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{Streamlily} Be your own kind of beautiful | 480 comments Name: Fernstar

Age at death: 58

Gender: she cat

X-Clan: RiverClan

Loyal, sweet, caring and strong. She always stays strong through hardships and never gives up.

A brown tabby she cat with battle scars on her sides and a shoulder. She has a shorter tail then normal

Fernkit was born in RiverClan territory and brought back to her home, she is pure clans and never left her clan though she went through so much. When she was carried to her camp she heard her sister being clawed by their mother, then she almost died of Greencough, then her sister wanted to kill her and her mother. She was pushed away from the family by her father because she didn't trust her sister (no wonder!). When she was apprenticed her sister finally got the chance to get a claw in her flank "on accident" though she knew her sister was out of her mind from birth. She then earned her warrior name and was respected and she was very loyal and honest. Her sister was exact opposite and went complete mouse-brained when Fernlight was chosen as the new deputy. She soon became leader and served many years for her clan, her father had died in a battle when she was an apprentice and she never really got over it. She died from her sister's crazy claws.




Mate/kits: no tom ever liked her :(

Other: N/A

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