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Does anyone know some good romance novels maybe about cowboys?

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Christy Does anyone know some Romance novels maybe about cowboys. I really LOVE historical romance. Thanks in advance.

Barb Jodi Thomas writes historical romance of the west, as well as Linda Lael Miller, Catherine Anderson, Joan Johnston, Heather Graham, and I will try to remember some more. Most of them write contemporary as well so you have to research a little, some of the stories are also about 20 years old but still very good if you can find them.

Christy Yes, I'm starting to read some more of Jodi Thomas. I have read the McKettrick series by Linda Lael Miller (LOVE IT). I will have to read some of the other's you said. I have some books by Lori Copeland. I was searching and she has a series about Mail Order Bride's I believe. I can't wait to read them..

Barb Joan Johnston's newest series is about mail order brides. There are so many good ones out there, I don't read very much historical now but I have read a lot in the past.

Christy Oh ok thanks. Yeah I will look into Joan Johnson's I think I have read a series by her before. I think it was Hawk's way.

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