besides Ash."

Ash turned a light pink color, "I wouldn't either."

"OH yes you would, look at those devious grey eyes." Kayla said walking up and putting her hands on his shoulder.

"Eh, if I pushed you off then I'd have more of our friend's attention." He smirked shrugging her hands off of him. She knows how to get me to talk all to well.

Kayla laughed lightly, "Alright, there's a few crates you can push out, not to heavy." She said.

Ash nodded, starting to walk slowly and his feet carefully moving around as if the floor would cave in on him, something he didn't want to happen. But it wouldn't happen. It was impossible, the roof wasn't weak.

Kayla watched him, rolling her eyes and going to the edge, but just standing there, sighing softly. "And if you want to come up here later on, just find me." She said, "And.... do you have phones that I can give you my number?" She asked raising her eyebrow, "So you can reach me if you need me?"

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