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message 1: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Rankin (jmrankin) | 64 comments Hi everyone!
I am welcoming all new writers who are interested in getting their book professional edited or proofread.

I have been editing and proofreading books for both writers and publishers alike for over five years, working with all genres including non-fiction.

I am a published author with another two books due for release later this year.

I am happy to discuss any guidance or help you require, so please feel free to contact me on Goodreads, via my direct email whitediamondedits@gmail.com or through my website whitediamondedits.wordpress.com

I am always happy to provide references and also offer a free assessment of your first 1000 words.

I look forward to working with you :)

White Diamond Edits

message 2: by Shayna (last edited Feb 07, 2014 02:27PM) (new)

Shayna (agoddessreads) | 4 comments Hi Jacqui!

Are you only interested in finished products? I have a novel in the works (mostly finished) but still a little ways off until completion...

message 3: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Rankin (jmrankin) | 64 comments Hi Shayna,
have sent you a pm with further details

message 4: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Kennedy | 61 comments Valentine's Day is coming! Talented editor is seeking talented writers interested in long-term relationships, but quick and dirty is OK too! :) Trustworthy, kind, and encouraging, yet capable of the kind of tough love your book needs to succeed! PM me or check out my services at http://villagegreenpressLLC.com

message 5: by Ruth (new)

Ruth Feiertag | 116 comments "quick and dirty is OK too! :)"


One of the greatest marketing lines I've heard.


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