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Jane Sorry this doesn't have anything to do with the book, but how do you hide spoilers on discussions or reviews? Please help, thanks!

message 2: by Gabby (last edited Feb 07, 2014 03:07AM) (new)

Gabby If you want to hide the whole review then tick the box "spoilers in this review" If you want to just put a spoiler box in place for a couple of sentences then add this (just take away the full stops)

<.spoiler> WRITE SPOILER HERE<./spoiler.>

(looks like this)

(view spoiler)

Kristen If you look above the box where you type your comment, to the right, there's the link that says "(some html is ok)". If you click on that, it gives all the instructions on how to hide spoilers, make text bold or italics, etc.

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