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[Name] Snowstar

[Age] 34 moons

[Gender] Female/Feminine

[Rank] Leader

[Personality] Snowstar is a very sweet and caring she-cat, she loves all cats and does her best to take care of them in any way possible. When some cat from a different Clan threatens one of her warriors or apprentices or kits she is the first to stand up and defend that cat, even if it means a fight.

[Appearance] Snowstar is a gorgeous pure white she-cat with fluffy fur and small, rounded ears. Her tail is very long and has a bluish-gray tip like her left ear. Her eyes are a deep aquamarine blue that is like the deep depths of the ocean. She has a terrible scar that parts the fur across her massive, muscular shoulders.

[Mate/Crush] Open for creation

[Kits] Wants them!!

Mother--Silverwater(RiverClan, alive)
Father--Swallowcloud(SkyClan, alive)
Brother--Frogleap(RiverClan, alive, open for creation)
Sister--Smallstream(SkyClan, alive, open for creation)
Sister--Sunblossom(SkyClan, alive, open for creation)

[Other] N/A

{Streamlily} Be your own kind of beautiful | 480 comments Approved, amazing detail!

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Anastasia | 1 comments Name: Nightstream
Age: 15 moons (recently a warrior)
Gender: she-cat
Rank: warrior
Personality: shy-ish and calm. though when hunting she is very energetic.
Description: http://www.hockeycat93.com/images/fuz...
Other: open to any crushes or anything... just saying...

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