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Place for the people to shop and get new things

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- harper's mouth dropped open when she saw the mall. The most shopping she had ever done was from behind a computor screen

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"Ya I know." Bay stated."I thought it was another world when I first came here." she remembered it like it was yesterday. It wasn't but it also wasn't that far either.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Well lets get going!!" Harper said excitedly

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"Okay were first?" Bay asked.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Wheres a good place for dancy clothes?" Harper asked, "ooh and cute pants. I need a pair for friday!"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper blushed, "ok ok, no teasing now" she laughed

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"Looks cool. I see dresses. When can go somewhere else for your pants Harps." Bay stated.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "It is," harper admitted with a laugh

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"Well, boys are normally weird." Bay giggled.

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Topaz entered the mall. Her hair flamed a bright red after her encounter with Liam.
God! Why can't he just see reason. She thought.

She went to Spenser's in hopes that they had a smoke machine, lights, and maybe a iPhone stereo. They had everything. She just needed punch then she would go find Ryder to get the beer.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper looked around the store with excitment, the racks of bright colors making her happy

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Topaz payed for the supplies, she thanked the chashier and head out to leave. She put the money in her purse as she looked up and saw Ryder. She smiled her hair slowly going from red to blonde.
"Hey." she said cheerfully.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper shrugged, "maybe! I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for"

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"Ya, all we need is the beer. Your department." she smiled leaning against the window next to him.
Bay was going through some clothes and she found

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"You look great... Dad." she giggled and put her hand on her hip inviting Ryder to loop arms.

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"Okay." she smiled and led him to her favorite store. They had the best wine and beer.

"Here we are." she announced.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper continued to look through racks upon racks of clothes, pulling out a few selections

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "What about this?"
Harper held up the dress with a smile

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper grinned, "So is this something I could wear to the party? Or not? And Bay you look incredible!" she gushed

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Topaz looked around the mall. She saw several men and she saw a guy who was in his late 30's
"How about him?"
"Thank you, is it the right color and is it to dressy? I could put a jacket over it." Bay asked

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I think it's nice," Harper smiled softly

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"I like yours too, stripes are definitely your thing." Bay smiled

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper smiled softly at her, "thank you! I feel like a princess! Now i just need some pants and a sweatshirt"

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"I understand the pants but why the sweatshirt?"Bay asked as took off the dress

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I want to look extra cute. " harper said with a grin, "i mean, it Is my first date Ever"

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"Much.... You almost look hot now." She smiled. She gave him somewhat of a sexual look to make him uncomfortable.

"So do you! Floral define rely suits you." She smiled after she got dressed she walked closer.
"Spin." She twirled her finger and put on her judge face.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper grinned with glee, "I'm so glad we're doing this guys! You guys are the best friends Ever"

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"Well I've never had friends, but so far you guys are the best. Were all alike, we can relate. To me where sisters." she said with tears in her eyes.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper beamed back at her, wrapping a warm air around them all, "Agreed"

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"Hey, it was necessary in my book." Topaz said while looking for some good beer.
"Bud Light or Budweiser?" she called. "I never can tell the difference." she muttered to herself.


"Thanks you guys." Bay told them.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper smiled, "I'm going to go purchase these quick," she said, holding up her dress, a pair of black skinny jeans, and a black sweatshirt

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Bay followed with her dress in hand.
"Should I pay?" she asked.
"Aww, damn. If only the hot guy was back." she pouted. Then giggled.
This is fun. He get's so embarrassed by it. she thought. Her hair had a tint of purple.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I think she's asking if she wants you to pay for her" Harper said with a gigle

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"Actually, I was going to pay for every one." Bay smiled.
"My father doesn't need it."
"Who said was talking about him." she smiled her teeth gleaming.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper smiled at her, "That's super kind of you"

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"Okay um..." she hesitated at the cashier," Is this enough?" she put down 15 coins. When she did the cashier's went wide.
"Y- Y- Yes. That's enough."
"Okay, but just saying." she leaned in close."It was true." she whispered."Come on we have a party to get to. She said dragging him along, scared of his reaction.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper giggled, "Looks like he's never seen gold before"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Thanks" harper repeated, earnestly. She had never been so excited in her life. "I cant wait for this dance!!"

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Topaz ignored his mumble.
God why the hell did I say that. she thought.
I mean I like him but what we met yesterday?
"Ya, I heard that people get their hairs done or something, but I don't know what that means." bay stated

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Bay blushed. Then she realized something, "they better not wash my hair."
"Oh r-r-really." She stuttered as she examined her hair.
"I didn't realize...." She muttered

Damn it! she screamed

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"Good, because their would have been a tail popping out." She giggled and gestured to her legs.

Her hair immediately turned away from purple to black. Not all the way but the ends.
ya something's always wrong with me. she thought.

"It's nothing. We better go."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Ive never had my hair done either" harper said to bay, trying to make her feel less embaressed

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"That sounds cool! I feel that we don't have enough time to do it though." Bays brow furrowed.


He let it drop and she was grateful for that. Black went away and she was back to herself. She grabbed his hand with a smile on her face,"Come on." She pulled him to the parking lot.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "When do you think the party starts?" Harper asked, "we mught have time"

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"Well what time is it now?" Bay aske curiously.

((My phones going to due soon so sorry if I don't post.))

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- ((Its all good))
Harper looked down at her watch, "its 3 oclock"

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((I'm getting my dress today.))

"I have to be home soon anyway. At sunset I need to be an hour in the pool before I get out. It's part of the water dehydrate stuff." She waved her hand

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Harper grinned "sounds like a plan!"

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"I'm fine with that." Bay beamed.
Topaz felt the heat on her face. She really did like this guy. She couldn't shake him, but for once it might not be a bad thing.

((I got a few minutes))

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