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{Streamlily} Be your own kind of beautiful | 480 comments Make your Dark Forest cats here!

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{Streamlily} Be your own kind of beautiful | 480 comments Name: Streamlily

Gender: female

Age: 103 moons

Her name might be sweet and she is but when you hurt or bully her or her friends she turns fierce and a deadly fire burns in her eyes. Though when she is happy she is a great friend. She can be pure evil when she wants.

White and cream she cat with sparkling golden eyes and a black ear tip. She has a scar on her left hind leg and a long tail with long fur.

Her father ran out on her, her mum and her sister when she was born. Her mum loved her and her sister to death, though when she was almost a warrior, her mum got killed by a ShadowClan cat that said rogues killed her. She earned her warrior name, along with her future mate Redeye and her sister Stripepelt.

Sister-Stripepelt (open,DarkForest)
Mate: Redeye (her old mate)

Firekit-son (Dark Forest; open)
Daisykit-daughter (StarClan; open)

Other: she isn't completely evil

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (birdsong231) Old cat... O.O
But I can do better. XD

{Streamlily} Be your own kind of beautiful | 480 comments 1,000,000 moons!!!!!!!!!!!

Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (birdsong231) Best. Age. EVER!!! O_O

Gωყηη ~ ωнιтє ƒσχ ~ (GGwynnie) 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 moons!!!

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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (birdsong231) I ~ I¢євℓαʑє [Яøsαℓıηđα] wrote: "Name: Darkmist

Age: 25, 482 Moons {Try beat that, Ang! Oh...I shouldn't have said that...}

Gender: Tom

Working on it..."

HA!!!! Bloodstar got a lot older! In your face, Rosa!!! XD

{Streamlily} Be your own kind of beautiful | 480 comments Name: Fireclaw
Age: 127 moons
Gender: Tom
Former Clan: WindClan
Former ranks:

Pure evil, he's smart and will trick you in any way he can, he is a killer and loves the taste of blood. Fireclaw is vicious and partly crazy, he will kill anyone but Streamlily, Shadefang and Stripepelt.

Fireclaw's pelt is a fiery orange with a black star on his chest along with a completely black hind leg (right). His claws are longer then normal and his teeth are sharpened on a rock he hides near his "camp" (it's really just a small hollow). His eyes are a frightening amber, his fur is very long.


Mum: Heathereyes (StarClan; open; killed by Waterfang)
Dad: Waterfang (Dark Forest; open; drown to death)
Brother: Whisperpelt (StarClan; open; killed by Waterfang)

Former mates: all open
Shadefang {StarClan} (mother of Streamlily and Stripepelt)
Dappletree {StarClan} (mother of Rose-eye and Lionpelt)
River {Dark Forest} (mother of Leaf, Petal and Blue)
Appleleaf {StarClan}

Kits: all open (besides Streamlily)
Streamlily {Dark Forest}
Stripepelt {Dark Forest}
Rose-eye {StarClan}
Lionpelt {StarClan}
Leaf {Alive, rogue}
Petal {Alive, rogue}
Blue {Alive, loner}

Other: He was killed by Appleleaf when she discovered he was evil.

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